RICKY DEARMAN – Father of #WhistleblowerKids – Professional Housesitter in #SatanicHollywood?

15 07 27 Dearmanhttp://housesitter.com/professional-housesitter-with-local-references

His then 8- and 9-year-old son and daughter accuse him of being the leader of a cult and killing babies

  1. The children talking about their experiences: https://vid.me/SabineMcNeill/albums/home-videos
    • These videos were taken at the end of holidays during which they ‘talked’ for the first time, even though their father had threatened to kill them.
    • Then the Police interviewed them on 05 and 11 September 2014 when they took them into ‘emergency protection’. On 17 September they were forced to make retractions.
  2. The father’s criminal past is listed on http://www.hampsteadresearch.com/dearmans-criminal-past/
    • He had two ‘non-molestation orders’ against him, while the mother held a ‘Residence Order’ and the children had lived with her all their lives.
    • He had also tried to break the mother’s skull, but she was too intimidated to press charges.
  3. We got involved as ‘McKenzie Friends’ (lay legal advisors) of the well educated Russian mother in November 2014 and saw the father in court. He was ‘automatically’ part of the ‘public law proceedings’ of the local authority, Barnet Council vs the mother, father and the children. He was given weekly contact and the mother only fortnightly.
    • A judgement dismissing the children’s allegations was made on 19 March 2015.
  4. Subsequently Ricky Dearman gave an interview to the BBC to support the judge’s opinion.

  1. More on

I wrote this text for a network of supporters in the US. I feel I have nothing to lose and nothing to hide. Not surprisingly, Legal Aid has been refused regarding my own case of having left the UK for fear of arrest and imprisonment.

However, links between ‘Pauffley’s Proteges’ in Satanic Hampstead, Satanic Hollywood and Bohemian Grove are becoming more apparent:


9 thoughts on “RICKY DEARMAN – Father of #WhistleblowerKids – Professional Housesitter in #SatanicHollywood?

  1. Sorry, Sabine. Could you please delete my previous comment. The big kiss makes me look like a lesbian, LOL.

    Mind you, to be fair, if I were a lesbian, Sabine is just the kind of lady I’d go for. It’s that whole Stasi thing she’s got going on – it drives me wild 🙂


  2. I visited that mk ultra 666 channel. What a piece of garbage. Imagery was dark, morbid. but most of all, no information to refute anything! just childish pictures pasted on images. In contrast, the videos of the 2 hampstead darlings, A & G, had all sorts of info and facts that could have all been investigated and verified or refuted, neither of which was done. The contrast could not be more obvious. 666 is very immature and childish. Not surprising, I guess, considering that the torture and abuse the author or authors of that site went thru, stopped development by age 2 or 3. But they are now adults and responsible to the law and God as well. My compliments as always to the McKensie friends and their wonderful work.

    I suspect someone might have influenced Abe and Ella, who are in deep suffering now and may not be thinking clearly at times. I hope all can appreciate how hard this must be for them now at this time, so near to the foregone verdict to come. They have my deepest sympathies and concern. But the UK had determined the outcome of this long before McK. Friends were even involved. Further, my own firm conviction was and is, that publicity was the only option left to those 2 kids, complete with their faces, voices, and names. Publicity is their protector and best chance as it is in any court case for the innocent. Or in a case presented to the public directly. I believe time will prove this to be the case.

    So the more the idiots at mk ultra 666 make their sick videos, the more harm they do themselves. I hope they continue. They hurt themselves far more than I could ever do to them. May God show loving kindness and mercy to 2 beautiful kids and their mom in the way that only God can do, in such wonderful ways.

    Liked by 3 people

      • You earned it, Sabine. I know you poured your heart out into all this. It was genuine, not fake. I also learned this in life. When people put out exceptional work, it is not the type that shills, trolls, or governments put out when trying to pretend to be friends. It is of a higher quality in every way. I know McK. Friends are for real. It is the UK that is the sole problem. I have met many liars and disturbed personalities in these last 3 months., It is a sign of the infiltration and corruption of the world.

        But I and others I saw on another forum where a war broke out which has not fully resolved yet, Many, like myself still believed in McK. Friends and Sabine. No doubt there. Nor have I lost faith in Ella/Abe. I genuinely think they will come around. They have met liars, too. No reflection on you. I can not exonerate others right now. Too many things that disturb me. unanswered and not likely to be answered stuff. But I am so pleased you were willing to start this up again for the benefit of many, really as I feel another forum had done very poorly and had been silencing me. They have ruined themselves as I see it. In the end, this will all smooth out. Tis a war, for sure. We had to expect that, didn’t we? Just keep up the good work and know that there are a number of people who stood by you when some were attacking you and I am not talking about Ella Abe. I’ll leave it at that!

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