DEJA VU: SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE (#SRA) in Report of ROYAL COMMISSION Police Service New South Wales

15 06 11 RCPSIn August 1997 it was published: the report by the Royal Commission into the Police Service of New South Wales. Six Volumes which I obviously hadn’t read from cover to cover. I just referred to Corruption, Reform, Paedophilia (Volume VI) as the topics, for ‘paedophilia’ had become to be ‘topical’ in 2012.

Now I am pointed to Chapter V of Volume 4:

The abbreviation SRA appears in other volumes, but in this chapter we have 17 pages on

  • Definitional Issues  
  • SRA – Fact of Fiction? [“Fantasy” and “baseless” according to Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgement – believed by an “evil and / or foolish” internet community]
  • Task Force Disk – which was brought about by the parents of a boy and a girl then aged 8 and 6 years
  • and a Conclusion.

From a common sense perspective, while it must be recognised that apparently respectable and successful members of the community do commit child sexual abuse, a quantum leap in credibility is required to suppose that they would do so in the bizarre, ritualistic way described, which includes the infliction of serious, even fatal, injury and mutilation upon their own children.

An Australian supporter writes:

The best Royal Commission to be watching is the current national one – the other one (NSW) is too dated. Back then they said that paedophile networks didn’t exist!

Here is the link to the national one that is currently underway. You can do a news search to find out the damning information that has come out during the hearings and specifically, to see those who believed themselves to be untouchable 20 years ago when they covered up the monstrous crimes of the offenders now having to face accountability!

Let’s remember:

  1. the children NEVER mentioned ‘satanic’; it was Mrs Justice Pauffley who used that term in her press release announcing her judgement
  2. the boy only speaks about his father being the boss of a “strange culture”
  3. this deliberate ‘side tracking’ allows for AVOIDING the naming of the real and serious sexual crimes – listed as CRIMINAL charges here.

I am in exile since 11.02.15. Given that the abusers have also approached the Pension Service to stop the Pension Credit I have been receiving for 10 years, I am clearly far from safe to return.  Camden Council have also been informed, besides Barnet Police and the High Court who refuse to give me a hearing via Skype, since they want to imprison me for ‘contempt of court’.

How can I NOT have ‘contempt’ for a system of ‘authorities’ that claims to make decisions for the best interest of children when their grandparents are blackmailed by Social Services into only getting contact with them, if they confirm the judge’s decision???


11 thoughts on “DEJA VU: SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE (#SRA) in Report of ROYAL COMMISSION Police Service New South Wales

  1. Reblogged this on Victims Unite! and commented:

    In 2012 I reported on paedophilia – thanks to Savile. In 2015 on SRA – thanks to Justice Pauffley. But let’s call a spade a spade: serious sexual crimes, murder, cannibalism: all TOO HORRIBLE to imagine and thus to believe!!!… But, Truth is much stranger than fiction! Hence we must wake up to REALITY! Big Time!

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  2. As a full time Carer and Advocate for Satanic ritual abuse, current victims and survivors in Australia, I can assure all that SRA is alive and well in Australia.
    Govt and Authorities continue to ignore this reality, hence SRA is growing rapidly, unaddressed.
    The grotesque suffering of our our children is impossible to for most people fully understand.
    Myself and others have sent 1000s of emails and letters to MPs and authorities but they all ignore our pleas for help.
    This link is our latest plea for help for our children and survivors

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    • I hope everyone knows that the Australian Child abuse Royal Commission has refused to allow victims,survivors or witnesses to give evidence about widespread Satanic ritual abuse in Australia.

      These horrific abuses are extensive in Australia but all Authorities and Govt MPs also refuse to comment.

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