Thanks for a great interview World Beyond Belief!

Look what the ‘evil and/or foolish’ self-motivated internet community comes up with – in lieu of Police and Courts!


One thought on “Thanks for a great interview World Beyond Belief!

  1. CRIMINALS DO NOT WANT TO BE CAUGHT – Always remember this – CRIMINALS will also do anything and everything to protect themselves from being EXPOSED – they will INTIMIDATE, LIE, MANIPULATE and Attempt to DESTROY the CREDIBILITY of those wanting to SPEAK the TRUTH.

    What is very telling in this discussion = was that the CORRUPTED are now trying to Justify their Actions by getting the GRANDPARENTS to Agree with a judgement which is UNTRUE – and in true psychopathic Style they are trying to use LEVERAGE over these lovely people to get their way – threatening them if they want to see their GRAND KIDS – they MUST agree with something that is FALSE – wow – another form of ENTRAPMENT…….again.

    Bully’s – Psychopaths – always Reverse the Victim – Offender Roles….DARVO = DENY, ATTACK, Reverse Victim offender role……

    Those who have been ENTRAPPED – LEVERAGED are themselves true VICTIMS – they have been made to think this is normal behaviour – so they try and do it to others – Abuse begets more abuse – those who have been controlled in this manner just perpetuate the concern and think it normal to Entrap, Leverage, blackmail others to get their way…..its not.

    Word of advice to all those who have been abused, entrapped and controlled to tell LIES – its not OK – its CRIMINAL and CORRUPTED and the rest of the world do not agree with what you are doing.

    Its WRONG in everyones Language.

    DARVO – blaming the truth teller – calling it all a Conspiracy theory – there is of course a real CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY in play – and just like the Psychopaths involved they try desperately to BLAME the innocent of being guilty of their CRIMES – So they claim as per DARVO that you are the Conspiracy – which can not be true because as a single human being – you physically cannot be involved in a conspiracy – for it needs 3 or more people to engage in a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY – which is exactly what this is …..

    The deliberate coverup of these crimes is now a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY by 3 ore more people who are trying to hide the truth.

    Ask the police to investigate this CRIME – CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY to COMMIT an OFFENCE is a CRIME.

    You have the names of those involved – so the suspects are there to be interviewed – stood down and questioned – NOW. Remember NOT all police are so corrupted – there are still good ones there ready to uphold the law. Same with politicians – not all of them have been leveraged and controlled to LIE……

    Perverting the course of Justice – this will be exposed and those involved will go to prison for what they have done – its only a matter of time……..TRUTH always bubbles to the surface……nothing remains a secret forever…….

    Destroyer of Evil, Victory of the People. Love Conquers Death


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