What #Parents #Sacrificed for their #Children: Food for Feelings on this 1st Sunday of #Advent

15 11 29 BiancaBianca Sparacino used Tumblr to ask for submissions about sacrifices our parents had made for us and got inundated.

These are five she published:

1. “I was no stranger to the fact that my father had injured himself in the war, leaving him mobile but unable to use his hands or upper body properly. I did not know, however, that he had been a renowned painter before he enlisted in the military. People would come to visit him for portraits, and his paintings were revered by many. He wouldn’t have gone into the war if it weren’t for me. He was compelled to help create a world that was peaceful for his young daughter, and he succeeded at the cost of never being able to paint again. My father
gave up his passion for me, he gave up a good career for my future, but he always made it clear that I was the best piece of art he ever created. He never regretted his decision.” — Johana Continue reading


Message re #ChildAbuse: We can choose to run the Deep Inner Peace Circuitry of our Right Hemisphere!

This video came from Christopher Rudy’s page on ‘light language‘ after I read his email on ‘Global Gratitude’: seven world changes to be thankful for – on the occasion of Thanksgiving in the US.

In the video David Icke introduces the American neuranatomist Jill Bolte Taylor who describes her experience of a stroke in her left brain hemisphere which allowed her to describe the Nirvana or ‘lala land’ that the right hemisphere processes.

What if all child abusers of the world got this message??? The video of her TED talk has been viewed only over 18 million times so far.

@BBCgoodnews with #McKenzieFriends to #McKenzieAngels: Good Gods, Evil Gods, Angels and Princes of Hell

15 11 15 Gog Magog 1Carl Gustav Jung taught us about coincidences and 15 11 15 Gog Magog 2synchronicity:

  • giving meaning to everything that happens to us
  • and what we make happen with conscious intent.

One observant emailer writes:

My work got cancelled today.
I found myself at a loose end.
So as I was in the City of London.
I took a photo of their gods!
Gog n Magog.
Cold n wet. I was heading home.
But in the last carriage were past
Lord Mayors.
I gave a wave to them.
I got a smile n wave back.

(From Fiona Wolff!!!)

Wikipedia writes about Gog and Magog Continue reading

The #Law, its #Enforcement and the Investigation of #Crimes by the “evil and/or foolish” Internet Court of Public Opinion

When is it Lawful to Remove Children from their Parents?

  1. The Theft Act 1968
    1. The Children are the property of their parents and not of the State.
    2. Children are stolen by the State with the aid of MAPPA: Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreements.
  2. The Fraud Act 2006; Fraud means:
    1. obtaining property by deception (at risk of future emotional harm)
    2. obtaining services dishonestly (reports from fake ‘experts’)

When is it Lawful to Assist Victims as McKenzie Friends?

  1. The Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015
    1. Police commit an offence, if s/he exercises their powers and privileges improperly.
  2. The Criminal Damage Act 1971
    1. McKenzie Friends are having a lawful excuse to prevent children screaming to be heard from being damaged or endangered, as they are acting under the duress of the child.
    2. Case Law.

When is it Lawful to Report or Expose Crimes?

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