I have been advised to close this blog down

15 06 21 Pauffley petitionOf course I do this with a heavy heart. I have re-opened it because Hampstead Research was closed down but is back in bigger better fashion. That site has taken over from mine by ‘tunneling’ into the online presence of the 70+ abusers.

This site is meant for people who are new to the case so that they can inform themselves as factually as possible, especially with the evidence of criminal activities that the children have suffered and reported.

Here’s what I want:

1. build bridges across chasms of the ‘discourse of dis-belief’, dis-unity and dis-cord, e.g. with this report by a psychotherapist talking about her experiences with Satanic Ritualistic Abuse:

2. create maximum impact at the EU Parliament via the Petitions Committee with the aid of you signing and sharing this petition: Protect the interest of the child (across borders) in Europe. The following submissions are with the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament:

As a result, this petition has emerged and needs support so that debates in the EU Parliament get scheduled for 07 September and for the EU Council on 15/16 October. This is critical, for the problem is indeed international, involving always people in key positions.

3. to ‘win the case’, i.e. custody over the children NOT to be given to the accused father, as clearly intended for the hearing on August 03-06:

  • hence there is this petition to remind High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley of the mother’s Residence Order and the father’s Non-Molestation Orders;
  • should it NOT be the same judge to perpetuate her cover-up, Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Courts, gets a letter every time someone signs, too;
  • please sign – for your signature triggers an email to Mrs Pauffley’s clerk – and spread the word about the appeal to the Judge who made and published this appalling judgement!

4. I want to go back to London where I lived since 1981 and since 1985 in the same flat that I left with only a small suitcase on 11 February:

  • I now have a legal team that will represent me in a hearing of my Application to set the Penal Notice aside;
  • that Order threatened me with prison over ‘contempt of court’ by publishing information about the case on the internet – which Barnet Council didn’t like.

5. I need to deal with the Police who “want me for discussion”, i.e. they act on behalf of the abusers who feel ‘harassed’, ever since their details were leaked onto the net:

  • I categorically deny being responsible for that publication;
  • instead I have learned from 2 sources that MI5 is to blame for that!

In addition to following Hampstead Research, please look at Enigma Channel or any of my other related blogs:

Do consider signing the petition Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent which I presented to the EU Petitions Committee, and includes

  1. my ‘pension credit’ was stopped on 22 May and I am supported by sponsors, friends and donations; you know who you are and I am eternally grateful;
  2. see the ‘Feed the Victims Fund’ button on Victims Unite to cover ongoing costs relating to internet and flat or support this National Call to Arms by Belinda McKenzie who set up The Knight Foundation as the charity dedicated to support child and family;
  3. my housing benefit was stopped, for the Police came to the flat and my landlord informed Camden Council;
  4. since they stopped earlier than I am entitled to that’s another battle;
  5. my landlord wants nothing more than to get me out, since I am a ‘registered tenant’ and have stood up to his bullying – with the aid of the Council and smart McKenzie Friends so far;
  6. the Police still “Wants me for discussion”, i.e. I would be arrested at any airport; from my experience of victims of white collar crimes I cannot possibly risk that;
  7. Barnet Council and the High Court want me in court for ‘contempt of court’ with threat of imprisonment. With a bit of luck a committed law firm will get legal aid and will represent me at a hearing in my absence.

My bank account is used for direct debits relating to the flat and internet costs. In Berlin I am supported by a friend for limited subsistence. But if you feel like supporting my online efforts, I would be grateful. There is a FEED THE VICTIMS FUND button on the right. Meanwhile I continue to try to raise money for my innovative software methods.

Otherwise I console myself with this Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin:

Don’t give up when things become difficult.  Push through; press through; get through.  You can do this, and you are the only one who can do this.  Know that I will guide you and give you direction when you feel you have lost your way or your momentum.  Changes are taking place, but there is no need to fear.  You are moving to higher ground spiritually, and I am with you, says the Lord.  Psalms 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. 


29 thoughts on “I have been advised to close this blog down

  1. So just as I am finding out – you have been blackmailed, entrapped, leveraged and intimidated from posting information that asks questions??

    I posted links to your blog in NZ = and was immediately attacked as a conspiracy theorist, and someone who was posting fake news on the web – I even had one blogger claim I was attacking mens rights because satanism has historically been linked to MEN……I was posting on a mens rights web site at the time….

    I have asked those who expressed these concerns – to consider the evidence, and to ask the hard question – why do we continue to see injustice in the family courts? Is it because some of those in power like harming kids? And I don’t care if its a man or a woman – its wrong – children are the ultimate VICTIM – the perfect candidate for an abuser – pedophile or anyone who is a BULLY…….children are defenceless, unable to protect themselves and sadly make the perfect target for those who like to take control over another human being……

    I have NOT had a response to the criticism on the mens rights blog – when I mentioned that many of the abusers in this case appear to be WOMEN……

    lastly – one of them was actually condoning remaining quiet on the blog – if MEN were identified as abusers – because it might harm the MENS movement in some way…..demonise men…..which I found incredulous……ive asked for clarification on these comments…….

    Who has asked for this site to be closed? Is it going to help your case so you can get back to your life? That I guess is how they will shut down everyone – intimidate, bully and entrap…….same shit different year.


  2. You need to be congratulated – there is only one reason there is action in these cases and that is because of people like you…….the world is now awake to the sick practices by a few against children…..

    Something had to be done – people have to be held to account – this is only the start …..coverups of child abuse and pedophiles will NOT be tolerated by the public …….

    The most important news today was this …..finally someone in a high position of public trust is being held to account …….finally ……..Janner will face justice …whether he does remains to be seen – but at least public pressure has created a demand to do SOMETHING…….


    And anyone covering up child abuse will be held to account…..25 officers being held to account …..



  3. Sabine, excellent – you have to do what you have to do to get back home and be safe from persecution….

    Im a novice at this blogging caper – I only started it because of the problems I have had with family court, entrapment etc – and as we all follow certain paths looking for reasons as to WHY this is happening all over the world – I found your blog and the hampstead site…….its been extremely helpful to me personally in identifying a police prosecution case I was involved in years ago….. – where we arrested a person – and we were then castigated in the press – its evident now I see whats going on – the secret family courts were called in to hush up and protect another pedophile – probably a groomer who visited space invader parlours – picked up young kids, filled them with cannabis and then tried to have his way with them – it was interesting for me and my colleague at the time – because this person was wanted by interpol for the same thing – and when our arrest was squashed for no real reason – he was set free with no investigation follow up permitted – even our police prosecutions section were dismayed and really upset at the cover up – the family court judge who was brought in to oversee a criminal case ( very unusual ) deliberately delayed releasing his written judgement which prohibited our prosecutions from appealing the obscene decisions made to let him off the charges we had him on – it all makes sense now – all these years later……

    can I help store data – sure – how big is the file? if I can repost it later – then yes I will help anyway I can – because this issue is a real no brainer – no one likes people who abuse kids……no one


  4. ‘Hardly anything gets me more upset than the in-your-face paedophelia issue: the disgustingly obvious truth of it, the massive cover up and denial, and most of all the prosecution and abuse by authorities of the very victims of these crimes…. We’re also talking satanic ritual abuse, supposedly human creatures actually performing sexual and torturous blood sacrificial rituals on innocent children, as well as others. Routine rape and other forms of physical abuse are merely lower level forms, yet just as horrific, of these same demonic abuses….’

    A giant dismembered baby corpse at display at the London Olympics!!!!! What the hell… What did the onlookers THINK about that? Did they THINK anything at all and did they ASK any questions? ie WHAT IS GOING ON in front of our eyes? (Eyes wide shut)

    ‘There has been a systematic assault on traditional family values for centuries – the Talmud shows an horrendous disregard for babies and children, both boys and girls, using them as commodities for their foul depravity. There is an ongoing assault on traditional family values and trying to normalise perverted behaviour. We have to fight back.’


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  5. Hey Sabine,

    I hope u r as well as can b in the circumstances.

    I’d like to share ur post but I’v run into a problem, jimmy savile did not play the child catcher in chitty.

    I know this is small considering but I don’t want that small thing to undermine or discredit ur other important points.

    Getting things right here is too important, as I’m sure u well know.

    Integrity is obviously of the upmost in situations like this & it wont take much of an excuse for people to write u & the whole situation off as seems to b hapnin.

    I don’t ‘blog’ myself but I’m hoping they can b edited?

    I look forward to sharing ur article.

    Much love, thanks & admiration to u.

    Hopes & wishes for safety, happiness & love for all concerned.


      • Hi Sabine

        How much do you need? I’ve been raising some money for you on Facebook and even did the Knowle Fun Run to raise funds for you. Do you have a donate button somewhere?

        Hang in there, beautiful.
        Love and best wishes


        • Wow, Justyna, THANK YOU!!!
          Yes, there is a “Feed the Victims Fund” button on the side of http://www.whistleblowerkids.uk

          It goes to my account that covers internet costs and other direct debits relating to the flat. I hope I can keep it so that I can return.

          I used to get £151.20 per week pension credit. That was always enough.

          I’ve now filled in the German forms and if I get benefits here, it would be less than half…

          Thank You soo much for being fuelled by my efforts! 729 signatures on the petition!


      • Apologies for the delayed reply,

        If I remember correctly, upon seeing the advised close down, I followed a link or a reference from here to a place u apparently could b found. I must have misinterpreted that it would b u & ur work there. Thats where I read it.

        If I remember correctly, & my search history suggests so, it was connected to the enigma channel.

        I can’t find it there now tho!

        But u seem to b aware of it so maybe u might have more luck finding it & having it corrected? Or maybe it has been already?

        Thank u for ur reply, I imagine ur a very busy woman.


  6. Hi Sabine
    I hope you’re well and hanging in there.
    We’re still doing all we can to support you by campaigning to allow you to return to London and to your flat, to support the children in the court hearings and to raise money to support you in Germany.
    We could use your advice, though. A lot of our members are turning on each other and some are walking away. We’re losing the trust of our followers and the evil cult member Scarlet Scoop, who runs the (possibly MI5) blog Hoaxsted Research, is really rubbing it in our faces. Do you have any suggestions as to how to proceed? I’m really scared.
    Thanks, Sabine
    Carleea x


      • Thanks for your inspiring words, Sabine, And sorry – I got a bit stressed there. It’s just that I really miss the good old days when you and I used to sit out in Belinda’s garden with David and the others, gossiping about life, the universe and everything. Do you have any photos of those happy times? I wish we could go back to them – things are so dark and depressing now but I will continue to fight for Abe, Ella and you because you’re an inspiration and a guiding light to Video Man and me.

        PS: did you mean Francis of Assisi? I’ve always found him a fascinating figure.


        • No photos, no. And yes, Francis of Assisi. I just read a German blog with his prophecies of a ‘stasis’ when everybody will have a look at their lives during their life time instead of having to wait till they die.


  7. Sabine, if you want something posted in another name, I am at your service anytime. Sometimes a fallout can be for the better. Hope you continue to do this blog. And I hope God will do something in your behalf since the UK holds so much power and abuses it so badly. You need all the help you can get and none is better at it than God. But God does work in mysterious ways.

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  8. Hi , I am new to the Hampstead ring cover up !
    It has shocked me and I am angry ! Is there any news on this story ? Need to know more please


  9. Yourself, Neela and the others are courageous and simply modern day hero’s. Youre doing the right thing BUT there is this dispicable evil force youre upagainst and the only way is hope as its seems youve fought a long and blatantly unfair battle. The powers that be (The establishment if you like) are being unfair and evidently covering things up and not allowing a fair trial is WRONG and proof enough not all is what it seems. It is findamentally sick ‘whats going on’ (if it isnt THEN give these people a fair PUBLIC enquiry and chances to disprove injuries as there are NHS reports to back up,, recrodings..distinguishing marks were seen..yet no enquiry. The list can go on..again a case falls apart regarding apparent peadophillia ..Speaks volumes to me) …
    What can we do to help?
    There are supporters.
    Its obvious you are being legally bound and no doubt possibly threatened. These cases are abound and you only seem to hear the most online. Its a disgrace. You dont have to say anymore except what can WE do to help?..Is there a meet up on certain dates you can post up anyone. God bless you all and know youve done the right thing in fighting for fair trial Xxx


  10. I eant to know where I can post comments or join a group to help. Everything seems to be closed down or there is set up websites in place to claim it is a hoax. well if it was indeed a hoax THEN WHY CANT IT AT ALL BE DISPROVED? BIG DISPICABLE CLAIMS. If I was accused of those things or one I coukd clear my name as I woupd be innocent and wouldnt want these lies and I could disprove thrm in a second. However without a trial NOONE HAS A RIGHT TO SUGGST A HOAX. I will follow this case. I believe we need to support Sabine and Neela.


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