For everybody who asked to help Sabine

Who would have thought that the pension I have been receiving for 10 years could ever be stopped and I’d have to go begging?…

First it was my former employer CERN in Geneva who deprived me of a disability pension, since doctors claimed I would not suffer in old age…

Then I had two money making activities stolen in London. But now I am close to getting money for my software development. Meanwhile: the first two donations got me out of overdraft.


6 thoughts on “For everybody who asked to help Sabine

  1. THANK YOU, dear Mougli!

    You are one of seven donors who got me out of this overdraft. I shall alert people to the next one while following what needs to be done to get the German system to jump in where the UK left off.

    My challenge is to link the donations to email addresses so that I can express my GRATITUDE! I have long been ‘proud to be poor’. For I know that my software inventions are the real job which I was born for. So I must and will keep going no matter what!!!

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