Please note that Matt Taylor is retired Royal Military Police, if I remember the organisation correctly.

I find it interesting that it boils down to “believing” the children. In my view it’s about LISTENING and HEARING them!

Matt Taylor - Brighton

hampstead kids The Hampstead Kids

“The Truth Movement is Dead,” claims Thomas Sheridan. Well one thing is for sure, the Truth is being dragged through the mud by the very people who claim to champion it.

Since the explosive testimony of two young kids hit Youtube a few months ago, division, argument, derision and ridicule has ruled supreme within the Truth Movement ever since.

From the very start, big hitters such as Danielle La Verite and Thomas Sheridan poured scorn on the kids testimony of satanic murder, cannibalism and sexual abuse, while big hitters who should have known better remained silent, too scared to voice their opinion in fear of a back-lash by the very people who claim to be champions of the Truth.

With the kids statement retracted under the successful interrogation of Metropolitan Police and the propaganda of the BBC’s interview with Rick Dearman, (the kid’s father,) the Hampstead Case…

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