HR Petition is now live

I wonder how fast we can get 16,000 signatures together again. And whether will resist claims that the petition should be removed as the previous ones… See I still can’t sign, as my account was closed. Facebook as well. See and SIGN, please, and SPREAD THE WORD!


4 thoughts on “HR Petition is now live

  1. Dear Kristen

    Who would have imagined that looking at my Paypal account might make me cry? But seeing your donation (unclaimed) as well as another one (completed) reassured me that I did remember the right email address, as I’m still struggling between an old heavy and a new light computer and five email systems in my attempts to get ‘synchronised’ as I once was with Outlook 2007…

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, while wondering whether our hearts are expanded by receiving as well as by giving!?…

    Will just have to figure out how to ‘marry’ Paypal with Lloyds for RECEIVING money, it seems. So far, I’ve only used Paypal for paying.

    I just keep praying that custody over the children will NOT go to the father. In that case, we’ve won our battle and I should be able to return safely. Have to hang in and hold on until then!…


  2. It takes a pretty sick individual to be sexually interested in children. So to know of such people as Sabine McNeil, is another light in a very dark tunnel. But as this campaign continues to gain momentum and the public are becoming more aware, of the evil menaces in our midst, and even more sick, running our country, the outcome could be awesome. The details of the abuse is absolutely horrifying, and Dave (family man) Cameron’s silence is deafening.

    Sabine and her followers should ask for an immediate appointment with this man, who was chosen by us to run our country (not ruin it) and insist he becomes involved in cleaning up this most sinister, sick cult, loose in our communities.

    If not, why not?

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