What the SS subjected the grandparents to


7 thoughts on “What the SS subjected the grandparents to

  1. Are you saying the kids are back with their father? I thought they were in foster care? When did that happen?

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    • They are in foster care. That’s why SS are in control. We expect Pauffley to hand custody over to the father with her ‘final hearing’ 3-5 August. That’s what we must STOP. A petition is in preparation.


  2. sabine my main computer is down, so I don’t have your email address on this other computer   Re DWP and your pension. Please put your head together with Len Lawrence and Kevin Bull. They pulled that trick on them. They may be able to help.   Jean


  3. Contemptible and nefarious ‘hoops’ through which to jump. Undoubtedly what we are seeing is Soviet-style intimidation, indoctrination and unethical coercion by the state against caring relatives although we note the suggestion that the Russian Embassy is in agreement. Given the current stand-off over the Ukraine and the Cameron/Obama rhetoric regarding Putin, this is interesting. As ‘sickened’ suggested earlier, it is not ‘right’ against ‘left’ or ‘west’ against ‘east’ for that matter, but the ‘elite’ against the ‘rest’. Clearly the state through its judicial and local authority agencies (both of which in theory are independent of central government) is sticking by Pauffley’s judgement, promoted in only thinly disguised propaganda by the complicit media outlets. Only government intention can explain this. The rabbit hole, as I have always thought, may go much deeper than a little local case of sexual perversion. If accurate, the requirement on the g.parents to sign documents agreeing with the Pauffley judgement as a prior condition to being allowed a familial welfare visit is as despicable as it deplorable. To use children as pawns in this way by people who claim to have their welfare at heart literally defies description. It is undoubtedly earnest of their future intention to make any possibility of returning the children to the family, conditional on them agreeing to drop all allegations and a total ban on all future mention of the subject. The reality of the methods of the British State and their true position regarding violence to children, is here for all to see and demonstrated to be the sham that it is.


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