From Concerned Onlooker: New Generation of Information Warriors in Action. When Citizens Rise and Authorities Fall.

I have only just found the composure to write. Had I been around in person I would have said all of this but typing and writing always takes so much more time and careful thought as it goes out to the world forever. My heart hurts for you both.

So, I thought you might like to see this piece I wrote on my personal blog. If you want to use it or any part of, feel free but only credit me with concerned onlooker rather than my name please.

I used Belinda’s farewell video as the topic.

It’s unforgivable how it turned into an information spy-war instead of a united awareness campaign to save the children and wake normal, decent people up to what’s going on. Some genuine and highly active people got hurt in irreversible ways and much more importantly the children got forgotten about entirely. At least those three or four individuals can comfort each other in their success at demolishing their own imagined demons. Was the establishment not enough?

The rest of us ‘little’ or dumb people despair at the loss of credibility, cringe in humiliation at their hypocritical actions and words, knowing how satisfied the real criminals are at the implosion. Pro-Intel? Yes indeed, we certainly understand now, thanks to the work of two previous internet supporters and one steering it from within. I feel mugged. The trolls did not upset me anywhere near as much.

For the establishment, Belinda was a pain in the arse. To them, she was always lurking outside their beloved RC of J, interacting calmly, peacefully and professionally, chipping away at their shell and making rather unwelcome yet reasonable intrusions into the minds of their brainwashed officials. She was doing so much more damage than internet typists ever do with their SCREAMED venomous insults and demands as self appointed messengers of God or aliens.

She was playing within the twisted rules of engagement, bending them ever so slightly at the right moments and her restraint from dominating others to act in a more composed manner is highly commendable. Belinda wasn’t judgemental, wasn’t patronising, wasn’t cruel, wasn’t wicked and right up to the end there was no trace of bitterness despite being cruelly turned on by those she had offered her support, reputation and mutual trust to.

Belinda behaved like a lady throughout and nobody can convince me otherwise. I have my own eyes and ears to determine who the real villains are. I briefly met this lady twice in ‘real life’ and I know my own senses. I say this, before some pixellated banshee textually screams at me calling me a fool from some evil inspired compulsion to attack those ‘idiots’ who don’t see everyone with God given intelligence and wisdom as cult members. Should I suspect myself?

I thank the good God, that guiding benevolent force that brought me into the orbit of so many heart centred people and I blame Evil for infecting the minds of those who looked into it’s alarmingly familiar face and were seduced by it. Did fame and money entice you to knock out your competition in your info wars mentality?

I pray again, that those who were scared off by madness in the midst can reunite, without prejudice of our minor differences in opinion, to raise factual awareness of all the children who have no true protection from these cloaked professionals in high places that seek to prey upon them further into the future.

There is no doubt that we all face darker times ahead, in all countries, and for some it’s already hell on Earth. Dishing out more unnecessary suffering based upon anonymous whispers is not something I want to be involved with and take measured steps to avoid. Let’s focus on the real villains and forgive our immature transgressions. We have all been disabled by their capitalist, status driven propaganda programming, so having tolerance is vital as we attempt to work peacefully together and not in constant states of high drama or competition.


Much much love and good wishes to you both. It hasn’t all been in vain. The first battalion are wounded and off the front line but they under estimate the next team of information warriors in training who are forming in their private groups. We are learning from any mistakes or misjudgements, just as they are. We haven’t forgotten or forgiven.


Belinda always put others’ need before her own. Her house was “HRH Belinda”: “Human Rights Hotel Belinda”.

The speculations / allegations / libel / slander are soo pathetic / ridiculous / untrue and, ungrateful! Belinda had spotted that Barnet Council were planning to prosecute me. Hence she suggested I go on a little holiday. Now she’s gone and I walk the ‘path of humiliation’ in the ‘institutionalised intimidation and compliance‘ culture of authorities set up by The Establishment for The Establishment, at the expense of “we the people”.


11 thoughts on “From Concerned Onlooker: New Generation of Information Warriors in Action. When Citizens Rise and Authorities Fall.

  1. Well, I have a house to rebuild, and 2 psychology books waiting to be tackled in my quest for the “grand unified” theory of psychology. I still have my website dying for some attention and updates. Interesting subjects on the net to address.

    I have chosen to pick a constructive direction for my small amount of free time. The politics of infighting is a regrettable development but things like this happen. The Bible says to be quick to hear and slow to speak or act. I think that is wise counsel for all sides. I have a high regard for due process in investigation and research. Due process has been lacking at times and some have likely suffered for it.

    I have been possibly been determined to be detrimental to some for having opinions contrary to popular assertions such as the value of the justice system. So be it. I think for myself and like to place my efforts where they will get some results rather than the same old same old. I have to follow my conscience rather than popular leaders. Dissenting opinions are now seen by some as dangerous or disloyal. I think all sides would do well if they focused on what “sins” have actually made a difference and what “sins” had little to no impact.

    For the record, appreciated here perhaps more than any other place now, I believe the UK was the only clear big monster who mistreated everyone it came into contact with. Many people were hurt on all sides, not just one. Perhaps the passing of time will help. I am going to focus on how people heal thru psychology. It should be ab out healing. I do not want to dignify or perpetuate fighting and adding fuel to the fire of either side. If possible, I want to throw water on it and sooth, if possible.

    I will try and keep an eye on developments but I have my own goals that have been 15 years in the making. No one is truly ready right now to solve this war. I will not participate. But if you want to talk psychology, I’m all for it. The Healing field has never been more fascinating than right now.
    I wish my very best to all sides, hoping you can all find some peace and maybe even some reconciliation, though I know that is a long shot. I will say this. Those who might have done some wrong, often were those who also did very helpful things, too. And all such “sin” pales in comparison to the take-over of the world by Satanists, which fact 2 very dear children have brought to our attention. Maybe God resolve that matter in favor of the 2 children who deserve so much more and so much better than they ever got from the UK.

    Take care one and all! Scott Irving

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  2. emails from belinda and sabine

    Hi Yolande & all 1) Note I didn’t and haven’t named Julie Haines, she has only ever been someone in JH office� 2) It could fairly safely be presumed that she got this info from JH himself as how else would she know what was transpiring at high/judicial level, she is only a McK Friend 3) However Sabine could retract and say the advice from the person working for JH rang her as a private individual simply to advise caution, her advice was non specific- re. actually leaving the country

    My decision to leave was based on 3 councils wanting to mount a prosecution against me which was in the Position Statement which we discussed on Wednesday morning. Julie’s phone call was a pure dose of fear�, as it was completely non-specific, not what, not why, who or anything. Just a warning of something bad. It obviously made me consider leaving, as we discussed. When Julie phoned me later in the week, the specific badness� was that I would be taken off the case.


  3. Yolande Lindridge On the basis of what Sabine has told me, I have concerns that what Tim Haines is saying is the truth about his wife Julie and Sabine. Tim has said that his wife Julie did not speak to Sabine. At 8am this morning I recieved an email from Sabine
    14 mins · Like

    Amber Hartman Thank you Yolande.

    Yolande Lindridge At 8am this morning I received an email from Sabine K McNeill which said “Julie (Haines) spoke to me twice. First on Monday (9th) we travelled to Forest Gate. The second time on Friday 13th”.


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