#whistleblowerkids ELLA and ABRAHAM: evangelists for Hemp Seeds as source of protein

If ever you might have wondered why I spent three months helping the mother of the two ‘whistleblower kids’, here is her higher mission, with her partner Abraham. Ella introduced me to hemp juice and served me ‘tea and oranges’ [if you remember Suzanne by Leonard Cohen]. I was impressed by her history as a vegetarian who became a raw food and vegan practitioner. She is also a practitioner of Bikram Yoga, the 26 postures in a 38 degree hot room that I have been practising since 2006 to help my chronic pain condition since a serious car accident in 1973. It takes stamina and the desire to beat our inner resistances to stretch our body to our limits of exhaustion.

Together with Abraham, Ella developed a ‘perfect nutrition’ programme which many have appreciated already. Her son said on one of the videos that he feels weak when he’s given meat and that he feels strong when he drinks hemp juice.

But meanwhile, here are the bad news: 

  • the grandparents were lured into coming from Russia with the promise of seeing their grandchildren
  • in reality, they were expected to confirm the fraudulent judgement by Mrs Justice Pauffley and thus condemn their own daughter, as Ella mentions in this interview
  • permission to appeal was refused, but appeals can take place anyway…

Regarding my own case, I am facing the same challenges as Ella:

  • the Police want us ‘for discussion’ on behalf of the alleged abusers,
  • Mrs Justice Pauffley wants us for ‘contempt of court’.

I am waiting for the right legal representation to consider my Application to Set a Penal Notice Aside. Since “it is impossible to do a hearing via Skype”, Mrs Pauffley’s intention is clear: handcuffs for imprisonment.

It is also clear that the Police would like to welcome me wherever I might enter the UK. But I’d rather spend the rest of my life outside the UK than volunteer time in Police or prison cells.

The Department of Work and Pension has stopped their payments that I have been living off for 10 years. But I trust that my software innovations will soon pay off. For the German state to support me will take up to 12 weeks. My first appointment is on 22 July.

A commercial lien is in preparation to demand compensation from my former employer CERN for terminating my contract without due consideration of the consequences of the accident I suffered on a professional duty trip. As I have been victimised myself, I care enough to publish Victims Unite from which sprang Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy, Punishment without Crime and National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated and Historic Sexual Abuse. But when will it make a tangible difference to the thousands of adult and child victims?

My sincere thanks to everybody who supported Hampstead Research’s call to help Sabine!


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