Character Reference from Rev. Canon Peter Challen for #SabineMcNeill #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadScandal

A Character Reference for Sabine McNeill

from  Rev. Canon Peter Challen, Chair Christian Council for Monetary Justice.

I testify out of 25 years association with Sabine McNeill in the longing and action of searching for inclusive justice, that she is a woman of stature among many with whom she has worked, and with many more for whom she has spoken out bravely in complex, sometimes crucifying, situations.

She has high intelligence, a rather rare selflessness in her gifts of time and energy and a persistent altruism that makes her fearless in the cause of compassion. She has shared with those she meets a vision and passion for a rediscovery of genuine justice in society, giving a sense and place of identity and dignity to everyone without fear or favour.

I have witnessed occasions when she is speaking, as so often she does, in support of others less articulate and informed than she, when her passion may have over-ridden discretion; but I have never doubted the sincerity and integrity to which she is devoted.

Being out spoken in a society where vested interests often hold powerful sway requires courage. Sabine McNeill is a person of such courage in setting an example from which many have benefited.

Sabine and I have in common the oddity that we each had a father who urged us to retain integrity with the refrain..’All Power to Your Elbow’, which led us both on our life-long paths to speak out for compassion and against injustice.

Rev. Canon Peter Challen
Chair, Christian Council for Monetary Justice

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10 thoughts on “Character Reference from Rev. Canon Peter Challen for #SabineMcNeill #WhistleblowerKids #HampsteadScandal

  1. Not exaggerated in the least. Sabine is without peer in selflessness. And in dedication and devotion. In fact, if I must find a fault, and I almost always do, the only one I might come up with for Sabine is that she might give out too much, neglecting herself to some degree. I have seen her near to tears at times on video and looking a bit worn out. She should take care to reserve enough to sustain herself as well.

    She does have one other problem that is not her fault in any way. She and her colleagues at McKenzie Friends invite lots of wrath due to their good insights into the heart of problems and taking the best appropriate actions for the situations at hand. There is no doubt in my mind that many of those in power resent her for her dedication and abilities. Of all the people ever involved in behalf of Alisa and Gabriel, none has received more torment and persecution than Sabine. When trolls come along, she is always the target. The UK and its courts constantly harass her unjustly, throwing all they have at her.

    I have learned a few things in life and without fail, those attacked the most are those who were the most effective and resented for it. I note that of the “critics” and “accusers” of Sabine, most fail to recognize the real guilty parties in the outcomes we are seeing. The UK has been the single source of all criminal actions against parents and children and the UK deserves ALL the blame for their atrocities, and Not Sabine, as many like to do. The more some frame her, the more I trust her and the less I trust accusers and there have been oh so many accusers. So she must be doing something very right.

    I note one other example of someone who really tried to elevate and correct his nation and people, who so resented his attempts to correct and improve them that they framed him and got the Romans to allow them to crucify him (unjustly as a criminal). You might have heard of him. He went by the name of Jesus. So we have lots of examples, past and present, of those who unjustly suffer because they care and they try to do good. Maybe if we did not persecute them all so much, we might have a few more of them to go around. Just suggestion.

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