I have been advised to close this blog down

15 06 21 Pauffley petitionOf course I do this with a heavy heart. I have re-opened it because Hampstead Research was closed down but is back in bigger better fashion. That site has taken over from mine by ‘tunneling’ into the online presence of the 70+ abusers.

This site is meant for people who are new to the case so that they can inform themselves as factually as possible, especially with the evidence of criminal activities that the children have suffered and reported.

Here’s what I want:

1. build bridges across chasms of the ‘discourse of dis-belief’, dis-unity and dis-cord, e.g. with this report by a psychotherapist talking about her experiences with Satanic Ritualistic Abuse:

2. create maximum impact at the EU Parliament via the Petitions Committee with the aid of you signing and sharing this petition: Protect the interest of the child (across borders) in Europe. The following submissions are with the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament:

As a result, this petition has emerged and needs support so that debates in the EU Parliament get scheduled for 07 September and for the EU Council on 15/16 October. This is critical, for the problem is indeed international, involving always people in key positions.

3. to ‘win the case’, i.e. custody over the children NOT to be given to the accused father, as clearly intended for the hearing on August 03-06:

  • hence there is this petition to remind High Court Judge Mrs Justice Pauffley of the mother’s Residence Order and the father’s Non-Molestation Orders;
  • should it NOT be the same judge to perpetuate her cover-up, Sir James Munby, the President of the Family Courts, gets a letter every time someone signs, too;
  • please sign – for your signature triggers an email to Mrs Pauffley’s clerk – and spread the word about the appeal to the Judge who made and published this appalling judgement!

4. I want to go back to London where I lived since 1981 and since 1985 in the same flat that I left with only a small suitcase on 11 February:

  • I now have a legal team that will represent me in a hearing of my Application to set the Penal Notice aside;
  • that Order threatened me with prison over ‘contempt of court’ by publishing information about the case on the internet – which Barnet Council didn’t like.

5. I need to deal with the Police who “want me for discussion”, i.e. they act on behalf of the abusers who feel ‘harassed’, ever since their details were leaked onto the net:

  • I categorically deny being responsible for that publication;
  • instead I have learned from 2 sources that MI5 is to blame for that!

In addition to following Hampstead Research, please look at Enigma Channel or any of my other related blogs:

Do consider signing the petition Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent which I presented to the EU Petitions Committee, and includes

  1. my ‘pension credit’ was stopped on 22 May and I am supported by sponsors, friends and donations; you know who you are and I am eternally grateful;
  2. see the ‘Feed the Victims Fund’ button on Victims Unite to cover ongoing costs relating to internet and flat or support this National Call to Arms by Belinda McKenzie who set up The Knight Foundation as the charity dedicated to support child and family;
  3. my housing benefit was stopped, for the Police came to the flat and my landlord informed Camden Council;
  4. since they stopped earlier than I am entitled to that’s another battle;
  5. my landlord wants nothing more than to get me out, since I am a ‘registered tenant’ and have stood up to his bullying – with the aid of the Council and smart McKenzie Friends so far;
  6. the Police still “Wants me for discussion”, i.e. I would be arrested at any airport; from my experience of victims of white collar crimes I cannot possibly risk that;
  7. Barnet Council and the High Court want me in court for ‘contempt of court’ with threat of imprisonment. With a bit of luck a committed law firm will get legal aid and will represent me at a hearing in my absence.

My bank account is used for direct debits relating to the flat and internet costs. In Berlin I am supported by a friend for limited subsistence. But if you feel like supporting my online efforts, I would be grateful. There is a FEED THE VICTIMS FUND button on the right. Meanwhile I continue to try to raise money for my innovative software methods.

Otherwise I console myself with this Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin:

Don’t give up when things become difficult.  Push through; press through; get through.  You can do this, and you are the only one who can do this.  Know that I will guide you and give you direction when you feel you have lost your way or your momentum.  Changes are taking place, but there is no need to fear.  You are moving to higher ground spiritually, and I am with you, says the Lord.  Psalms 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. 


TOWARDS the FINAL HEARING regarding CUSTODY over the #whistleblowerkids on 05 August

I’ve been thinking about priorities for the next weeks before the final hearing regarding the fate of Alisa and Gabriel:

  • our supreme challenge to WIN THIS CASE by NOT letting Pauffley give custody over the children to the father whom they accused
  • if we mean what we say, we MUST do our best online
  • and ENHANCE it with building face-to-face connections and relationships.

1. I consider it CRITICAL to reach the 16,000 signatures for the Hampstead Research petition that the previous petition had attained. Everybody is impressed by big numbers. And they are a measure of the ‘evil and / or foolish’ [Pauffley’s words] internet community who listened to the children and believe rather than discard their accusations.

  • The petition is aimed at the one and only person who will decide over the custody of the children:
  • In this interview Ella mentions how her parents were tricked into confirming Mrs Pauffley’s judgement, thus accusing their daughter rather than the children’s father. We have seen this over and over: contact with the children is the prime weapon to blackmail relatives.
  • Mrs Justice Pauffley’s clerk gets an email every time a person signs!
  • My account at change.org has been removed. I can’t even sign anybody’s petition!
  • I will promote the petition. But my Facebook accounts were also closed and I need to give priority to my software work. It promises to fill the money hole the UK authorities have created before the Berlin ones may ever get round to…

2. Mrs Justice Pauffley’s next judgement will determine whether Ella, Abraham and I can ever return to the UK without fear of arrest and imprisonment. Continue reading

#whistleblowerkids ELLA and ABRAHAM: evangelists for Hemp Seeds as source of protein

If ever you might have wondered why I spent three months helping the mother of the two ‘whistleblower kids’, here is her higher mission, with her partner Abraham. Ella introduced me to hemp juice and served me ‘tea and oranges’ [if you remember Suzanne by Leonard Cohen]. I was impressed by her history as a vegetarian who became a raw food and vegan practitioner. She is also a practitioner of Bikram Yoga, the 26 postures in a 38 degree hot room that I have been practising since 2006 to help my chronic pain condition since a serious car accident in 1973. It takes stamina and the desire to beat our inner resistances to stretch our body to our limits of exhaustion.

Together with Abraham, Ella developed a ‘perfect nutrition’ programme which many have appreciated already. Her son said on one of the videos that he feels weak when he’s given meat and that he feels strong when he drinks hemp juice.

But meanwhile, here are the bad news:  Continue reading