TOWARDS the FINAL HEARING regarding CUSTODY over the #whistleblowerkids on 05 August

I’ve been thinking about priorities for the next weeks before the final hearing regarding the fate of Alisa and Gabriel:

  • our supreme challenge to WIN THIS CASE by NOT letting Pauffley give custody over the children to the father whom they accused
  • if we mean what we say, we MUST do our best online
  • and ENHANCE it with building face-to-face connections and relationships.

1. I consider it CRITICAL to reach the 16,000 signatures for the Hampstead Research petition that the previous petition had attained. Everybody is impressed by big numbers. And they are a measure of the ‘evil and / or foolish’ [Pauffley’s words] internet community who listened to the children and believe rather than discard their accusations.

  • The petition is aimed at the one and only person who will decide over the custody of the children:
  • In this interview Ella mentions how her parents were tricked into confirming Mrs Pauffley’s judgement, thus accusing their daughter rather than the children’s father. We have seen this over and over: contact with the children is the prime weapon to blackmail relatives.
  • Mrs Justice Pauffley’s clerk gets an email every time a person signs!
  • My account at has been removed. I can’t even sign anybody’s petition!
  • I will promote the petition. But my Facebook accounts were also closed and I need to give priority to my software work. It promises to fill the money hole the UK authorities have created before the Berlin ones may ever get round to…

2. Mrs Justice Pauffley’s next judgement will determine whether Ella, Abraham and I can ever return to the UK without fear of arrest and imprisonment.

  • Her judgement names us.
  • This Penal Notice for ‘contempt of court’ names Ella and me.
  • On 26.01.15 she had said to Ella when Belinda was in court with her that she’s too much under my influence.
  • After all, I had written the Position Statement in which we had mentioned the ‘thinly veiled threat’ of online exposure. She recognised that it had been ‘penned’ by me.

3. Arguments AGAINST her judgement

4. Regarding my Own Case

  • I am looking for new legal representation after a criminal solicitor dropped me for Ella and I begged her to take him.
  • Only a barrister who’d be willing to challenge Mrs Justice Pauffley is an option.
  • I can’t possibly come to a hearing, as the prison van would be waiting for me.
  • A hearing in my absence could be ‘news’ to attract readers / viewers / signers online.
  • In my view both the multi-level cover-ups and the persecution of me as whistleblower add to the veracity of the allegations.
  • I wrote this one-page summary in the book that I plan to launch in Brussels in September – no matter what the outcome of this case will be.

So, on this Sunday when even psychopaths are supposed to get some heart energy as a shift in planetary consciousness, I trust that we’ll all work on ‘capacity building’ among ‘key players’ so that the ripple effect will be felt across the globe – both online and in face-to-face meetings.

With the gentle art of blessing and gratitude as the most eminent of all soothing feelings,



17 thoughts on “TOWARDS the FINAL HEARING regarding CUSTODY over the #whistleblowerkids on 05 August


    Cults, Fraternities, clubs and societies and even these Satanic rituals are all designed to do ONE THING – to gain CONTROL and LEVERAGE over another human being – using FEAR and INTIMIDATION……forcing people to commit a criminal act if they want to be part of a group – and then holding it against them for the rest of their lives…….under threat of death.

    Thats all these satanic cults are doing = they are indoctrinating the next generation of people who will be CONTROLLED to do the dirty work of others – to act against their FREE WILL and go against their CONSCIENCE. To prevent them from ever being Free and Independent.

    ABUSE begets more ABUSE, VIOLENCE begets more VIOLENCE, Learning to ENTRAP people just makes it “NORMAL” so these people will also look to ENTRAP others in life – looking always for ways to get control or leverage over another human being……this is the tragedy of our lifetime…..and it must end.

    ENTRAPMENT – I have come to a conclusion this is WHY NOTHING CHANGES – for the BETTER……

    Its because many now in positions of power ( left of right ) – lawyers, judges, and political figures are all ENTRAPPED – they are all leveraged, compromised, Bullied, Intimidated and conflicted to do as they are told – not what their conscience tells them to do…..

    Think about this for a long minute – if you know something is WRONG as I am sure many of them do – why don’t they change it?

    Because no one is permitted to speak up and say something constructive – for fear of having their livelihood destroyed or their reputation trashed….they are controlled and living in FEAR of reprisal – and this I believe is the key reason we see nothing changing – people want to help I am sure – but they can not ……….
    People are NOT born BAD – they are created.

    I have seen this with my own lawyers in family court – they are too scared to support me in doing the RIGHT thing – for clearly they are compromised by a system that FORBIDS them to actually act on their conscience….and do the right thing……

    I see it in them – they are GOOD people – constrained by a system that refuses to let them do the RIGHT thing.

    We had instances in NZ recently where good people wanted to HELP a cause – but they were WARNED to stay silent of never work again in NZ – now thats scary stuff. This is how good people are being subverted.

    We can rant on here all we like, but nothing will change – many here all agree on the crisis affecting all parents and their children GLOBALLY, the stories are the same ……and everyone MUST agree KIDS are being destroyed by this system…….regardless of the forced conflict deliberately induced and stimulated on us all by a system that WANTS and NEEDS CONFLICT between man and women – mum and dad or husband and wife………

    I have started a campaign to make ENTRAPMENT Illegal – if we can eradicate this horror it might free up good people to speak up and not be scared or bullied from doing the RIGHT thing….

    I am also looking to start a petition to make Entrapment Illegal and a CRIMINAL offence….because currently it is NOT……many good people have been leveraged and entrapped to go against their free will – to do things they normally would never do… force change on society they know is wrong…….to enable systems they know are harmful and unjust…..

    help a kid, help a parent and help end this horror story…….

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    • I think EVERYBODY has to do WHATEVER they think is going to make a difference. As a minimum, it’s good for themselves. At best, it WILL make the difference we hope for. At least we die knowing we’ve tried our best! And a good conscience is what ‘they’ can’t have!…

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  2. frameblame, June 22, 2015 at 2:36 am

    You’ve described excellently what creates “THE SYSTEM” which serves the very few vs the many. TRAUMA (FEAR) based mind control. It’s FASCISM,TOTALITARIANISM isn’t it? – “THEY” want to install it everywhere (“globalism”). CONCENTRATION OF CENTRAL POWER in private hands (in “hidden hands”) on a national scale (using the “special relationship” between the US-GB-Israel as their main military power base) and transnational scale (using the “EU”/”EU army” under US command), thus step by step destroying all sovereign nations/nation states/national sovereignty/government for and by the people by “totalitarian tiptoe”. PERMANENT TERROR (fabricated “colour revolutions”, destabilisation, CHAOS, “regime change”) & WARS (WW I, WW II and ever after), not to fight but to bring about FASCISM /COMMUNISM/ZIONISM on a global scale. Not to liberate but to enslave all of humanity. An international MAFIA CABAL/”ELITE” call their FEUDAL GLOBAL RULE euphemistically “global governance”/”New World Order”

    It’s the same OLD SH** (under different covers over centuries) all over again
    Much worse than ever before

    We the people everywhere MUST STOP THEM from instigating WW III…
    by uncovering the truth and exposing their conspirational machinations and crimes against humanity

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  3. great blog….just to clarify, Ella’s parents did NOT fall for the trap of YOU CAN SEE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN IF YOU JUST SIGN HERE SAYING YOU AGREE WITH JUDGE PAUFFLEYS piffle……they are wiser than that thank God….

    although flying from Russia to London thinking they could see their beloved grandchildren and discovering the catch was a blackmail attempt to discredit their beautiful and equally beloved daughter must have been awful and no doubt an additional expense that was completely under false pretences and almost certainly not reimbursed

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  4. There does need to be a STRATEGY to break out this story, as representative of a much bigger one, into the mainstream. The aim must be be to create a NATIONAL OUTRAGE at the treatment of the children and their mother by the courts. Newspaper and visual channels need to be challenged as to their stance, and the reasons for denying fair coverage. They claim to love children and oppose abuse. So let them PROVE it. In the absence of the mainstream, every alternative media outlet needs to be targeted with this same objective. This unfortunately requires co-ordinated organisation and probably money. Perhaps the Madelaine charity would like to help, after all what better way could she be remembered????!!!! (Tongue-in-cheek that one)

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