Ella’s appeal statement – short version

A fabulous job by the solicitor who had come forward to protect and defend me and who subsequently had to drop me because Justice Pauffley saw a ‘conflict of interest’…


7 thoughts on “Ella’s appeal statement – short version

  1. Hi, I followed the Hampstead case from 2015 till last year when I got busy and list track. I just heard that the case was recently proven to be false and that Ella was proven to have brainwashed the kids into telling this story. Is this true? I never heard of another court trial. Do you have a link that can update me on the status of the Hampstead Two?

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  2. Sorry to hear that. I guess you can’t talk about it. I’ll ask someone else. If you don’t mind me asking, were the arrests and cut off pension connected to the Hampstead case? I ask because I thought you were in Germany and didn’t suppose they could reach you there. 

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  3. Also, what did the ‘royal courts’ arrest you for?

    There’s a fairly recent movie, based on a true story, that boldly shows that the American government (and all similar governments) will cover up state, national, and all crimes connected to the government and will turn on whistle-blowers (the focus in this particular story, however, is drugs. A true story movie about govt. involvement in something like child porn or satanic ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control on everyday citizens would never make it to the big screen). The name of the movie is ‘Kill the Messenger’: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ksl-u4MONls

    By the way, someone told me that Ella is a ritual abuse victim herself and was involved in the abuse of the kids as well. Where did they get that from?


    • Thank You, Arendale!

      I prefer not to discuss the matter in public, as the other side is always more devious than anybody can imagine.

      Tim Tate’s book “Children for the Devil” was drawn from circulation, because “by inference”, a certain Police Officer could have been thought to have been corrupt…

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