Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good! #Victims #Survivors #Overcomers Unite!

How uncanny, once again, especially as I was given the link to Romans 12:21 yesterday!


Bill and Marsha Burns
Faith Tabernacle of Kremmling
August 10, 2015

I would have you to be an overcomer.  Overcomers are those who fight through every circumstance–every situation that is established against them.  The overcomer is the one who casts down the vein imaginations and the arguments that the enemy brings against them.  The overcomer lives in My promises.  Choose to be an overcomer and begin today by the renewing of your mind, says the Lord.


When you answered the call to come into My Kingdom, I asked you to do what is right in every instance–not what is convenient.  I want you to be objective and honest in all things.  Do not be swayed by emotional prejudice, but be righteous, says the Lord.  Psalms 5:12 For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield..


26 thoughts on “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good! #Victims #Survivors #Overcomers Unite!

  1. All the signs of His second coming as revealed by Jesus in Mathew 24 are now in place. It’s not a matter of if, just when, so welcome Armaggedon, and pray for safe passage through it for yourselves and your loved ones because very soon now, this evil ‘system’ will be a part of history. Amen.

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    • “All the signs of His second coming as revealed by Jesus in Mathew 24 are now in place. It’s not a matter of if, just when, so welcome Armaggedon…” (says colinpeters2, August 10, 2015 at 11:14 pm)

      Clearly “NO!”
      Nobody should “welcome Armageddon”
      (only victims of brainwashing, victims of mind control would do so)

      Sorry, such deep error needs clear words of rebuttal (and sry again if my English may sound “too harsh” in your ears but error must not be tampered but strongly refused)
      You’d better know and be aware of the fact that the so called “Christian Zionists” are nothing but useful idiots used by the Zionists (Jewish Freemasonic Babylonian Talmudists, Luciferians, Satanists) as pawns in their EVIL “End Times” GAME. Toying with people’s lives, playing havoc with the very survival of humanity is “a game” for those clinically sick psychopaths who have usurped the powers of (a shadowy) government (behind the scenes). I call them not the “Chosen Ones” but the “Evil Ones”. They use Bible “prophesies” as their textbook for world domination. Gullible Christians allow themselves to be led astray; they should know that the Christian belief has nothing to do with Zionism, the creation of a “Greater Israel”, the resurrection of Solomon’s Temple, the “Knights Templar” (etc secret societies) and world domination by the Antichrist (they want Christians to welcome as “their Saviour”, as the “Second Coming of Jesus Christ”)
      The Evil Ones want to veil their horrendous crimes (wars of extermination on all levels and in every aspect of life) against humanity: plans of global genocide (see: Georgia Guidestones) already being executed


      • Nike, you are confusing Christian Zionists with authentic Christians. The Zionist types are devil worshipers who seek the will of the devil to rebuild the temple and install a fake jesus who will bring evil to a climax. Real Christians do not follow leaders but follow their own minds and consciences. FACT!

        As you pointed out, zioinists use and abuse prophecy and lie about it. Again, their imitate their father, the devil. Its that simple. but God will absolutely not continue to put up with the world wide grand scale rape and torture and other horrific abuse that goes on as a matter of fact. God has just a few more points to make and to allow the evil to reach its utter climax and then God is pulling the plug. He will then have His way.

        His son said while on earth briefly, in Mathew 24: Unless those days had been cut short, no flesh would have been saved. But on account of the ones God loves, those days will be cut short. The devil wants to destroy all life. God will not let it go that far.


        • Authentic Christians won’t ever “welcome Armaggedon” but so called “Christian Zionists” do. Dumbed down, mind-controlled….
          Though no “devil worshippers” themselves, they have no clue that by promoting Zionism they are actually serving Satanism. They don’t know what Zionism, Babylonian Talmudism and Judaism is about, and easily fall prey to Zionist lies and deception.No sane human being would “welcome” nuclear world war (Armageddon). Zionists (Luciferians, Satanists) want to exterminate all Christians, Muslims and Torah jews. What an evil ploy – that they should welcome their own destruction! (“welcome Armageddon”)

          The DESTROYERS must be stopped.
          They are no “gods” but demonic creatures.


  2. What I would Say to this is that I know plenty on both sides who favored giving the cultists amnesty or foregivness or something near to those. That said, I hope both sides will, in time, become more understanding of the pain that each side has endured as the result of a brutal and unjust attack by a very wicked government, the UK. This is the only real culprit. Others, for what ever they might have done that caused feelings of hurt or betrayal, I know that many who helped and some helped considerably, may not have intended harm, and whether even that is so, the real cause of harm can only be attributed to the UK. And nothing that anyone did, good or bad, made even the slightest difference in this case. The UK acted as the UK has always and consistently acted. No surprise there at all.

    So since most favored a policy of forgiveness towards cultists, I will hold all such ones to be owing forgiveness to each other in this group. I was one of the few who never believed in forgiveness for the cult and still don’t and I also say that any decent person should demand respect for the laws on the books and enforce those. ANYONE who wants to ignore the laws afterward and let criminals off the hook are no better than the UK. That is a fact. If you want to change the laws afterward, then do so but the law as it was much remain in force upon all during its time as legitimate law.

    God watches all things. I hope both sides will, in time, see more of a need to forgive and understand than to hold grudges and anger and I can tell you something about anger and what it can do to you. My father was miserable since I was 8. He took everything out on his wife and kids. He was angry at the world. But he survived well because he could take it our on us. But we had no one else to take it out on.

    I still carry lots of that rage. My teeth are grinded down so bad that I have to be careful with every bite I take because my teeth are razor sharp and I have often caused major damage in my mouth. Studies show I will likely suffer many more things in the latter years. Cardio-vascular crap, most likely. Heart, lungs and organ all suffer from it.

    Don’t let anger build if you can help it. It will do neither you nor your enemies any good. It will just bottle up till one day you blow and your life is over. I saw it happen to my brother mother, both gone now. Choose what is best for your health and peace of mind. It really is the most profitable way.

    I just want to emphasize that the UK was the big bastard. Everyone else, even if their accused sins are true, these are microscopic in comparison. And even if you still hold some anger, it has to be admitted that the slights were nothing compared to the evil of the UK, in all its monstrosity. In all history, I do not know of a more hideous system where they create bureaucrats to deliberately steal children for sex and sacrifice. Some used to sacrifice their own children, but not others’. And there was no sex in many of those sacrificed. We live in the ultimate sate of evil now. We may need each other in the long run. Its going to be a very rough ride from here on out. Bible prophecy will come true and that won’t mean deck the halls with boughs of holly, either.

    I, personally want to go out on a high note. I want to make God pleased with me. I want to be as big as I can without compromising my values. I am not going to judge without a proper judicial process where evidence is presented and examined. And then evaluated for its severity or not as the case may be.

    My best wishes to those who deserve it and let God be the one for me who judges who is or is not worthy. Put another way, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Since I don’t want stones coming my way, I have decided not to throw too many. That is how I see it at this time. My best to all!

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    • “….the result/s of a brutal and unjust attack by a very wicked government, the UK. This is the only real culprit….” (says truth1now)

      Surely, there are lots of real culprits; deeply evil ones.
      The UK gov and judiciary in cahoots with the Devil (1917 Balfour Declaration was one of many “Deals with the Devil” in UK’s history) are most wicked in allowing the Satanists’ crimes to go on unhindered.

      I’d like to see some conclusions drawn from what happened – on how to do things better next time


      • The Balfour Declaration was an attempt at wicked evil, true enough. I know more about that deal than most. It involved another wicked church leader with Rothschild funding by the name of Charles Taze Russell and his IBSA – International Bible Students Association, which part of become Jehovah’s (so called) Witnesses and another part remained as IBSA and still is around today preaching the nonsense of a return to “Zion.”

        How to do things better next time? You and I had nothing to do with Balfour or much of the rest of evil. But if we are to avoid past mistakes, it is critical that we elevate our understanding of all things and become much wiser than we are at present. And since most are happy just being grunts and followers, leaves our hands tied. Am I addressing your concerns or can you further refine your question for me?


        • “How to do things better next time?”

          that was said in respect to the children (A and G and all the others in deep distress)

          Some thoughts: First of all – keep the children SAFE! Take no risks at losing them.
          No report to the police. Leave the country and move to a safer place.
          Otherwise you will lose your children. Obviously you can’t expect justice to be done.
          It was impossible for E. to protect her own children and by doing so help others too.
          Good intentions but very bad results. A breach of trust happened.
          which proves: You can only trust yourself. You can’t trust your children’s fate to nobody but yourself. As a parent – you must be the one to stay in control of all what happens. In control of all the proceedings. Nobody else. Otherwise you will be driven, and you’ll lose in the end.

          Something which strikes me as crucial: Never take control and self-responsibility away from the parent. The parent must always be in control. He/she is the one responsible for the child/ren. That MUST be respected all the time. Never take decisions away from the parent/s involved. Otherwise a lot of damage might be done.

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          • I like your suggestions, Nike. I think all parents in the UK, especially those who might have any dislike of governments, schools, policing, laws, or anything else to explore, long before getting into any trouble, a way out. Maybe take a vacation in a place or two abroad to get familiar with it. have an escape plan ready, just in case. Maybe even consider a temporary visa and work and live in another place for a few months or a year. establish contacts, etc. The UK system is just too evil to not give it this much concern. You never know when someone might want to hurt you and report you to child services out of revenge.

            Are your kids good looking. Then start looking for ways out. Pervs love attractive kids. You don’t even have to do anything to get in trouble then. Being prepared could be very handy. don’t depend on the UK system in any way. Its pure evil to the very core.


            • “….don’t depend on the UK system in any way. Its pure evil to the very core.” (says truth1now)

              The problem is, parents like E. who sense something is wrong (with their children AND the system) and who need some kind of support usually have no clue as to how bad things really are. They believe their children AND have trust in the “authorities” at the same time. They simply can’t fathom the depths of corruption in these institutions. There seems to be a contradiction here. E. believed her children (and she still does), she believed that lots of people are involved in Satanic Ritualistic Rape and Murder of children AND she reported the crime to the police. Shouldn’t she rather not (have done so)? But she did – That means people usually have trust in officialdom, they can’t fathom the scope of Evil to be true – until they undergo the experience themselves. Then they become completely disillusioned.

              and how about the helpers who already knew HOW CORRUPT TO THE VERY CORE the system was? Did they act accordingly? Did they do what is advisable and avoid what was not? Opinions differ here. As we’ve stated before: decisions, the ultimate responsibility should NEVER be taken away from the parents. So it should ALWAYS be clear who takes the lead.
              At that point something went terribly wrong. My humble impression (as a “concerned onlooker”)
              That’s not about “throwing stones”; it’s about learning from experience.
              You put it very beautifully “But if we are to avoid past mistakes, it is critical that we elevate our understanding of all things and become much wiser….”


              • I had several thoughts, Nike, after having thought some while recovering from a tough day of physical labor. 1st, in the world we live in today, we don’t have too much excuse for being ignorant of what is going on. Movies, news, TV, and even the workplace are hard to ignore as corruption is shown everywhere. The Irish guy interviewing Alisa in the Garden Patio said,”We didn’t listen to the kids. But even when the kids spoke, “they didn’t listen to the kids who grasped the situation far better than the adults.

                I give an adult 30 years to be clueless and then I expect some intelligence by that time, age 30. So I can write off 30 years for Abe and that still leaves about 28 years without excuse. It leaves Ella with about 16 years with no excuse. I know she did not like TV, but TV in one way or another does reveal the world. I became a conspiracy theorist by watching TV like 60 Minutes on CBS and documentaries on PBS and the like. I noted how the Bible laws were so much different from modern “Democracy” laws. I woke up after 10 years of ignoring the world as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses who withdraw from the world, a bad mistake. Jesus went out into the world.’

                2nd, the helpers! Here is what I say on those. Whether they did good or bad, whatever they did had no impact on the UK and its actions. And any steps Ella or anyone else could have made, would have made no difference. People are afraid to believe that. It leaves us with no justice or place to turn. But that is better than believing you have protection that is not there. So we have to swallow that very bitter red pill.

                An example. Pictures were either taken or lost while at Belinda’s place, we are told. They are gone. But whether she took them or not, the UK was going to avoid investigating them. Further, those pictures are on video and I have frame grabs to prove it. So not all was lost. Did Gerrish alert some to things? Whether so or not, Gerrish and company were one of a small few who gave the Hampstead case some decent and helpful attention. Gerrish might have been under pressure himself. I had a witness to my father’s attempted murder change his story because someone was torturing him while he spoke on the phone with me. I stopped pursiing, not because the case was dead, but I feared for a very good man’s life. The Attempt s would have been covered over anyway and a man could be dead without good reason. I accepted the loss and injustice and still have the highest regard for what I know was a fine man put under extreme pressure, all caused by me, no less, and some syndicate, obviously.

                Lets suppose that Sabine released videos and with faces and voices at that. Consider what she might have been going thru. 1st, she has an obligation to the client, Ella. But in her heart, like many of us, our ultimate concern and loyalty belonged to two small children. Pretend we are Sabine. Do I do as Ella says, even though I know publicity if the only real option? do I let the kids get sucked up into a horrible system without a fight, knowing I have this powerful video testimony? Or do I slight the client and release the videos and hope and pray for enough attention to shame the UK? Were it me, I am afraid I would have to slight Ella and release the videos for the kids.

                Consider that Ella just did not understand what she was up against. We do not let kids make serious decisions. I know of a 12 year old girl who once argued to her parents that she should be able to have sex and that it was her body and she should be able to do what she wanted with it. My father related this, as the parents were his friends. Should we let kids just do whatever they want? I say no, up to some point and sex would be a no for many reasons back in that case.

                But with Ella so uninformed, can you honestly and sincerely say to me that she was in a good position to make an informed sound decision? I say no. I am glad the videos were released. I believe God will take care of the rest.

                3rd, It is very difficult for anyone to realize that at some point, they may have let down their kids. The UK let everyone down, but some more than others. We all feel betrayed by the deliberate evil subverting our way of life and lying about it. But we need to realize that it is essential in the 21st century, that we recognize the life and the world are one big battlefield now and that we have to be on high alert and ever ready to fight or run. We do not have a choice about this.

                Life is not black and white, clear cut and obvious. Sometimes its all sorts of shades of gray. Sometimes the solution is not clear. Sometimes, people are not totally bad or good and have some of each. We kind of have to take the good and bad together. Gerrish might seem questionable to some but he never stooped to the horrible level of depravity that the Tabloids did in slandering Ella, who did nothing whatsoever to deserve that. Gerrish did defend her. I can not reject Gerrish or find nothing but fault. I am cautious of the likes of David Icke, Alex Jones, etc, but I still think people can profit from some of their videos and material. No one should follow anyone blindly. Accept the good, praise the good, and reject the bad and out it.

                We kind of have to reorient ourselves, reevaluate, reconsider, not just once but throughout our lives. Life is for learning and growing. We can not rightly ask for perfect flawless good and complete freedom from any poor choices on the parts of others. Others have pressures, too and are in many way, in the same boat as us. I say lets not judge so harshly and lets accept what good came our way and learn from it. We are all now older and wiser.

                Consider that many here have formerly argued for cult forgiveness, even though none had asked for it, save maybe 2 and I don’t know if they are sincere or not. Satanists lie! But I was and am one of the few who does not favor that and supports following the laws as they are written. Yet, is it not odd that I should be the one now asking for temperance and moderation in our expectations and demands, and trying to bring about some peace and resolution, rather than getting caught up in one side or the other, etc.

                But it is my firm conviction that whether we are good or bad is best determined by how we behave in the face of great adversity. I want to be able to say that in the worst of it, I kept my head cool and tried to be level headed. A good sailor is one who can sail in bad weather and keep their head. Any sailor can sail in calm waters.

                this will all go down in history. I am recording it as it unfolds. now I ask all what they want to be remembered as in this history. Something to be proud of or something to be ashamed of because we lost our heads at the time it was most important to keep them? that I leave to each reader.


  3. I think I forgot the most important part. Surely I hope everyone here can appreciate the bitter loss suffered by Ella and her partner. A bitter loss I can not even comprehend. If they are a little raw or bitter right now, surely we can understand how that could be. I hope we can still understand. I would be more than a bit concerned if some of us could not. I do not think now is a good time for anyone to give too much thought to anger or rejection. It might be good to just put it all on hold and wait a few months. We can give the Grand Jury its chance. I do not have any hope for any legal proceeding but that is just me, after 56 years of BS from the system.

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    • A very nice and wise commennt Rodolfo. We can not use evil to overcome evil. If we become just like our enemies, then we are our own enemies and will receive nothing but judgement from God. To be pure and clean, we have to refrain from evil, which usually means refraining from force and violence. Our “weapons” are spiritual only weapons.They are thoughts and ideas in opposition to other thoughts and ideas. Ours is a battle ground of thinking and speaking out our ideas to the world, No one can or should be accused of bad for speaking what is good. But evil will hate the good and we will get no pats on the back from them. but God will have a pat on the back for us, as I am sure you well know. You speak solid wisdom!


        • I don’t take it that way. Satan, with the understanding that he tries to overcome our hearts. The message was that we should not become like our enemies or we lose all and I stand by that.


      • Well said words, Nike. Here is the problem as I see it. If one was clueless prior to getting screwed, how smart are they after getting screwed? Truth is and truth hurts, that probably not much smarter in such a short period of time. Therefore, it is not only possible, but likely that others helping may know far better than the one already lost and wondering what hit them.
        I just posted this one at my site on this very subject. I beg that all consider it carefully.

        >>That’s not about “throwing stones” it’s about learning from experience.
        You put it very beautifully “But if we are to avoid past mistakes, it is critical that we elevate our understanding of all things and become much wiser….”<<

        Agreed that we must learn from experience and isn't that quite the challenge since all successive knowledge is based on previous knowledge, which may not be so great. If one is far behind, they can certainly move ahead but it will be a slow process with lots of learning to do. Deep careful studied learning. That is why I post the article above, featuring 2 very well qualified psychologists. I beg all involved to carefully consider who might have been right or wrong.

        Now I also stress this. Once the charges were made and the kids were taken, nothing anyone did was going to matter, for good or for bad. To place any blame on anyone at all except the UK, is just pain F***ing wrong! FACT. Lots of things were done wrong by many, no doubt. Most of those things were insignificant in the long run. part of wisdom is separating the important from the trivial and leaving the trivial behind and focusing on the important.

        I have been begging for kindness and understanding to all toward Ella/Abe because I know the pain they are feeling and in such a state, maybe not always act in their best interests, even as they ignored the kids' warning (and reluctance) of involvement by CAFCASS and the police.

        I also beg Ella/Abe to step back, try to put the hurt aside and consider new angles. They have gotten this far, I am sure they can do it. They have come a long way, But we all have longer to go. I know you mean well, too, Nike. But it is still not certain who was qualified or not to make decisions. i have two professional doctors of psychology who might favor a "professional" directing things in some cases.

        for example, take financial advice. How does one even evaluate that? a 100 different opinions and not certain answers. I offer some very


        • God damned WordPress!!!!!!! I offer some very qualified doctors to voice an opinion in favor of non-verbal expression, as opposed to only words. Some say A & G should have their faces blocked and hidden. What? Is it for shame? There is no shame in asking for justice and telling what happened to you. Are they afraid of publicity? why? Isn’t that the idea? The facial expressions and postures, the voices, all that matters and if you are not going to put that out there, then say good bye the kids and forget they ever existed.

          I have one other consideration that only I seem to embrace. I believe in Divine Providence. I believe God saw this coming a long time ago. When it came along, He was there ready and waiting to act. He did intervene. Its just that no one has seen or recognized it yer. He has more to do and no one believes that, except yours truly, the supposed bully and monster from hell. God often intervenes and the result is not straight forward. Joseph in a dream was foretold that he would rule over his family and be their salvation. But along the way, his family sold him off to slavery and then he was thrown in prison unjustly. Only later did things all work out. I believe those videos had to be unedited so that the kids could shine like the brightness of the heavens. Ella still listens corrupt courts that call her monster for not “protecting” her kids by letting their images and voices be released. And lets be clear, the courts only say that because they hate those videos that really make trouble for the UK courts.

          Ella did nothing bad. She was not even responsible for the videos. But all the same, however those videos got out, God made the final decision and no one tells God what to do. God did the right thing even if none of us did. So I submit this for your consideration and all.

          I care about this situation. I care about all those involved. I want to see everyone heal and get things straight. I mean no harm to anyone. I hope sanity can prevail.

          Truth 1 representing Scott Irving with nothing to hide or fear, ever!


  4. This was from Bread’s Mana album, Take Comfort. Its not the entirety of the lyrics I like. Just some lines. Its always got me since I discovered it near around 2012 or late 2011. There were things going on then. But it means so much more now. Maybe you can see what I mean. They are from the soft music parts. Griffin really nailed this one.

    4 of the most beautiful short lines ever penned.

    Begins at 00:40

    Everyone at times must run for cover
    Don’t you know, your really can’t be blamed
    For in this you’re just like any other
    There’s no need, no need to feel ashamed

    I thought these appropriate here at this time.


  5. Previous STD lawsuits against celebrities have named them, and been for much higher amounts; in 2001, Stevie Wonder was sued for $30
    million for, among other things , allegedly giving his ex-girlfriend herpes, while more recently, Kris Humphries was sued by a paramour who alleged the same.


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