Let’s Name the Accused in Public Office: #Hampstead #ChildRape #ChildMurder #Serious #Sexual #Crimes

This email is presumably one of the ‘most to the point’ – from the masterful Hampstead Research investigating the truth behind the scandal:

To Geri Brownrigg, Directorate of Professional Standards,
Judge Mrs Anna Pauffley,
Detective Constable Alan Rogers 207875,
Detective Inspector John Cannon 189067,
Commissioner Hogan-Howe,
Detective Superintendent Paul Speer,
Detective Superintendent M.J. Fernandez
and anyone else involved in The Hampstead Child Rape and Murder Case:

Firstly, Geri Brownrigg of the DPS in reply to your email to me, June 9th, 2015 (your ref: QU/898/15):

You did not receive an email “complaint” from me as I have never sent any “complaint” to the DPS. You were CC’d in an email I sent out 22nd May, 2015 as “AN APPEAL FOR ALL POLICEMEN AND POLICEWOMEN EVERYWHERE TO REQUIRE KATY FORSDYKE AND VANESSA FITZPATRICK TO COME FORWARD TO CLEAR THEIR NAMES”

It was meant to attract the attention of as many genuine policewomen and policemen as possible, as well as any decent human beings working as journalists in the mainstream press. It was posted on the internet in order to bring to the attention of as many people as possible, the corrupt and criminal behaviour of certain members of the police involved in the Hampstead Rape and Murder Case. It was also hoped that Katy Forsdyke and Vanessa Fitzpatrick, two of the accused rapists named and graphically described by the children, would see the sense in coming forward to undergo a medical examination.

The DPS were CC’d in my email on the off-chance that there might be some honourable people at the DPS offices, apart from the cleaning staff, who might read this email and see quite clearly the crime committed by DC Alan Rogers 207875 (alan.rogers@met.police.uk) and DI John Cannon 189067 (john.cannon@met.police.uk), and START TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Alas, it was intercepted by the DPS Corporate legal team. Of course, corporate lawyers ensconced in the DPS, acting as a block and repel barrier to any members of the public seeking redress in matters of police wrong-doing, were not among the intended target group of this email appeal. Corporate lawyers who continue to try to defend the indefensible like THE RAPE, TORTURE AND MURDER OF CHILDREN, by finding legal excuses in STATUTES and ACTS legislated by corporate lawyers – which they then pass off as LAW. A set-up contrived to protect the crimes of prominent establishment figures (and their minions), and used to avoid prosecuting these crimes and criminals, to avoid investigating these crimes and to avoid investigating those who ignore their duty to investigate these crimes.

The DPS, and it seems the IPCC, are in effect, merely a “legal” protective shield used by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police and Police Chiefs across the land, who automatically pass complaints and reports of crimes committed by the police, or crimes deliberately NOT investigated, on to you for you to legalise with legalese, and thereby neutralise any threat of upholding charges of culpability against the police involved.

But maybe it’s too harsh to tar you all with the same brush, and there are some among you who are willing to actually abide by what is lawful instead of always trying to ENACT what is legal? If there are, then this is for YOUR information. It’s deliberately repetitive, but continually repeating the FACTS sometimes gets through to those who are most resistant to the FACTS.

It is an indisputable FACT that medical examinations of the adults who gabriel and alisa named as their attackers, in order to check for distinguishing genital marks which the children had described in minute detail, would have CONCLUSIVELY PROVED if the children were telling the truth or not. It’s also an indisputable FACT that gabriel and alisa passed the burden of proof to the accused when they FULLY SUPPORTED THEIR ASSERTIONS of being raped, by providing those detailed descriptions of distinguishing marks on and around the genitals of their NAMED attackers. It has fallen to the ACCUSED to prove they DID NOT RAPE gabriel and alisa, and THE ONLY WAY they can do that is uncover their genitals for inspection by UNBIASED doctors/observers [ – as demanded by this petition.]

Mrs Anna Pauffley SAYS “with complete conviction that none of the allegations (of child rape, murder and torture) are true” (Pauffley judgement, para.16) – but she provides no CONCLUSIVE PROOF of this. However, lawfully required medicals of the accused + the children’s testimony on the “distinguishing marks” recordings can provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF whether the adults named by the children, raped them or not. But Pauffley makes no mention of lawfully required medicals, and no mention of the “distinguishing marks” recordings.

DS Paul Speer of Colindale Police Station (paul.j.speer@met.police.uk) SAYS that there is “absolutely no foundation to the allegations made by the children”, but provides no CONCLUSIVE PROOF. Speer simply repeats the unfounded CLAIMS made by Mrs Pauffley, and writes: “HHJ Pauffley conducted a thorough fact finding hearing into all the circumstances, the details of this hearing are available on the internet.” This is pure hearsay and proves nothing. However, lawfully required medicals + the children’s testimony on the “distinguishing marks” recordings can provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF whether the adults named by the children, raped them or not. But Speer makes no mention of lawfully required medicals, and no mention of the “distinguishing marks” recordings.

The mainstream media trumpets the unfounded claims made by Pauffley: “Neither child has been sexually abused by any of the following –

  • Ricky Dearman,
  • teachers at Christchurch Primary School Hampstead,
  • the parents of students at that school,
  • the priest at the adjacent church,
  • teachers at any of the Hampstead or Highgate schools,
  • members of the Metropolitan Police,
  • social workers employed by the London Borough of Camden,
  • officers of Cafcass
  • or anyone else mentioned by Ms Draper or Mr Christie.” (Pauffley judgement para. 165. Please note: the CHILDREN mentioned all these people – ella and abraham recorded these names the children mentioned).

But the press provides no CONCLUSIVE PROOF. However, lawfully required medicals + the children’s testimony on the “distinguishing marks” recordings can provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF whether the adults named by the children, raped them or not. But the press makes no mention of lawfully required medicals, and no mention of “the distinguishing marks” recordings. The BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire “interviews” Ricky Dearman to “prove” the children were coached by their mother and abraham, and fabricated their assertions. But it is just a film of two people talking, and doesn’t provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF of anything – it is just a show. However, lawfully required medicals + the children’s testimony on the “distinguishing marks” recordings can provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF whether the adults named by the children raped them or not. But the interview makes no mention of lawfully required medicals, and no mention of the “distinguishing marks” recordings.

The Hampstead Child Rape and Murder police investigation was closed on 22nd September, 2014 by DI John Cannon 189067 (john.cannon@met.police.uk), who was leading the investigation. He makes the comment: “Apparently he (abraham) is coaching disclosures and the children are creating a bigger and bigger lie.”(page 76, para. 1 CRIS report). But Cannon provides no CONCLUSIVE PROOF that the children are lying and have been coached. And Cannon makes no mention of lawfully required medicals, and no mention of the “distinguishing marks” recordings WHEN NO-CRIMING THE CASE, 22nd September, 2014. However, he DOES mention that the “distinguishing marks” recordings were taken into Police storage at a “LOCATION TO BE IDENTIFIED” on the very first day of the investigation, 5th September, 2014 (page 10, para. 2. CRIS report).

It is worth noting that the location was not identified throughout the investigation, nor were those recordings seen by anyone else in the police investigating team. He also reveals that he has knowledge of the content of those recordings from an email he received from child psychiatrist Dr Sara Kundu, September 9th 2014, alerting him to the children’s, “detailed description of unusual features of the alleged perpetrators’ genital regions” (page 31, para 2. CRIS report). Yet he does not, at any time, require medical examinations of the accused. However, medical examinations + the children’s testimony on the “distinguishing marks” recordings can provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF whether the adults named by the children raped them or not.

DC Steve Martin 219414 (steve.martin@met.police.uk) claims the children “fabricated” their assertions, due to what the children said in an inconclusive “retraction” interview. Martin provides no CONCLUSIVE PROOF the children fabricated their assertions, and that they had been coached. DC Martin DOES state: “A video of Abraham and the mother “helping” the children recall their account has been obtained and although I have not seen this myself as the video is unable to play on the majority of the MPS systems as the video is on a more modern player it has been viewed by DS M.J. Fernandez. He has informed me that the style of questioning towards the children is very loaded and it appears that a level of coaching has been given to the children to provide certain answers, therefore strongly damaging the validity of the children’s accounts.” (page 71, para. 5 of CRIS report).

DC Martin’s opinion of this video, based on hearsay, is actually a very accurate description of the so-called “retraction” interviews DC Martin himself conducted with the children, September 17th, 2014. Both DC Martin and DS M.J. Fernandez 205219  make no mention of lawfully required medicals, which together with the children’s testimony on the “distinguishing marks” recordings can provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF whether the adults named by the children raped them or not. DC Alan Rogers 207875 (alan.rogers@met.police.uk) “seized” the “distinguishing marks” recordings on the very first day of the Hampstead Child Rape and Murder Case, 5th September, 2014, listened to the recording and wrote in his report: “the children will explain explicit body parts and go into detail in relation to these body parts and describe them”(para. 2 page 7 CRIS report).

DC Rogers then, along with DI Cannon, that SAME DAY, arranged for these highly incriminating “distinguishing marks” recordings to be stored in an unidentified Police property somewhere in Chingford, concealing them from the other investigators for the duration of the entire investigation. They criminally concealed this evidence instead of arranging medical examinations of the adults named and intimately identified by the children in the recordings – medicals which would have provided CONCLUSIVE PROOF whether those adults raped the children or not.

I could go on like this, but I think it’s sufficient to make the point: Policemen DI John Cannon 189067, DC Alan Rogers 207875, DS MJ Fernandez, DC Steve Martin, DS Paul Speer, Judge Mrs Pauffley, the BBC, the mainstream press all SAY that the adults the children named and intimately described as their brutal paedo-sadistic rapists, are not brutal paedo-sadistic rapists – yet they offer NO CONCLUSIVE PROOF they are not rapists. Lawfully required medicals of the accused + the children’s testimony on the “distinguishing marks” recordings would provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF whether the adults named by the children raped them or not. But there is not even a suggestion of medical examinations from the police, judge, BBC or the press. And the “distinguishing marks” recordings, when mentioned at all, are only considered in the context of something to be immediately and UNLAWFULLY concealed in an unidentified location.

The unlawful concealment of the “distinguishing marks” recordings combined with the avoidance of medical examinations of the accused – the two things, which if combined, would PROVE CONCLUSIVELY whether those adults named by the children had raped them, SHOWS the police did not even wish to consider these two options. The police’s, Pauffley’s, the BBC’s and the mainstream press’s only concern was to PROCLAIM those adults did not rape the children, and that the children had made the whole thing up, all the while completely avoiding the ONLY POSSIBILITY OF PROVING such a proclamation.

They didn’t want to consider medical examinations which would prove CONCLUSIVELY whether the children were telling the truth or not, because they KNEW the results would NOT support their claim that the children were lying. If they COULD prove those adults did not rape the children – because the medical examinations of those adults’ genitals did not corroborate the children’s detailed descriptions of their distinguishing genital marks, they WOULD have done so. BUT THEY COULD NOT PROVE THIS. Why? Because medical examinations would have proved that the ACCUSED RAPISTS POSSESSED EXACTLY THE DISTINGUISHING GENITAL MARKS THE CHILDREN DESCRIBED. The children are TELLING THE TRUTH and certain people in the Metropolitan police, Judge Pauffley, the BBC and the mainstream press ARE LYING.

There you are: long-winded, repetitive, but it seems, absolutely necessary in order to get through to anyone persisting in their belief that the official story peddled by The Authorities is true.

The big question is WHY are The Authorities peddling their lie? Well, that investigation is still ongoing…

I, as a conscious living being, known as Drifloud, wish to assert, as a matter of public record, that gabriel and alisa have BRAVELY TOLD THE TRUTH about their unspeakable and brutal rape at the hands of those they named and intimately identified as their attackers.

I accuse, Detective Inspector John Cannon 189067 and Detective Constable Alan Rogers 207875 and High Court Judge Anna Pauffley of the CRIME

  • of committing, and conspiring to commit FRAUD, by concealing crucial identifying evidence in a rape and murder investigation and court hearing, and avoiding their duty to lawfully require medical examinations of the named accused, which would have conclusively proved the childrens’ assertions.
  • And that Judge Mrs Anna Pauffley, DC Alan Rogers, and DI John Cannon did FALSELY accuse young gabriel and alisa of fabricating their accounts of being brutally raped by ALL those adults they named and intimately identified as their attackers.
  • I also assert that those adults named and intimately identified by gabriel and alisa: Katy Forsdyke, Vanessa Fitzpatrick, Nina Marden, Lewis Hollings, Father Paul Conrad, Kate Unwin, David Polidano, Zarina Shail, Jonathan Gordge, Janet Stokes, Alice Singleton, Tom Burnett, to name a few,  DID IN FACT brutally and sadistically rape them in the manner gabriel and alisa have stated. I insist that these adults are apprehended as quickly as possible. All the recipients of this email are witnesses to the above assertions.

It is quite clear that you Mrs Anna Pauffley, and you DI John Cannon 189067 and you DC Alan Rogers 207875 are not fit to hold public office, and cannot remain in positions of public trust. I first reported your crime of FRAUD, 77 days ago, to Mr Hogan-Howe, and he has wasted quite a lot of that time passing my “Witness Statement Reporting the Very Serious Crime of Fraud” (sent , 31st March, 2015) to the legal team at DPS for them to convert into a legal “complaint”, so they could attempt to “legally” dismiss it.

Still, you really have had enough time to explain your actions to the public, and STAND DOWN. A fortnight, fifteen days from today, June 15th, 2015, is adequate time to lawfully respond to this charge of FRAUD, and to peacefully stand down. No lawful response from you by June 30th 2015, will be deemed tacit admission of culpability, and that the charge of FRAUD against you is proven.

To anyone in public office NOT involved in this criminal cover-up: Continuing to hold gabriel and alisa is UNLAWFUL and completely without the authority and consent of all the good and honest people of this land. The public require you to safely return them to their mother ella, via the children’s grandparents if need be, without delay. The recent attempt to blackmail their grandparents into signing a document agreeing to  accept Pauffley’s findings as valid, as a condition for visiting their grandchildren, cannot leave anyone  in any doubt now as to the level these desperadoes will sink, and to what an absolute sham the Pauffley judgement really is.

I hold only to that which is lawful, and do not consent to the transmutation of any living beings I have mentioned (including myself) to that of “legal person” status, or to any legal interpretation of my words whatsoever. All words and combinations of words used by me carry solely the meaning I intend them to convey, which is to tell the truth to the best of my ability in order to report the crime of fraud detailed above, and to bring about an end to the brutalisation, torture, rape and murder of innocents – as I know such things to be contrary to the laws of humanity.

from one of the people and a conscious living being.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Name the Accused in Public Office: #Hampstead #ChildRape #ChildMurder #Serious #Sexual #Crimes

  1. The same Freemasonry international Zionists, a criminal cabal who created the “Federal Reserve“ in 1913 (an international private banking cartel; they create “money“(as debt) out of thin air) orchestrated WWI, financed all sides in WWII, and had a major hand afterwards shaping the post WWII world with their tools: organizations such as the UN, WHO (“World Homicide Organization“ – see: “Swine Flu Pandemic“ Fraud), Royal Institute on Foreign Affairs (Chatham House), Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, The secret private “Bilderberger“ meetings since 1954, EU, IMF, World Bank etc etc
    The same international mafia “elite“ created the Russian and Chinese revolutions; the Bolsheviks are Zionist Luciferian Satanists. Worshipping Lucifer is the secret cult (occult teachings from The Babylonian Talmud, Cabbalah) inside Freemasonry.
    The word ‘satanic’ fits perfectly well to describe the Satanic death cult, their blood thirsty secret blood rituals. Anyone denying such undeniable facts is an apologist of Satanism, of Child Sex and Murder among the Mafia Elite, of The Satanic/Luciferian Cult of the “Light Bearer“, of Secret Services Satanists and Sex with Children. Satanism is The Zionist One World Order “Religion“,
    Satanists are keen on calling Satanism a “religion“ beneficial for society. Just imagine: MOST HORRENDOUS CRIMES thought as “beneficial” and “godlike“ by insane psychopaths. A way of thinking, a kind of “belief system“ that makes decent people puke. Their goal: a Zionist-Fascist-Totalitarian “New World Order“ (NWO), a prison planet ruled by the “Chosen Ones“.

    (with English subtitles)

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    • The interview with English subtitles

      The system is a house of cards.
      Innumerable lies, manipulation and deception.
      Let’s break the spell.
      Let’s break free…

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  2. something for uplifting our hearts and souls…

    Wahre Freundschaft
    Wahre Freundschaft soll nicht wanken
    Wenn sie auch entfernet ist
    Lebet fort noch in Gedanken
    Und der Treue nicht vergisst
    Lebet fort noch in Gedanken
    Und der Treue nicht vergisst

    Keine Ader soll mir schlagen
    Wo ich nicht an dich gedacht
    Ich will für dich Sorge tragen
    Bis zur späten Mitternacht
    Ich will für dich Sorge tragen
    Bis zur späten Mitternacht

    Wenn der Mühlstein trägt die Reben
    Und daraus fließt kühler Wein
    Wenn der Tod mir nimmt das Leben
    Hör ich auf dir treu zu sein
    Wenn der Tod mir nimmt das Leben
    Hör ich auf dir treu zu sein

    True Friendship (The lyrics are quite difficult to translate)
    True friendship should never falter,
    though it may be in a distance,
    lives on in one’s thoughts
    and never forgets about fidelity.

    Not a vein should feel a heart’s beat
    before I thought about you,
    I want to look after you until late midnight.
    I want to look after you until late midnight.

    When the millstone sprouts vines,
    and from which flows cooled wine,
    when death takes my life…
    I’ll stop being true to you.

    Greetings from Bavaria!


  3. Off topic? (not really)

    Who is to blame? Who needs to be accused?


    ‘The Triple Entente is the name given to the alliance among Great Britain, France, and Russia which was formed during the first decade of this century, and which led to the outbreak of the First World War.
    This Triple Entente was the personal creation of King Edward VII of Britain.
    King Edward VII had a geopolitical vision in the Venetian tradition, and it was one of brutal simplicity: the ENCIRCLEMENT OF GERMANY WITH A HOSTILE COALITION, followed by a WAR of ANNIHILATION in which many of Britain’s erstwhile allies – notably France and Russia – would also be decimated and crippled.
    The madmen of 1914 – Sir Edward Grey, Izvolski, Sazonov, Delcassé, Clemenceau, Poincaré – were all agents of Edward VII’s influence. It was Edward’s crowd that made sure that the lights went out across Europe, not to be re-illuminated for a generation and more.
    Edward VII, far more than any other single human being, was the author of the First World War, and thus brought about what is probably the most destructive single event in the history of western civilization. Without Edward’s exertions, the war could never have occurred.
    RIVALRY, ENVY and HOSTILITY to Prussia and later to Germany is thus the one fixed point of Edward VII’s career. What is reflected here is classical Venetian geopolitics as applied by the British. For centuries, London’s maxim has been to ally with the second strongest continental power to destroy the strongest continental power. Until 1870, the British perceived Russia to be the strongest land power. In the 1870s that abruptly changed with the emergence of a united Germany’ which was looked upon as a rival.

    Truth about the Federal Reserve, World War I

    World War I, What Happened?

    (Nov 2nd, 1917 Balfour Declaration! Deal with the Devil – Rothschild-Zionist-Satanist)

    The Zionist Conspiracy

    Rothschild Cartel behind the Rise of Hitler also funding Communism, Socialism and World Wars


    has been running the world behind the scenes for centuries.

    The diabolical machinations of the Satanic Zionists is hard to understand as unbelievable as it may seem, you will come to realize that they are, and always have been on a mission to destroy humanity and ultimately possess the entire planet. Their Babylonian Talmudic tradition teaches the nefarious plot to overthrow and conquer the whole world.They see themselves as the chosen master race and the evils they have perpetrated upon humanity are so incredible it is hard to fathom. The level of deception is also unbelievable but they have made it a primary objective to acquire the necessary tools to carry out the deception and cover up what they are doing. They have often used the process of inversion in which they accuse or label others as something when it is the very thing they themselves are doing. This one tactic alone has worked extraordinarily well for the Zionists and is a key element in deceiving and silencing the masses. The ordinary Jew must realise that the Jewish elite depend on the Jewish commoners’ ignorance to help hide the activities of the evil Zionist-Jewish establishment. Crypto-Judaism, i.e. the conduct of Khazarian jews, who conceal their identity as such, by their covering themselves with the mask of other religions or nationalities, is equally as old as Jewry  itself. This infiltration of Khazarian Zionist jews into the innermost heart of other religions or nationalities, whereby they still preserve their former Satanic beliefs and their organisations in secret, has really formed ‘Zionist Fifth Columns’ in the bosom of the other peoples and the different religions;  for if the Satanist has gained entrance into the citadel of other peoples, he is active there, follows orders and carries on an activitiy which was planned in their secret organisations. This aims at controlling the people from within, whose conquest was resolved upon, as well as the control of religous institutions, and to attempt to attain the decomposition of the same. One of the major causes, financiers, inciters of conflicts and wars since the 1800’s (including WWI, the Bolshevik Revolution and WWII) are the Zionist plutocrats who own and/or control the national and international banks like the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Federal Reserve Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, the United Nations (UN) and corrupt and control American, British and other European politicians via AIPAC, B’nai Brith and the ‘Atlantikbrücke’.
    The war mongrels in the City of London & Washington DC – Lunatics – Psychopaths – Satanists – Zionists are pushing for WWIII in Europe.
    They want to repeat again what they have forced upon Germany twice (WWI, WWII)
    NOW they blame Putin/Russia for what they are doing themselves. Europe is not threatened by Putin’s Russia. Not Russia is the enemy for world peace.

    The US & EU military forces are being used as tools by the Forces of EVIL (the Synagogue of Satan) to bring about TOTAL DESTRUCTION

    to the German people that German soldiers ARE BEING FORCED by false ‘friends’ (allied occupying military forces for 70 years) to build a “spearhead“ against Russia!!! That’s a NO GO!!! War against Russia means WAR AGAINST GERMANY!!! Everybody knows that. Russia it not our enemy. Neither Germany’s enemy nor Europe’s. Russia is not the threat. Russia is being threatened and provoked by PURE EVIL. The whole of Europe – foremost Germany is being put under the threat of annihilation through nuclear war – More US troops and nuclear warheads are being stationed in Germany not in defence but to provoke Russia into war. US military – GO HOME!!! We don’t want war – neither in Europe nor elsewhere. STOP the military occupation of Germany. US military aggression worldwide MUST STOP.

    Europe needs PEACE with Russia.
    AMI GO HOME!!! and we’ll have peace

    Evil liar – speaker of the world Zionist criminals who have been plotting in “think tanks“, secret societies and secretive meetings since 1954 (1st secretive Bilderberger Conference) ‘They’ created the “European Union“ and the “Euro“ and forced their dictatorship (financial terrorism) upon the European nations. The euro was bound to fail from the start. ‘They’ deliberately want to destabilize Europe and throw us all into war again. Germany has been under Zionist occupation and rule for 70 years is being made responsible for the Zionists’ evil deeds – how preposterous!!! ‘They’ always need a scapegoat – Their prefered one: Germany and the German people.
    However, not Russia, not Europe, not Germany is the problem.

    The problem is…. the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

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