London = #ChildAbuse Capital of the World: trafficked by gangs, prey to pimps, #paedophiles and #murderers #ChildSnatchUK #PaedoBritain

15 08 16 GandhiHow London became the child abuse capital of the world: Trafficked here by gangs, prey to pimps, paedophiles and murderers… the booming trade in ‘lost’ children that shames us all

  • RICHARD HOSKINS investigates how London became trafficking capital
  • Children are used to trick the benefits system and for sex abuse rings
  • A new United Nations report paints a dark picture of the British capital

The above DAILY MAIL article, published on 02 August 2014, is based on this UN report:

  • Concluding observations on the report on the report submitted by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland under article 12, paragraph 1, of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography

The Committee considered the initial report of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (CRC/C/OPSC/GBR/1) at its 1882nd and 1883rd meetings (see CRC/C/SR.1882 and 1883), held on 30 May 2014, and adopted at its 1901st meeting, held on 13 June 2014, the following concluding observations.

Here’s the marvellous letter written by Deborah Mahmoudieh to the Attorney General with reference to this UN report.


12 thoughts on “London = #ChildAbuse Capital of the World: trafficked by gangs, prey to pimps, #paedophiles and #murderers #ChildSnatchUK #PaedoBritain

  1. Hi Sabine
    May I respectfully ask what Deborah Mahmoudieh’s legal qualifications are? She claims to be nan expert on EU law but from conversations I’ve had with her, she seems severely lacking in EU law knowledge!
    Thanks, Sabine


    • I gave her the title EU Law specialist. She has more legal knowledge than any of us. No point in being negative about all of our voluntary efforts, Kellie. I don’t think she ‘claims’. She is very unassuming on that level.


  2. Here is what I notice ab out that article. The Daily Mail publishes about sex abuse that starts in Britain in 2014. The public then thinks of the Daily Mail as a crusader and champion of the abused. What utter nonsense! The Daily Mail then says in 2015 that Alisa and Gabriel did not experience abuse but were forced to say those things. Of course, the public still thinks the Daily Mail has a halo on their head. But it is nothing but a couple of horns and red tail and pitch fork.

    They admit the abuse starts in the UK, that is, until an actual real serious problem is revealed in the UK and then its all a lie. It is the same with exposing abuse from long ago, but never any current abuse. Why the UK does not have any current abuse. It never has. But we in the know, know that in 20 years time, suddenly they will say there was abuse in 2015. What a difference 20 years makes, huh?

    It makes me sick. Stupid people not thinking, and authorities all lying. No one ever gives thought to the false credibility of reporting something long after its over and lives have been in ruin for 20-30 years. Or reporting on Thailand being the British problem but where exactly in Britain are we talking about?

    Sex abuse is always referred with very distant remote connections. Never, ever do they get close, personal and recent. I blame the stupid masses! Stupidity is a sin. Stupidity is a disease. It is evil. To allow our marvelous potential tied up in our miraculous brains to go to waste like a dish of jello waiting to be served, is to reject every aspect of human potential.

    We are heading for a very serious world-wide crisis. The crisis will be of our own making. We will not be able to blame anyone else. We will only have the reflection in the mirror to blame. The problem is always looking at us in the mirror, and yet we never look away from

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  3. Reblogged this on corporatepoliticalcriminalcorruption and commented:


    • Don’t let public distaste for rabid anti semitism and sheer what-the-hell-are-you-on-about craziness hold you back, cough it up.

      I wonder what is going on with child number three of Ella’s? The one also in the clutches of the cult. I never hear him mentioned.

      Sabine, did she forget about her eldest living with his baby raping father?


        • So no corroboration then. Which is obviously a very GOOD THING. No one was hoping he was a victim.

          Changing subject. A woman you know with the initials TM didn’t uncover the biggest paedophile ring in the midlands and didn’t bring down it’s leader Ivan Geffen. The police were already watching him, TMs evidence (not sure what that is supposed to be) was not used. Thankfully her children didn’t allege any abuse. He was also acquitted. TM didn’t give evidence in the case and didn’t even follow the outcome. This is all from TM by the way. When she claims otherwise she must be confabulating in at least one of her versions of events. She has also said some pretty cruel things about a rape victim in a high profile case in Belfast.

          If TM is getting involved with victims (a hundred) as she seems to have claimed in the past, I can see her really ruining the prospects of victims getting justice. It’s also not really fair on a victim to turn on them.

          Imagine in court “so complainant, you know TM who is on record verbally abusing a victim for not saying in court what TM wanted, I put it to you that you are not telling the truth for fear of the consequences from TM”……..You get the idea I hope.


      • Anon. you make jibes about someone not holding back…then you yourself state as fact that RD is a baby-raper. You understand this the kind of thing that those information warriors over at Hoaxtead Research. With that comment, you’ve just set our credibility back months. Thanks for that.


        • Sabine has the choice what to allow on comments and the power to delete. It’s no worse than is what is being bandied about already and no worse that what is already on this site.

          I’m happy for Sabine to edit or delete as she sees fit.

          And anyway, I was talking about the OTHER father, not RD. the one everyone forgets about, the child that no one mentions, ED’s eldest who is also allegedly in the clutches of the cult. Luckily it seems he is fine.


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