Resisting Provocations in online Campaigning while Remaining Positive

Here’s my latest post about my work at the EU Parliament and the EU Commission.

Dear Supporters,

It’s too much – all over again – this time not before the Petitions Committee in Brussels where the issue is up for debate in September and October – but in the Court of Public Interest.

I have seen that various posts and comments have been made recently on various online platforms.

They have either sought to attribute posted material to me which I did not post, or have sought to provoke me to comment. 

I will continue to refrain from responding. 

I shall retreat into the ‘conceptual heaven‘ of my 3d metric universe and will work on the development of my dream of an Ethical Investment Network to come to fruition.

With many thanks for Following, Sharing, Signing, Commenting and also donating money. You know who you are! You’ve kept my body and spirit alive!

Remain positive and focused, while expanding your sphere of social influence online!


18 thoughts on “Resisting Provocations in online Campaigning while Remaining Positive

  1. Hi Sabine

    Great to see you hanging in there. Good girl – Dunkirk spirit and all that.

    Anyway, changing the subject, I was just wondering if you were still in touch with Clinton. You know that guy who interviewed Belinda at the RCJ back in March? I think he’s a friend of yours. Dave Conaghan and I are looking to make a documentary about our efforts to expose the devils, demons and lizards of Camden and could use his help.

    Thanks, Sabine


  2. Sorry, Sabine, I should clarify I passed that on from Kevin W. I think he’s going to send you an email too. Sorry, I should have put it in quotation marks to make it clear.



  3. Just Some Quick words of Congratulation on Your “Selfless” work; I “noticed” that You Attract “Trolls,” on Google+ …. They “only” Gravitate towards You when You’re “Over the Target” …. Which lays bare what low-life Scum They are ….

    ie They’re Protecting a “fake” Religion, which; at it’s Rotten Core; has an “Addiction” to Drinking the “Adrenalised Blood” of Children, as an “Aphrodisiac” ….

    As You Know, They “Stress” the Children 1st & then Scare Them, then use “well-practiced” Methods to Drain as much Blood out of the Child, before They die …. [Unless They’re trying out New methods of Sexually-gratifying Torture & Cruelty ….]

    They then “eat” the Child, after Cooking Them & This is whilst the Other Children are watching, Who are next ….

    When the “Coven” can’t Get a Child, They do the-same to an Adult & They curse Their luck if They have-to settle for an Animal or a Bird ….

    They stick to an ancient “Calendar” & They’re Responsible for the Disappearance of 140,000 Children “Every” Year in Britain; only a few Dozen of Whom are Ever Recovered …. Whilst in America it’s 2,500 “per” Day ….

    As You can Tell, it’s a Massive Operation, run by Paedophiles & “everything” is a Front; behind which is simply Organised-Rings of evil-hollowed Numb-Skulled Beasts ….

    Who’s Black-&-White Thinking Bird-brains are “Addicted” to the Buzz & the “Rush” They get from Behaving in a Manner; towards Others; which is “both” Taboo “&” Genocidal, for Sexual-pleasure & the illusion of “Transference” ….

    ie They’re the Ultimate Hypocrites & They’re “Thriving” in the sort of Numbers St. “J.R.R. Tokien” Predicted would come-to-pass, in His Deliberately Named Novel; The Lord of the “rings” ….

    Where He Portrayed “Gollum” as being a Pathetic Atrophied weakling; Who “needed” the ring to be “Powerful,” as then He Saw Him Self as being Sauron ….

    St. Tolkien’s fantastic Foresight was to “Tell Us” that They draw Their “intelligence” from Spying on Us all …. Moreover, They have Armies of State-groomed “Orcs” Who are prepared to carry-out Their bidding, in Person or through “any” Medium …. [Whom We Both Attract ….]

    ie They call Themselves “Links” to the “ring” & the on-line Trolls call Themselves “Common Core” …. Which I’ve Informed Them is “apt,” as They’re as Common as Muck & Rotten to the Core ….

    If You Continue to “correctly” not Reply to the “Unitards,” then They’ll eventually either go away or try to bring down Your site …. It’s Your “Happiness” & Goodness They want to Destroy, They want You to become angry, like Themselves & to fall-into Their Traps ….

    I Pull no Punches, when “Reflecting” Them, with Hard+Hitting “Colourful Expletives,” so if You’re Easily Offended, You may mistake the “Mirror” for Their “Reflection” ….

    However, Anyone Who calls Themselves Christian should be as Christlike as-possible, but, Most Males are simply Cowards or woefully-duped & Care more About Football & Themselves, whilst most Females simply sit watching a Flashing box every Night ….

    When I’m Sure there’s enough anger in the Populace that could Easily by Channeled in the Direction of a Pan-European Paedophile-ring; I’m Exposing; which Murders Children, by the Thousands Every Day & makes-up “excuses” to Bomb Them in Gaza, in Broad Day Light ….

    But the most They’ll do is Turn Their Face-Crook Avatar Red for a Couple of Days or go on an impotent March to “Nowhere” with Paper Signs, orchestrated by Their Sworn Enemy, Who’s “never” going to Stop being an “evil-addicted” Sex-offender, with no “Meaning” to Their boring Life ….

    They’re on Their way to Hell for Eternity, where They won’t find Their imaginary Devil There, They’ll Realise that They always were the devil & They’ll “remain” There, for Eternity, “resonating” at the Frequency of Their sins, at the Level They Stooped to in Their 1 & Only Chance to Gravitate towards “Divinity” ….

    I Could go on, suffice to Say, Keep Up the “Good” work & Continue being Happy & Reflecting The Truth, as the Combination renders the Scum-bags “impotent” ….

    Kind regards,


  4. Wow! That was good. Interesting site, too. He really lets it rip. what he points out is also what Alisa and Gabriel inadvertently did, in relating what they did. “CAFCASS and the police are in on it!” How do you cover up something so big and widespread and monstrous? To do so, you would have to have control of nearly all aspects of everything. Who needs to be specific at that point? They control all internet media. All press media! All TV, movie makers, politicians, police enforcement, military operations, all wealthy stockholders and the ultra rich and the top tiers of rich below them. Tax collectors. Postal services and shipping services. Transportation and trucking, overseas shipping, Airline freight! There is no part of our society that is not monitored in many various connected ways. The little people who work for the bigger people, are not aware of the Satanic connections just above them. But they do know that if they do not follow orders at work, they will not have a job. So if they have to look the other way, for some reason, they will. If they have to tamper with paperwork, they will. They won’t know why its being asked and done, but they will do it. we have no where to run and nowhere to hide.The bible describes this in Ezekiel and Revelation as Gog and Magog surrounding the camp of the Holy ones.

    The good are out numbered by hundreds to 1 or even thousands to 1. What is to come is the test of every last individual to make clear which side they are going to choose. The good side, which path is narrow, cramped, and difficult to walk. some will find that road, only to then reject it.

    And then we have the vast majority of the rest. Some won’t particularly like the Satanic way, but they do not want the risk or expend the effort it takes to go the other way, a way which does obligate us to make some effort to really and honestly get to know God and His rules and why they are so important, and restrictive, not because God is petty, but because the balance of the scales between right and wrong are so delicate and easily made out of balance.

    We all want to do things our way. It is the most outstanding feature of our species. But I want to make it clear to all that we have to give up our ways and accept God’s way in ALL things, not just the ones we pick and choose while ignoring the rest. God begs us to ponder more as to why He requires what He does.

    I leave you all with just one more thought. I was over to a facebook page of people I grew up with for 7 years of my schooling, a place unique that we grew up in, a bit different from the rest of the USA. I was discussing an old dump that was polluting the area and being ignored. A member came out and attacked me, not doubt working for “others” who did not want me revealing what I was about that. I did not appreciate his lying and being real nasty. He ended up censored for that and one of his threatening comments deleted.

    What did he throw at me for daring to argue with him? He picked at my religious values. So I want to talk about that. All my enemies like to try to use my religious beliefs against me, because I might have some flaws and not be perfect. Well, imagine that! I’m not perfect? really? Well, I am well aware of that. In fact, the Bible makes it quite clear that I am not perfect. So lets try something. Lets list a few of my best traits and a few of the worst and then compare to many others’ lists. How bout it?

    I have refrained from sex my entire life, not because I wanted to, but because I sensed that the game was rigged and someone somewhere seemed to have my number and would never let me have anything much. so I avoided trying to get a house, a wife, or kids. It was way out of reach. My parents were nobodies who had no connections and little in brains, either.

    I decided I would give my life meaning by pursuing what I believed in, in 1980. It is regrettable that the group I fell for that helped nurture that desire in me, turned out to be such liars. Jehovah’s Witnesses by name. But I left them after 10 years and started out on my own, where my real progress began. I had been pursuing psychology since 1983. I pursued archaeology and science by 1990 onward. I wanted to pursue all answers to everything. I’d like to feel I have made great progress in those directions. I gave up a lot for them.

    Now my sins. My father was a very verbally abusive man. To me, my brother and especially my mother. But I seemed to possess far more fight in me than the other 2. but the constant and never-ending, relentless verbal attacks did take a toll. I have nearly every facet of Tourettes syndrome. I grind the hell out of my teeth, for which I have little left in the front. so yes, I have a real foul mouth at times. Its only a word or two in the net, but working on my house for instance, I swear like a demon at every minor problem.

    I try to pursue the best of things, and I have issues with bitterness and anger welled up inside. So I retort to any critics such as Larry from Redbank, S.P. Maine, USA, let any of you who think you are so great, show me how much you have done to further or try to further the progress of humanity. My whole website is loaded with incredible amounts of info ponder all things in ways most have never dared, while having a human flaw for being born to a partially retarded mean-spirited father.

    So for any who dare assault my character or suggest I am overly flawed; Please, tell me what you have done for humanity all this time? What did you give up? What did you try to do? And what sins do you conceal. further, I do not drink, do drugs, or in general, hurt people. I will and do challenge ideas always. Some call that bullying because they are not able to answer me back. Jesus had the very same problem. I take comfort in that.

    And the vices of my critics? have you had sex out of marriage? Most have. any drugs or alcohol? many have. Over eat? indifferent to people? Unaccountable to people who want to know more? Not me! I answer to anyone that asks, at any time, any place. My email is in the public realm. My facebook name is legitimate. Even my other names for wordpress and youtube are components of my website or email address. How many would dare try to achieve what I have, while avoiding stabbing people in the back or trying to crawl over warm bodies in the work place?

    Most people would dare not even attempt to live the life I chose and maintained from age 21 in 1980 to the present. so before any dare come along and accuse me of being a hypocrite, lets see you do what I have done, without let up, and see how long you would last. Most who dare criticize me would never dare attempt even a fraction of what I have. Check my police record? What record? Exactly! there is none! So if you want to throw rocks, just remember that people who live in glass houses should never throw stones. There is a God in heaven who watches all things, and prophecy seems to indicate that those loyal to Him will be distinguished before it is all said, done, and over with.

    So I post this here since most places are not crazy about me now. So this is among the last places I have to voice myself to others in other places. I appreciate the host being generous in he tolerance of my voice. My best wishes as always.

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    ‘British fairness’? Just some other myth?
    My contributions (1 – 8) to TAP Blog under

    were answered with the most savage insults by some ‘freebornman’
    completely incoherent under: ‘The City where Jesus…’
    My reply has first been blocked, then deleted. The insulting outbursts are still there.
    Fairness is something very different to that.

    There are six “comments by freebornman“ introducing himself
    “….those ten commandments informed all my life since.” (he says to RabbiT)
    What a fine English gentleman that must be! Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

    Mirroring freebornman’s own words, my conclusions are:

    For once – he’s a liar. That’s for sure.
    Not the least humble
    not the least fascinating
    presenting no valid information
    just rambling on insulting
    someone he doesn’t know at all
    incoherently, quite irritating
    completely ignorant
    Irrelevant, pathetically
    yepping and yelping
    amusing himself
    in a ‘schadenfreude’
    malicious delight kind of way –
    deeply disgusting!

    Certainly not ‘nice’ but the chivalry
    you can find in England obviously
    bloody hellishly making
    a ‘yip yid yipping’ noise
    in need to upgrade his tinfoil hat
    to lead flashing or something
    lighting the day for doubleprick
    utmost elated: ‘Here comes the sun’
    Surely, for those trolling in the dark
    it’s the way they smell their own tails
    Feigning humbleness (to RabbiT)
    not the least apologetic
    unreasonable, incoherent
    Sunday schooled as a kid
    but uninformed
    about those ten commandments
    he claims have ‘informed all his life since’

    Obviously not grasping anything
    of what Jesus said and of what really matters
    but pompously pontificating about
    ‘a kingdom of God is all around’
    while insulting unknown commenters
    repeatedly rude to the bone
    a very needy kind of person indeed
    ineffective, distracted
    incapable of constructive discussion
    evaporating overnight
    That’s quite a description
    he has given of himself
    characterizing in his own words
    mirrored here
    what kind of a person he is
    Quite a shitstorm! WOW

    And more right from the horse’s mouth:
    An internetinnitus
    getting quite irritating
    in a kind of whiny, directionless
    stabbing blindly
    hoping for response quality
    trying to distract from serious questions
    being asked (by Nike!)
    A malignant bloke
    sub-adolescent, insulting, peurile, insignificant
    generally trying to derail actual discussion
    a destroyer like ‘ISIS’
    CIA-Mossad-MI6 stooges
    looking for trouble, murderous zealots
    understanding 0, zip, nada
    biting their own tails
    ill-mannered, offensive

    Certainly not
    MOST HUMBLE (lying to RabbiT)
    not feeling a need to stand on the side
    of the good lately
    not seeking to enlighten

    What a hypocrite!
    a savage – not a man you should imitate


  6. TRUTH is their enemy
    The City where Jesus… ? (on TAP Blog)

    ” I am tired of irrational arguing that makes the AM look like a fools playground sometimes so cringe worthy that it won’t be too much longer that it will be embarrassing relying on it as a means to direct people to in need of educating.” (says Eternity)

    Here’s some ammo for you. (says xxxbornxxx)

    HA! “The four wise monkeys“: 1st Dogxxx; 2nd Doublexxx, 3rd xxxbornxxx, and 4th Neutrxxx? koxxxr! koxxxr! hasxxxa-wisdom-four men band operation?

    Eternity says: 29 Aug 2015 1:55 pm
    I would have thought you were a one man band, but I got you all sussed. I see the same band of people, a group of a dozen or more that comment on all AM forums and jump on the backs like demons of everyone who has something different to say that you don’t like. The solitary moment a word is uttered that displeases you out pops the troll word thrown about like a defence mechanism to unutterable words so long as they are not yours.
    I see the game you are playing and it resonates so loud out of the pages of the Protocols of Zion like a pantheon of unwelcome sound.
    You are agents waiting to pounce and you have the audacity to claim one who comes in must come in with ‘constructive’ argument yet you fail yourself to demonstrate as if you had a career in hypocrisy. You are the true trolls wreaking havoc with truth that to you is nothing more than a pedestal to assert your views in pomposity.
    I have only ever commented once before and you utterly disgust me, the numbers on the Guidestones should read zero. You wonder why the ‘privileged’ are where they are and why you are where you are, it’s self explanatory you selfish, spiteful people.

    Jennifer says: 29 Aug 2015 11:42 pm
    Hear, hear. Well said. It’s all getting too tedious for words.

    Sanity vs insanity – Thanks Eternity and Jennifer !


  7. …and THANK YOU, Sabine
    for your honest fight for the children

    one thought though: why not follow a double strategy? Law of the land? (where it does still exist, in Britain and ‘former’ Commonwealth countries) rather than only refering to and strenthening EU law? An increasingly totalitarian EU takes away all our rights by destroying national sovereignty…


  8. truth1now, I liked your post very much. You spoke from the heart. I clicked on ‘like’, but it wouldn’t register. Just wanted you to know that your words meant a lot to me. thank you.


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