When Nature Wants a Man (or a Woman) I suppose, given my various Battle Fronts. ENJOY!!!


By Angela Morgan

When Nature wants to drill a man,
And thrill a man,
And skill a man.
When Nature wants to mould a man
To play the noblest part;
When she yearns with all her heart
To create so great and bold a man
That all the world shall praise –
Watch her method, watch her ways!
How she ruthlessly perfects
Whom she royally elects;
How she hammers him and hurts him,
And with mighty blows converts him
Into trial shapes of clay which only Nature understands
While his tortured heart is crying and he lifts beseeching hands!
How she bends, but never breaks,
When his good she undertakes. . . .
How she uses whom she chooses
And with every purpose fuses him,
By every art induces him
To try his splendour out –
Nature knows what she’s about.

When Nature wants to take a man,
And shake a man,
And wake a man;
When Nature wants to make a man
To do the Future’s will;
When she tries with all her skill
And she yearns with all her soul
To create him large and whole . . .
With what cunning she prepares him!
How she goads and never spares him,
How she whets him, and she frets him,
And in poverty begets him . . .
How she often disappoints
Whom she sacredly anoints,
With what wisdom she will hide him,
Never minding what betide him
Though his genius sob with slighting and his pride may not forget!
Bids him struggle harder yet.
Makes him lonely
So that only
God’s high messages shall reach him,
So that she may surely teach him
What the Hierarchy planned.
Though he may not understand,
Gives him passions to command.
How remorselessly she spurs him
With terrific ardour stirs him
When she poignantly prefers him.

When Nature wants to name a man
And fame a man
And tame a man;
When Nature wants to shame a man
To do his heavenly best . . .
When she tries the highest test
That she reckoning may bring
When she wants a god or king!
How she reins him and restrains him
So his body scarce contains him
While she fires him
And inspires him!

Keeps him yearning, ever burning for a tantalizing goal –
Lures and lacerates his soul.
Sets a challenge for his spirit,
Draws it higher when he’s near it
Makes a jungle, that he clear it;
Makes a desert that he fear it
And subdue it if he can –
So doth Nature make a man.
Then, to test his spirit’s wrath
Hurls a mountain in his path
Puts a bitter choice before him

And relentlessly stands o’er him.
“Climb, or perish!” so she says. . . .
Watch her purpose, watch her ways!

Nature’s plan is wondrous kind
Could we understand her mind . . .
Fools are they who call her blind.
When his feet are torn and bleeding
Yet his spirit mounts unheeding,
All his higher powers speeding,
Blazing newer paths and fine;
When the force that is Divine
Leaps to challenge every failure and his ardour still is sweet
And love and hope are burning in the presence of defeat . . .

Lo, the crisis! Lo, the shout
That must call the leader out.
When the people need salvation
Doth he come to lead the nation. . . .
Then doth Nature show her plan
When the world has found – a MAN!


23 thoughts on “When Nature Wants a Man (or a Woman) I suppose, given my various Battle Fronts. ENJOY!!!


    After the rigmarole and rituals
    Had been defrocked
    After the emptiness had been admitted
    The doctrines exposed as insignificant
    When the astronomers had discovered
    Nothing of consequence

    We turned away from words
    And faced each other
    In the apparently vain posture
    Of touching each other’s wounds
    And trying to discover
    Something of consequence

    On both sides of the equation
    An agnostic searching for evidence
    Or a divided woman’s mind
    Testing the validity of love
    All we did was prove it’s existence
    By cancelling out

    Then in my brain’s complex computer
    Stuck between Yes and No
    A mysterious equation appeared
    And its fanatical programmer
    Heard the sound of a thousand suns
    Came face to face with their fiery touch

    A Godels proof
    That nothing stands alone
    Nothing is absolute
    Nothing is a closed circuit
    Everything is connected
    Everyone matters!

    In a world of such intricate equations
    Where we can get lost changing trains
    Our fears are equal signs
    In a desert of precise calculations
    Still searching for a well at daybreak

    After the darkest night

    Alan Collins
    From ‘Sculptures in Sound’ Volume III:
    Mouths Biting Empty Air.

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  2. Dear Sabine,

    Thanks very much for this poem: You have made my day, although it made me cry!

    I attach a corrected copy of my poem called ENDGAME which (being a mathematical genius I thought you would appreciate in response).

    There is also an illustration which you might also like tot make into consideration….

    The Divine Mother is indeed, called Kali for good reason, and my guru wrote a poem about that in his previous lifetime, too!

    I have only got a copy in pages… so if you can’t open it then let me know and I can copy it in word?

    Take care of your self and thank you for this amazing poem, once again!




    • “The Divine Mother is indeed, called Kali for good reason, and my guru wrote a poem about that in his previous lifetime, too!”

      What? Kali- the goddess of destruction dancing in front of CERN?
      “divine mother”?



      • I’m now finding my peace of mind by building https://3dmetricthinking.wordpress.com/ I call this my professional life with zest, in contrast to my physical life with pain and social life with meaning. See https://3dmetricuniverse.wordpress.com/aspects-of-life/

        It’s my life’s work that began in 1996 and I trust that the time has come at long last for it to come out. The challenge is money to pay programmers and the ‘brain dump’ to convey my understanding to theirs. Hence all that ‘IP’ or intellectual property is password protected.

        Already at an international mathematics conference in 2000 I didn’t want to throw pearls before swines.

        A promising meeting is scheduled.

        Watch this space and THANKS for being likeminded and supportive!!!

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        • Shiva – Kali – means DESTRUCTION. That’s evil.
          Worshipping “Shiva-Kali” means worshipping destruction, everything evil.

          The Christian god is not a god of destruction. Not a god of EVIL.
          I couldn’t accept anything different.

          The world’s worst criminals are not Christians; they are evil DESTROYERS and hate Christians. Clinically insane psychopaths are playing “gods”. They destroy countries and people’s lives as if all was a game. After destroying Germany twice, they are at it for the third time within a century. They’ve destroyed Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc, and they take the war to the European countries again by using thousands (millions) of migrants as a weapon to destroy the culture and white ethnicity of Europe. Germany can’t take that burden. Too much is simply too much. Everything will be destabilized and destroyed again. After 70 years of rebuilding Germany in particular is targeted and under attack. The haters of Germany are already here, Merkel is one of many Zionist operatives, and she opens the gates wide to welcome Germany’s destruction (her god must be Satan – or Shiva – Kali ?)


  3. Wow! I am not particularly drawn to poetry that often, But these were both exceptional. Nature molding a man thru adversity, so as to prove what he is (or is not). Alan was good, too. the struggle to find and yet it almost seems out of reach. And interconnection, too.

    What odd twists and turns life has in it. It is a very strange ride.

    Sabine, I had an idea. You have been gagged, which concept I do not agree with but it is the law, which is the problem as I see it. Law is supposed to liberate, not hind or censor. But REAL law is designed to subvert justice and further punish the innocent.

    But since you are gagged, you might just pick a topic for discussion and throw it out to the public for their ideas, to entertain you, right? then we can say whatever we want as we are not gagged.

    I have come across some history regarding Nixon and Watergate. There was a Grand Jury formed and oaths mentioned, that seem to be suggesting a sort of gagging and no “tampering” allowed. I need to research this more, but I am thinking I might be seeing a major “flaw in law.” See, I’m a poet, too 😉 OK OK a not so good one, obviously. But the idea that any info should be limited or prevented . . . Well, lets just say it strikes me the wrong way but I do not know enough yet. But I will get on to it.

    A topic. One that strikes me right now would be blocking out the world or keeping close tabs on the world. Amish and Jehovah’s Witnesses like to block out the world and stay away from its corrupting influence and then other prefer to keep a close watch on it and try not to get stung by the world. Which is better or is there a balance between the two? As I watch our comrades in their struggles to find resolution, I sense perhaps a struggle with the world and how to deal with it. Maybe another post asking what others think.

    So I leave it at that. You know how wordy I can be. And its nearly impossible to change it, too. I am what I am, I guess 😉


    • Dear truth1now.

      Well that poem was written in 1973 when I was only 29 years old, and the following one in 1969 when I was, indeed, searching for that living water, in a desert well – which is a reference to Le Petit Prince by Antoine de St. Exupery, by the way. The Endgame was a reference to a play by Samuel Beckett where the protagonists set out a similar existentialist argument, that was being expressed in those times by Albert Camus and J P Sartre, that words alone cannot prove the existence of a supreme creative Being, or God. At that time, following a rather unusual and harrowing early life that left me trapped in the British Army at the age of 15 years, and learning about life at the sharp end in Kenya and Aden (as their people fought for independence from my country (Britain) at the age of 21 when I had a rather artistically inclined spiritual awakening and thought “Oh! Well I believe in beauty… if nothing else!” I think I followed the path of the poet as described by Arthur Rimbaud:

      “A poet makes himself a visionary through a long, boundless, and systematized disorganization of all the senses; all forms of love, of suffering, of madness; he searches himself, he exhausts within himself all poisons, and preserves their quintessences. Unspeakable torment, where he will need the greatest faith, a superhuman strength, where he becomes all men: the great invalid, the great criminal, the great accursed—and the Supreme Scientist – for he attains the unknown! Because he has cultivated his soul, already rich, more than anyone! He attains the unknown, and, if demented, he finally loses the understanding of his visions, he will at least have seen them! So what if he is destroyed in his ecstatic flight through things unheard of, unnameable: other horrible workers will come; they will begin at the horizons where the first one has fallen!”

      Endgame was clearly not only an existentialist poem but one which expressed an experience which was not only a spiritual awakening but marked a turning point, which would be more accurately called the end of a way of life limited by doubt and the need for faith, because that experience in 1974 brought with it an absolute certainty, when God was no longer a matter for any further doubt or debate. The last verse is anachronistic, because I just added the last line, today. I suppose that what seems out of reach at the end of the poem is not necessarily the well, itself… or the living water in that well, but the person the poem was written for who has been walking alone in the desert, as well, because that is how both men and woman are made!

      I hope this explanation is helpful in some way and I am sorry for causing that little bit of confusion. Another correspondent has said that without divine intervention, the resolution we are all seeking in this physical world regarding the corruption and evil conspiracy at the heart of our established political and economic system is not possible… and I think that this conclusion is a very accurate… And I can only share my total conviction that such help is at hand, although (due to a rather confusing and distorted idea regarding mixing up Satan and the Anti-christ with the Arch-angel Lucifer, the Light-bringer, or the Morning Star, Venus) I cannot blame anybody for being rather paranoid about Benjamin Creme’s information. The answer to this conundrum regarding Lucifer is actually quite simple, but a rather esoteric matter and academic matter, not easy to grasp without imagining how the Light was divided up into 60 billion flames, and thus early animal beings became mankind. “Man” is a construction from the sanskrit word “mans” meaning “mind”. And so it was the great sacrifice made by an Angel from the planet Venus which offered the means of early animal to become aware of themselves, i.e. to have the beginnings of self-awareness or mind. Now the fact that some of those men have become devils and some of them have become god-like is rather an interesting fact, is it not… and so was Lucifer an evil being? If so, then we must all put our hands up, and realise who Lucifer really is… which does not mean that either Helena Blavatsky or Al;ice Bailey or Benjamin Creme worship the fallen Angel, but simply respect the fact that without his falling into the garden of Eden, so to speak, we would still be gorillas!

      Anyway, I hope that Sabine does not take up your offer to get any more involved in what has been decided in the court, and what will take place as a result… but I hope that others will continue to keep a record and finds a way to help Gabriel and Elisa by helping her mother to realise that she has played into the hands of the establishment by not attending court and fighting for the lives of her children. Otherwise they will be driven insane, in the ways they have already described, by those who will do all they can to achieve their silence as they grow up. My spiritual mentor has told me that more harm than good came from this exposure, and that the great courage shown by Gabriel and his sister should have been rewarded by prioritising their safety in the hands of their grandparents, and their mother… before the video was made public and this internet exposure began. Only after the involvement of the McKenzie friends did shills turn up and the whole Satanaic cult within the police, social services, government, and legal system, make it impossible for them to do anything without the complete and fearless involvement of Ella and her rather opinionated new lover!

      I am, as it were, only an onlooker at this rather unfortunate debacle.. but I hope these remarks are helpful, and that as the karmic reactions to other evils perpetuated by our leaders rebound on them all, the Lord will choose His time to show His face and speak more openly to the public than He has been doing since 2010.

      I advise some restraint by those under direct attack by those defending the status quo who are part of a corrupt establishment and depend for their living on obeying orders from the top. Once the top people lose all control of the market forces around them, and the stock markets will be the sign of that rather than any sort of Common Purpose (although such a plan for maintaining control over the masses have no doubt been prepared in advance!) or plot by the illuminati…. which is a fundamentally unsound grasp of the battle going on between the Black Lodge and their Dark Brothers (the materialists) and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters and their disciples, ordinary men and woman in the world, who have been trained in different ways to help heal the nations and restore sanity to the world. All I can say is that Mr Creme knows what he is talking about, even if he can be rather misleading at times, for the same reasons that Winston Churchill was also misleading about his own tactics during the battle with the real Anti-Christ, Adolf Hitler!

      The Peace be with you!

      E V E N S O N G. Alan Collins, 1969.

      “The world is so full of a number of things,
      I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

      Robert Louis Stevenson.


      Now is the quiet ending of the day
      The silence soothes my tired mind away
      From trying restlessly to think
      Of how to end our struggles in the dark
      For status power money sex or drink
      A man of sorrows leaves this tearful mark
      Now at the quiet ending of the day


      Here is the quiet ending of the day
      And we have each received devalued pay
      But tolerate our slavery as of old
      When robber kings ruled all with bloody knives
      And priests and vassals had their stranglehold
      Now rent or mortgage robs us of our lives
      Here at the quiet ending of the day


      Now is the quiet ending of the day
      I am so tired of all I hear them say
      And cannot understand their gullibility
      They keep the rules and sell their precious time
      For food and chattels that could be shared equally
      But for the merchant banker’s crime
      Now at the quiet ending of the day


      There at the quiet ending of the day
      They count their gains and store it all away
      Corruption and greed are kings now, – ‘tis so!
      And politicians are just for buying and selling
      As if our lives are theirs to own, – But no!
      One day they’ll have to listen to us yelling
      Everywhere at the quiet ending of the day


      And at the quiet ending of the day
      Kings & Queens & Knaves will not hold sway
      For usury shall hold no further interest
      And every honest man will see the light
      When Christ brings out in them their very best
      And we all learn to share and not to fight
      Right at the quiet ending of the day


      Now is the quiet ending of the day
      And I can only kneel me down and pray
      Now is the quiet ending of the day
      But I can only kneel me down to pray
      And listen, Lord, to all you have to say
      I watch and wait for you to show the way
      Now at the quiet ending of the day


      • Hi Alan. My experience taught me long ago that police can be corrupt. Serpico was a cop who found that out and they made a movie of it. Its long been a subject on TV and Hollywood. Upon the Kids revelations in Morroco, I would have sought refuge in Russia and fought from there. Once complaints were filed Sep4 or so, all fates were sealed. Nothing anyone has done since has mattered. Ella coming here would have done nothing. the kids could talk if they were released to grandparents and the UK and Satan are not about to have that. And there is still lots the kids could answer. So only God can remedy this problem. This is what God wants everyone to understand. Most don’t accept it and can’t accept it. Too much be believe we have no justice or decency or protection. These have been illusions for at least 3500 years. And the illusions continue. That is how I see it. Most pick at each other saying this or that should have been done. None of that ever mattered. Nothing would have fixed this. Only God has that kind of power.


          • So I gather mention of corrupt cops does not surprise you, either 😉 I have long believed in those. Now good cops, that is hard to believe much any more 😉 Its hard to get old, bitter and cynical, but someone has to do it 😉


  4. CORRECTIONS: The Sanksrit word: “manas” meaning mind. Thus Lucifer, the Angel of Light, is ALL OF US… and, I suppose, we must do what we can to save Him from Himself, by saving ourselves from ourselves, divided as we are in our blindness and doubt about this Fall from Grace in the mythological Eden, during the Lemurian Era. At that time, homosexuality was called “The Sin of the Mindless” and therefore no bad karma was attached to it, because the umbers of those animal men who committed that sin had no self awareness, and like a lion eating its prey, there was no bad karma, until much later in the Atlantean Era. As such many of those Ego’s have taken reincarnation, now, and the hope is that as many as possible may be saved, before the time when only 3/5ths of the human race will continue the current evolution in this solar system, and the rest will be held over in abeyance, or Devachan, until the beginning of the next solar system. Ce la vie! Yes, homosexuals were born with these unnatural feelings but they are responsible for what is now called The Sin of the Same Polarity… and so the Christ has come to help them all, as well as those without this particular sin, and only the sin of religious pride to contend with, if they will be so good !!!


  5. stone HENGE

    They stand silent and alone,
    unmovable sentinels ON THE PLAIN,
    menhirs inscrutable,
    gathered around in holy embrace,
    cold and hard as is the stone;
    though once flesh and blood
    singing, dancing evocation
    of living, loving, renewal.

    Yet JUST AS ALL that remains of the mammoth
    is white bone, frozen in time,
    so all that remains of those, are these,
    like resistance workers, SILENT UNDER TORTURE,
    so as not to reveal the secrets of the underground.
    The bones, the shards, the arrowheads,
    the remains of fires and feasting,
    of great chiefs and great display;
    of stories recited, of unknown forest cries

    Of unfamiliar percussion sounds and horns,
    of shouts of joy for bright up-coming sun
    and wailing for a hero lost,
    full bellied from the smoking spit
    The hidden mortise and tenon joints
    hold everyone unseen, together,
    that must have seemed eternally so,
    before Mohammed, before Jesus, before Plato
    before Confucius, all known or unknown gods knowing
    the indecipherable signs, saying everything
    but nothing at all.

    A circle of HEADLESS MORRIS MEN in grand embrace
    springtime welcoming,
    yet no sound of bells or reedy flute
    or thumping hollow sound of wood on skin,
    just the silent wind whistling.
    An air of memories within our bony caves,
    bleached shamans of a phantom past,
    which we convey like precious jewels
    till ALL THE LIGHTS go out.
    The heavy weights of time, like drones
    each one a face, an incident, a trait,
    remain embedded there, as stones upon the plain,
    contradictory in nature, standing
    FOR ONE ANOTHER, standing alone,
    standing still.


  6. “the great criminal, the great accursed (…) Because he has cultivated his soul, already rich, more than anyone!…“ ?? (says Alan Collins)

    “Cultivated his soul” by becoming the great criminal, the great accursed?

    That’s topsy-turfy, Orwellian “New World Order“, good is declared bad, and vice versa – bad is declared good and “cultivated“

    Satanists (Luciferians) eschew all morality, preaching good is evil and vice versa. They believe that chaos and devastation will hasten the return of their Messiah. The world is in the thrall of this Satanic cult. The correct paradigm is humanity versus this cult, its agents and dupes. a satanic strain of Cabbalism. They believe sin is holy and should be practised for its own sake. “Do as thou wilt” is the expression of their “religious” feeling. Totally amoral, they believe the “end justifies the means.”

    By adopting a chameleon strategy (they didn’t just pretend to be Muslims or Christians. They pretended to be Jews as well) this satanic cult infiltrated and subverted most governments and religions, and established an invisible tyranny.That is their tactic: Increasingly in the open they advocate Satanism. They steer you that way by questioning the existence of God, by demanding “sexual liberation,” “independence” for women, “internationalism,” “diversity” and “religious tolerance.” These all have a hidden agenda: to undermine all collective forces of Christian societies except their own.


    We are told “free sex” is “progressive and modern.” In fact, the Sabbatean sect has indulged in wife sharing, sex orgies, adultery and incest for more than 350 years. They also promoted interracial sex. They have partly inducted the western (Christian) societies into their cult.


    Mankind is in the grip of a vicious SATANIC CULT whose power seems so great, they can make their war against humanity seem inevitable. Even when their plot is exposed, they seem to convince everyone that it is “racist“ and in bad taste to believe it. They have men fixated on porn while they erect a police state. This elaborate cult network handles opposition by a near total control of the world’s media, academic opinion leaders, politicians and financiers.
    Western society is morally bankrupt.  This elaborate cult network controls politics, information and culture. Most leaders are dupes or traitors. The “Intelligentsia” has been bribed while the public is distracted and lives in a fool’s paradise…


    “due to a rather confusing and distorted idea regarding mixing up Satan and the Anti-christ with the Arch-angel Lucifer, the Light-bringer, or the Morning Star, Venus“ ??

    Neither “confusing“ nor “distorted“
    Lucifer is NO LONGER “Lucifer“ after trespassing God’s law. The fallen archangel Lucifer is henceforth called Satan, the DESTROYER, the DECEIVER, the FALSE LIGHT…


    “…helping her mother to realise that she has played into the hands of the establishment by not attending court and fighting for the lives of her children.“

    Fighting a useless fight by completely disempowering herself? By delivering herself to be falsely charged and thrown into prison? That would have helped the children? Saved their lives? Certainly not.


    • “All I can say is that Mr Creme knows what he is talking about, even if he can be rather misleading at times, for the same reasons that Winston Churchill was also misleading about his own tactics during the battle with the real Anti-Christ, Adolf Hitler!“ (says Alan Collins)

      “for the same reasons” – that’s true….

      Please educate yourself about Churchill’s war!

      David Irving – a true historian

      Alan – you have great difficulty in recognizing the Evil, the Anti-Christ…

      Black anti-German, “Naazi“ War Propaganda 24/7 for 70 years – IGNORANCE SUCKS
      Germany’s fight was a fight for survival. A forced upon, DEFENSIVE WAR (as was WW I)
      The allegedly “good allied guys“ were in fact the evil ones … they committed the worst war crimes.


      • You know, in the early 2nd century AD, wife swapping among some Christians began. The movement later evolved into the gnostic movement. Wife swapping was condemned by Jude in the Bible and most bishops wrote against it. Sex has always been a problem and has always been underestimated as to its power to make people behave crazy. Its one of those things where it has to be held closely in check or it can rage like a forest fire.


        • Monogamy is Christian (following the teaching of Jesus, New Testament)

          Old Testament: polygamy (and even worse – according to the Babylonian Talmud, the “holy” books of a certain Satanic strain of Judaism)


          • Oh yeah, polygamy. so does that mean I can’t have a 1000 wives? 😉 Damn! Well, listen, I don’t even have one. Satan has designed the system to destroy marriage and make it hard to keep it together. 1st time one of the two gets umemployed, it unravels. We need to be back on the land, where we can be self sufficient.


      • You know, you gotta like any Historian who goes by the last name of Irving. You can’t lose with that one 😉
        World wars were about stealing and building world empires. Germany never started any of those. She was always on the defensive. In fact, the building of a world empire has only ever really had one goal. Restore Israel, Jerusalem, the temple and priesthood. then introduce a fake Jesus to lie like hell and call bad good. it won’t be long now.


  7. Have a great weekend everybody! ❤ Feliz fin de semana! ❤ Tenha um bom fim de semana! ❤ Buon fine settimana! ❤ Schönes Wochenende! ❤ Har dejlig weekend! ❤ Fijn weekend! ❤ 良い週末を。❤ Bonne fin de semaine! ❤ Хороших выходных! ❤ Hafa a ágætur helgi! 

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