The Hampstead Horrors Happened Elsewhere

Crimes of Empire

Hampstead Cover Up Similar Story From 1989 Satans Children

Satanic Ritual Abuse has Deep Roots. Hampstead children not lying! UK COVER UPS

July 29th, 2015.

A Very Simple Choice.

It is deeply unwelcome information. It is knowledge that cannot possibly bring happiness or pleasure but to pretend that these things do not happen is to be complicit in the acts of evil. There is no choice. Not really.

I have never really been associated with Satanism, but assume that most Satanists or dark occultists do not engage in these practices. It is clear however that some, indeed apparently many do.

The fact that there was a fairly successful short term cover up of the Hampstead case should come as no surprise, nor should the complicity of the BBC in the cover up with their laughable, disgusting interview of the Hampstead “Dad”. The BBC is an organisation with long and intimate…

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3 thoughts on “The Hampstead Horrors Happened Elsewhere

  1. You only have to mute the sound, then watch the video footage of the children talking to see that they are telling the truth.

    Their body language does not portray any uncertainty or unwillingness to speak.

    If they had been forced to learn a script, or tell lies they would act -and speak – a lot differently.

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