@BBCgoodnews with #McKenzieFriends to #McKenzieAngels: Good Gods, Evil Gods, Angels and Princes of Hell

15 11 15 Gog Magog 1Carl Gustav Jung taught us about coincidences and 15 11 15 Gog Magog 2synchronicity:

  • giving meaning to everything that happens to us
  • and what we make happen with conscious intent.

One observant emailer writes:

My work got cancelled today.
I found myself at a loose end.
So as I was in the City of London.
I took a photo of their gods!
Gog n Magog.
Cold n wet. I was heading home.
But in the last carriage were past
Lord Mayors.
I gave a wave to them.
I got a smile n wave back.

(From Fiona Wolff!!!)

Wikipedia writes about Gog and Magog

In modern times they remain associated with apocalyptic thinking, especially in the United States and the Muslim world.

One victim of serious bank fraud has a recording of people in the City singing a hymn to Mammon: greed or material wealth.

That’s where the reference is to the seven princes of hell:

  1. Lucifer: pride
  2. Belzebub: envy (envious)
  3. Sathanus: wrath (wraþþe)
  4. Abaddon: gluttony (glotouns)
  5. Mammon: greed – avarice (avarouse) & covetousness (covetise)
  6. Belphegor: sloth (slowȝ)
  7. Asmodeus: lust (leccherouse) – later reported as using the name Asmodeum

Which side are we on: good or evil?

Worshipping good gods or evil gods?

Spreading good news or bad news?

As McKenzie Friends we are being harassed, bullied, gagged and ‘forced’ to come to court to pay for the costs of the private barrister, hired by the Treasury Solicitor Officer, even though we have never charged for any of our assistance. That concerned US mother Melissa Laird whose son was found not to be adoptable by the same Barnet Council who made sure that I got arrested at the Royal Courts of Justice: the boy doesn’t know what is appropriate re touching himself…

  • Our mission was public interest advocacy.

Now we ‘re-incarnated’ as McKenzie Angels, for

  • Our mission has to become public protection advocacy.

Do find out for yourself!

As Sunday morning food for the soul, there is now this playlist of angel videos and songs.

And as success story, do watch the short report by the Chair of the EU Petitions Committee after their fact finding visit of MEPs to London – following these presentations to the Committee:

  • March 2014 – before elections
  • November 2014 – after elections with partly new Committee members
  • January 2015 – to support a Bulgarian mother who had lost her daughter to her abusive father (very familiar pattern…)

Our parallel event to Celebrate this Fact Finding Visit at the Theatro Technis is video recorded here.


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