Three petitions are dead. Long live a Witness Statement and #EU Debates #WhistleblowerKids

15 07 17 have done it again – listen to paedos, shills, trolls, hoaxers rather than appreciate the battles we’re fighting: they removed the third petition, with 1,184 signatures last time I looked. The story of the first and most successful one is here.

So the only petition that is left for you to sign and share is

The title used to be Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent. But now we have this fabulous chance of supporting

  1. a debate in the EU Parliament of 751 Parliamentarians on 07 September 2015 and
  2. a debate among the Heads of the 28 Member States in the EU Council on 15/16 October 2015. 

PLEASE do sign! It’s worth it! has the great advantage of triggering emails to the ‘target’ of the petition. So the leaders of the political groups who most democratically schedule the debates will see that this is what we want: every single signature triggers an email to them! We the people in the UK need this above all else (even if I’m in Berlin)!

I’m just working on the differences between UK and EU countries and got a lot of input from former MP John Hemming who writes clearly that the pressure by the government to increase adoptions results in practices that would be unlawful on the Continent, but are normal in English law… 

Russian Parliamentarian Olga Borzova calls what is policy in the UK ‘abusive’ in her report Social services in Europe: legislation and practice of the removal of children from their families in Council of Europe member States!

Meanwhile I put this Witness Statement together for the appeal hearing next Tuesday 04 August. I have been refused Legal Aid. I have nothing to lose and nothing to hide. If not now, when? If not me, who?

Witness Statement

Advocacy on behalf of 20 Hampstead Children and the Whistleblower Kids[1] as Child Witnesses

In the Name of the “Evil and / or Foolish” Internet Community
who “Sought to Perpetuate” the Children’s Claims

[Quotes from Mrs Justice Pauffley’s Judgement[2] of 19.03.15]


  1. This Witness Statement is written in the spirit of the legal principle “Publicity is the Very Soul of Justice[3]. It is the surest of all guards against improbity.It keeps the judge himself, while trying, under trial.
  2. It is also written in the spirit of the President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby’s judgement Re J (A Child)[4] in which he invites courts to “adapt to the realities of the internet and in particular social media”.

My Roles in Case ZC14C00315 of Barnet Council vs Draper et al

  1. I, Sabine Kurjo McNeill, represent the following roles:

The Death Cult in Action against McKenzie Friends – as Trolls and under “MK Ultra 666”

  1. This Witness Statement was triggered by a list of videos published by MK Ultra 666[20], in particular the most recent one called PURE HATRED[21] whichcan be interpreted as a death threat.
    • These 24 videos illustrate the mentality of a ‘death cult’ with which they are exposing us as online publishers and McKenzie Friends, thereby revealing themselves as protégés of Mrs Justice Pauffley.
    • In sharp contrast, our publications as ‘public interest advocates’ are personal, factual and measured rather than anonymous, grotesque and gruesome.
    • The discovery of the PURE HATRED video had been preceded by a visit to my colleague Belinda McKenzie by DS Paul Speer of Barnet Police ‘Public Protection Unit’ who indicated “it might not be possible to contain the mounting level of anger in the Hampstead area for much longer and advised her to retract her allegations, for her own safety”. She responded on her blog with To Retract or Not to Retract[22]

In Response to the Judgement’s executive summary: paras 1 – 22

  1. The reference to ‘internet material’ is un-differentiated and un-specific. At its worst, however, it implies that the mother and I are the publishers of the names and addresses of the 70+ abusers which we have always categorically denied.
    • Proof of the contrary has not been provided by Colindale Police Station who still “want me for discussion”, as recently confirmed by DS Speer.
    • The ‘protection’ of the children’s identity is a hypocritical legitimisation of the secrecy rules of UK family courts, at the same time children’s photos routinely appear in glossy ‘adoption catalogues’ published by local councils.
    • The implication of “a large proportion of interviewers having a sexual interest in children” says more about Mrs Justice Pauffley’s mindset and opinion than about the realities we have experienced regarding the ‘whistleblower kids’ in the Court of Public Interest.
  1. Voluntary efforts found faults and even lies in Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement:
    • An early collection of Witness Statements regarding the judgement, written as potential submissions for the Appeal, is published here[23].
    • Questions for Mrs Pauffley[24] include “On what grounds do you claim that the children’s allegations are ‘baseless’? Do you have evidence from a police investigation? How can you judge this case until the Met’s ‘Operation Hydrant’ is completed?”
    • Anna Pauffley: Ignorant or complicit?[25] – a post on the blog of Alan Wrightson who followed the case closely and is among those who submitted a complaint about Mrs Justice Pauffley to the JCIO.
    • Hampstead Research[26] have dedicated themselves to publishing videos, a blog and most recently a website, focussing on the online presence of the 70+ abusers, with remarkable findings.
      • The Hampstead Cover-Up – Judge Pauffley’s Lies[27] – a six-minute video pointing out – inter alia – that the investigation was NOT wide-ranging, as the CRIS report shows, that the claims are NOT baseless, as the medical exams confirm sexual abuse, that domestic violence by the father is NOT alleged, that NOT all allegations had been retracted by the boy, including being given alcohol and white powder to sniff and that the father was only interviewed about one small incident “in evidence to the entire series of sexual and other allegations.”
      • The Hampstead Cover-Up – The Jean-Clement Recording which is covered significantly in the judgement Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 explaining to Mr Christie’s brother-in-law what he and the mother had discovered by listening to the children, e.g. why the boy is deaf on one ear: the father shouts: Kill, Kill, Kill, Kill. Kill the Baby, Kill the Baby, as testified on We decided to stop killing babies[28] and The Hampstead Cover-Up – Papa Kills Babies[29].
      • Ham Info[30] is a YouTube channel with currently 19 videos about the Hampstead Cover-Up and the Hampstead Cult.
    • The Hampstead Judgement Contains Basic Factual Errors[31]: “As seasoned cover up merchants have long known, the best way to conduct a cover up is to get on the front foot, seize the initiative and present an essentially inverted narrative, where the perpetrators are the victims and the victims are perpetrators.”
    • A most incisive critique is on Hampstead Judgement[32] – a post on the very popular exposure blogAangirfan, pointing out critical omissions, whilst asking:
      • “who would you trust, a doctor who is an authority on child sexual abuse or a woman who is serving the paedophile establishment?”
      • This off-the cuff ruling from Justice Pauffley seems more a poor attempt at quelling public dissent than protecting any children from abuse.”
      • “So this nutty judge thinks it is normal for children to molest each other and dogs – that’s not a sign of abuse?”
      • “Nowhere in her entire opinion does she mention that the children gave detailed identifying descriptions of the naked bodies and private parts of their abusers – such as tattoos etc.”
      • Pauffley’s summary said; “Neither child has been sexually abused by any of the following – Ricky Dearman, teachers at Christchurch Primary School Hampstead, the parents of students at that school, the priest at the adjacent church, teachers at any of the Hampstead or Highgate schools, members of the Metropolitan Police, social workers employed by the London Borough of Camden, officers of Cafcass or anyone else mentioned by Ms Draper or Mr Christie. But it has been admitted that Scotland Yard has been covering up sadistic and satanic, serial child sex abuse and murders for the greater part of the 20th Century. What makes you think they are going to stop now?

Theresa May says it is endemic in society and worse than we can imagine, in our youth clubs, churches and schools… except for Hampstead, where the children claimed they were subjected to multiple rape and infant sacrifice in a cult led by their father.”

  1. Equally unsolicited investigations found flaws, discrepancies and inconsistencies in the Police report:
    • A Professional Linguistic Analysis of the boy’s ‘retraction video’ Part 1 and Part 2 – further evidence in addition to the Witness Statement[33] by a former constable.
    • The Hampstead Cover-up – Analysing the CRIS report[34] – Five minutes compiled from the children’s testimonies and other significant commentators about the Crime Report Information System of the Police
    • A long email to a number of critical authorities: “I accuse DI John Cannon and DC Alan Rogers and High Court Judge Anna Pauffley[35] of the crime of committing, and conspiring to commit FRAUD, by concealing crucial identifying evidence in a rape and murder investigation and court hearing, and avoiding their duty to lawfully require medical examinations of the named accused, which would have conclusively proved the children’s assertions.”

Some chronological background on the internet

  1. The children talking about their experiences: These videos were taken at the end of holidays during which they ‘talked’ for the first time, even though their father had threatened to kill them. We now have evidence that they were leaked in November 2014.
  2. Then the Police interviewed them on 05 and 11 September 2014 when they took them into ‘emergency protection’. On 17 September they were forced to make retractions: and
  3. The father’s criminal past is listed on
    • He had two ‘non-molestation orders’ against him, while the mother held a ‘Residence Order’ and the children had lived with her all their lives.
    • He had also tried to break the mother’s skull, but she was too intimidated to press charges.
  4. We got involved as ‘McKenzie Friends’ in November 2014 and saw the father in court. He was ‘automatically’ part of the ‘public law proceedings’ of the local authority, Barnet Council vs the mother, father and the children. He was given weekly contact and the mother only fortnightly.
  1. More on the CASE:
  1. More on the CAUSES and the wider issues:
  1. It is hoped that this compilation contributes to a better understanding of the 4 million viewers of the children’s videos, as estimated by Mrs Justice Pauffley. As a ‘grand jury’ in a ‘court of public interest’, they prove to be a new kind of ‘crowd intelligence’ that ought to be taken as seriously as intended by Sir James Munby in his Baby J judgement.

Sabine K McNeill





































McKenzie Crusade


15 thoughts on “Three petitions are dead. Long live a Witness Statement and #EU Debates #WhistleblowerKids

  1. I’ll gladly sign the petition. But I see some potential problems in that I suspect many signatures were obtained previously, but no registered. the following link to a brief youtube video shows how Youtube tampers with either the counter/tracker or simply adjusts number to read low.

    The internet can not be trusted at all. Can anyone seriously believe that the early video exposure got 4 million views and now practically nothing? I don’t buy that for a second. If you can control the press and we have seen evidence of that, then you can control the net. We live in dark times and there is no recourse within the system. It will have to be left to publicity of conspiracy theorists/addicts who care about issues like SRA and the 2 kids, A & G. May God take notice! I hope many will continue to campaign against these horrible abuses, and all the more so, if the kids do not get freed.

    We are already outnumbered and outgunned. The Satanist have power over most of the functions in our society. We are the minority now. Consider that in the USA, denominational Christianity has been fanatical in their protests and campaigns against abortion and yet, with babies being trafficked to the UK from all over the world and sacrificed to Satan, whether openly said or not, we do not hear a word from the fanatics. So it is reasonable to conclude that most churches and denominations are compromised and compliant with Satan.

    I look at it this way. If I must choose between life and death in this matter, I would prefer death to compromise, were I to be required to rape kids. Many have thrown their lives away for meaningless wars. WWI was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Instead, another WW (II) just 20 years later and many more after. Surely a cause such as ours is worth some effort and risk. Let’s not forget the Hampstead 2 and the many before them, along with them, and to follow after them.

    I note one other thing. Jesus warned in Matthew 24 about the last days before his invisible return to power, full power, “woe to those giving suck to a child in those days.” You have seen and witnessed the prophecy come true. There is now great woe to mothers and children. We were warned something very horrible was going to happen to them. Surely this must qualify! So there is Divine attention involved in this. It has not escaped the notice of God’s appointed executioner, His son, Jesus. Let he who has ears listen to what the spirit says!


    • Thank you. Well stated throughout: the only matter left aside is the link between the demand for adopted children by same-sex partners, whether married or not: and the financial and personal motives behind the focussed efforts between homosexuals and lesbian member of our governments to obtain “equal rights” to get married – which (apart from the idiots among them) was intended as simply another part of their campaign to force all those who think their sexual habits are unhealthy and harmful, to themselves as well as society, to be called religious bigots and attacked in our courts after being “set up” by cunning devices of one sort or another, and forced to pay for their unsympathetic and discriminative actions. Where there was once a freedom for people to follow their own individual conscience, in such matters as who they want to serve as clients in hotels, or shops, or as landlords (whether homophobic or racially prejudiced, or not!) such important freedoms of thought and expression have been the real motive behind the sociopathic agenda to get homosexuality accepted as a normal activity. My son has remarked, “Obama should take note of the fact that we are dealing with homo-sex-uality, not homo-love-uality: The clue is in the word, itself!” Enough said on that topic, but it is part of the whole picture of child abuse, P.I.E. and the almost totalitarian power that is now held by a minority of those members of our ruling class who are both overpaid and oversexed, and whose control over the media is now focussed on the remaining agenda to force school teachers to brainwash children that sexual acts between men who allegedly “love” other men, and woman who allegedly “love” other woman, is something that nobody in the classroom may criticise! I resigned my hoped for career as a teacher due to being criticised by my department head for including the page on politics from Pears Encyclopaedia in classroom debates between 14 year old children, who would soon be eligible to vote! There is now no freedom of expression, and so much deliberate distortions regarding the difference between sex and love, that children are no longer able to even think clearly! During adolescence, I was responsible for refusing to allow any homosexual school or college pals of my two children – a boy and a girl – to “sleep over” and was criticised for this, even by them. However, they have grown up to understand that the homosexual life-style is an unhealthy physical and emotional activity, whether or not there is true love behind the sexual desires of those who either suffer from or enjoy the experience of behind free from any of the centuries old sexual restraints laid down by law and religious doctrine in every society, except a native tribe in the jungle of New Guinea whose menfolk practices fallatio as a coming of age ritual. Even then, some of them admitted to sociologists that they felt guilty, afterwards. Anyhow, my MP has written one sentence in reply to my query about the Hampstead Scandal. “As explained, I cannot investigate this matter.” However, there was no explanation attached or previously posted… and so I will print dear Sabine’s witness statement and ask her to please inform me of what is being done to expose those honourable lords and gentlemen who have been associated with P.I.E and supported lowering the age of consent which, in my view, should be 21 years. The parent’s right to protect their adolescent children from making mistakes they might regret no longer exists! So much for rights and wrongs! However, would everyone please get their MP’s opinions on paper regarding a place of safety of Gabriel and Elisa? This simply question is one that can rightfully be imposed on them! By the way, I once fell in love with a lesbian and we lived together as man and wife, but I soon found out that she was suffering from a feminist thought disorder conditioned by the fact that her mother ruled over her sweet German father, who just smiled over his pipe at me, and winked! I was not so tolerant, myself! Happy days!!!


  2. Hi Sabine

    Just a heads-up. In case you weren’t aware, in this interview with Abe and Ella, Lisa Vunk calls fore people to stop using the phrase ‘whistleblower kids’. It’s at 1:49:12 …

    She calls for people to use the phrase ‘Hampstead cover-up’ instead. By the way, Abe and Ella appear to support her on this. It’s so sad – it sounds like a move to squeeze you out, which is so ungrateful of them after all you’ve done for them! They’ve been rude about your good friend and ally Belinda lately too 😦

    Drifloud, a conscious living being


  3. Methinks a bit of unnecessary stirring going on here… I listened to that interview and don’t recall any mention of Sabine or Belinda, which doesn’t mean that Ella and Abe are ungrateful for their efforts.

    And I totally get their point about changing the way we refer to this case as the Hampstead Coverup… of course, if you haven’t listened to the full interview, you won’t get it! But if you are against SRA, you will fully support their logic.

    Plus, what seems to get overlooked is the humungous amount of emotional stress that both Ella and Abe are under… they have no malicious intentions but sometime may have made mistakes – who wouldn’t in their shoes?

    Can we please stop taking pot shots at our brothers and sisters… it really is getting tiring because it takes attention away from the real issue — there is no glory in scoring petty points on minor academic details.

    Let’s stick to the mission of uncovering these heinous activities and do whatever it takes to save our babies, dear Drifloud…


      • They have turned against everyone, Including Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney !! My gut instinct is telling me that due to Ella and Abrahams vulnerable state of mind I have a feeling Someone (not mentioning names!) is fueling the fire and taking massive advantage of them for his own gain, If this is true, it is sickening.. Ella and Abraham need to just focus on the children and NOTHING else..!


  4. The statement in the post:
    “We have a hard copy of the Veterans Today article where ‘Anonymous’ published the list of names and addresses of 70+ abusers on 22.02.15 but it has been taken down since. It has been suggested in two independent comments that it was published by MI5.”
    is factually incorrect.
    The names etc. appeared on Facebook in Febuary, before “Vets Today” published it. I know because I warned the poster – twice!!


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