#WhistleblowerKids TIME TO SAY GOOD BYE: Anon, my heart. Say farewell and recover!

Having heard about the worst of all child snatching case in Hampstead in November, the mother asked me to help get her children returned, both with legal and publicity matters, after she had sacked two solicitors and a barrister.
Obviously I was sooo upset and emotional to the suffering of these 20 children that I supported her case 100% and it reinforced my commitment to the cause and issues at stake. As she also said on one of the Home Videos, she wanted to help the other children. Her partner said “she sacrificed her children to save the others.”
Unfortunately my commitment meant having to avoid prosecution from Barnet Council who had been on our radar already in other cases and ‘going on a little holiday’ – in February.  Since then, stress and health issues have not become easier for me.
Hence I have decided that there is nothing more I can do to help, as it is in the hands of a lawyer who had come forward to protect and defend me. I am therefore stepping back and returning to my home of 30 years in London.
Barnet Police confirm that I am still “Wanted for discussion”. As far as I know, they wish to speak to me regarding the publication of the names of the alleged abusers, on their behalf, for they feel ‘harassed’. This should be fine as I never did publish those names and they will have to prove this.
In London, I shall be able to concentrate on my software work again and the Digital I Ching as another one of my mathematical innovations.
A favourite German poem of mine is Steps’ or ‘Stages‘. It ends with: Anon, my heart. Say farewell and recover!
I wish to thank all of you supporters, interviewers, video makers, bloggers, signers, commentators, emailers, likers and sharers!
May everybody involved have gained more insight and more empathy! You know where to go from here: Hampstead Research.
Wishing you all the very best,
Sabine – from exile in Berlin.

54 thoughts on “#WhistleblowerKids TIME TO SAY GOOD BYE: Anon, my heart. Say farewell and recover!

  1. I can understand, Sabine. And you have a life, too, that can’t stay on hold forever. Sad to see you go, but you definitely have my best wishes and I gotta believe we will hear from you at least once in a great while. Your our friend and we yours. The whole cause owes a lot to you. You deserve a rest and recovery. Do take care.

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  2. Sabine. You have done an enormous amount in educating people to an underlying core of social mal-justice in Britain.
    You have risked your reputation and selflessly worked for justice for abused children/parents.

    As a Father, you have made me AWARE of the hidden risks they face on a daily basis by professional abusers.
    I’d personally like to say THANK YOU for your support and time and TRULY HOPE we will live in a better society from this education.

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  3. this is nothing more than sacrilege. im enrage that such a powerful lady has finaly been silenced, sadly. such a warrior is a great threat to these wide spread elitists. my warning is if you have young children then now really isnt the time to fight this and so those of you, whos children have grown up or exceeded the prime adoption criteria or who do not have children ITS UP TO YOU GUYS TO SAFE THE WORLD. dramatic well not if you have been a victim

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  4. Sabine, You played a big part in bringing this case to public attention and raising the wider issue of forced adoption and secrecy in the British courts that I hope has, and will continue to have, some effect for the better. No doubt that achievement is its own reward. I am sorry you feel the need to detach yourself so completely from the the on-going campaign for the Hampstead children, who remain separated from their mother, in foster care and forced to meet those they have accused and fear. I hope you will reconsider your decision and at least ‘remain in the wings’ so to speak. I very much hope that you can resolve your difficulties with the English authorities and are being well advised and represented legally, in what is a bureaucratic quagmire and that a less central, less stressful role will facilitate the wish for recovery and renewal you have described. Please stay in touch and hopefully continue to contribute posts to whatever blogs on the subject remain. After all, the battle for these (and all other children/families in similar straits) is far from won. Warm regards, Tim.

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  5. Sabine..
    I am sorry to hear this! But, I don’t blame you, either! I can’t imagine the stress and torment you have been going through! You will be in my thoughts and prayers! I wish you the very best! Much love to you !

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  6. So awful that your life had to take this turn for you but you and others have awoken a great many people, who will do all they can for truth and justice. Hoping that your return to London will be good for you and that you may find the strength then that you need Melissa x

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  7. Very sorry that you are backing away and I do hope that you will keep posting on HR from time to time.

    I totally understand your need to recover from all this, you have done so much work, and you have been a central focus of attack from those who would block our efforts to help the children. You have displayed great courage and fortitude, and set a great example of how to stand up to the corrupt powers that run this nation.

    I suspect that the police will not prosecute you, not least because they want all this to quietly ‘go away’, and as you have been the central figure in publicising this, perhaps they feel that this is what will happen. Chopping the head off the snake so to speak.

    Well, if that is the case, they grossly underestimate the depth of anger we feel about the violation of innocent children. This is not going to go away.

    Hope to hear from you in the not too distant future, but in the meantime, rest, recover and stay as safe as you can.


  8. Very disappointed with this news and bad p.r. in the fight to release the children in my opinion….is there more to this beecause it sounds like a diplomatic politician press release and you previously were spectacularly forthright?
    Sad day and I ask all parties to recinsider

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  9. I do hope you will regain peace of mind and you will recover, once you are back home, dear Sabine. I deeply admire what you have done and I’m sure you have made a valuable contribution to making this world a better place – even if the end of the tunnel still may seem beyond our view.

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  10. In traditional Chinese medicine, the doctor is expected to take care of him- or herself. Any doctor who fails to do so cannot be a real healer. If we are to help others, we have to look after ourselves and that means setting limits. It’s a hard lesson to learn for all of us. We can shine a light on the path, but ultimately it is the responsibility of each person to choose whether to go down it.

    Sabine, you have been a map-maker at huge cost to yourself. I salute you as a courageous leader with a compassionate heart at a time of great need. Please take your rest and go on with your life. You have done more than enough. You have galvanized others into action and they will take over from here.

    Wishing you well for your health and future projects.

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  11. Im my eye’s your a true Hero!! ❤ you did your best n thats all anyone can do… I can't even imagin the Emotional/mental journey you have been on!! Its bin draining just reading and keeping up to date on whats happening… Now You gotta look after YOU!!! Shine Bright Sabine \o/\o/\o/ "YOUR A STAR!!! ❤

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  12. Sabine, we all have a purpose in life and a reason for being here. You have found your vocation for sure.

    Had you been a “lawyer” you would never have been able to expose this corruption, for that industry would have sanctioned you – this is happening all too often with even good lawyers who want to speak out but are prohibited from doing so by their own profession – under threats of loss of income or banishment from practising law. Intimidation is a common concern used against good people.

    Never forget Criminals no matter who they are – never want to get caught – and your investigation has proven to the world – exposed it for all to see, that those who have corrupted power will do ANYTHING to prevent themselves from being caught.

    When we assess the manner by which allegations and crimes and evidence were hidden – investigations closed down or hindered – we see that those who have assisted – aided and abetted across the board in this deception – are all personally guilty of being accessories after to fact – parties to the very offences that were alleged to have been committed. Perverting the course of justice is still a crime.

    These are all criminal charges outside the secrecy protections of the family courts.

    The law if it can be implemented ( and thats the challenge today – laying informations ) only then will the LAW hold even these people to account.

    What we are witnessing today is the REACTIVE process of changing laws to make the unacceptable – legal – to give justification to the most horrendous actions – this is the challenge today for humanity – for those trying to cover their tracks cannot keep changing the rules forever – eventually the truth escapes these temporary constraints.

    Best wishes Sabine in all that life has to offer you.

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  13. RE: “I have decided that there is nothing more I can do to help”

    You may believe you have “decided” you can do no more to help, but your belief is unfounded.
    By bringing this to the attention of other conscious beings, who are bringing this to the attention of other conscious beings, and so on, you are CONTINUING to help bring this brutalisation, rape and murder of innocents to an end.

    Thank you Sabine, and strength to you.

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  14. Just a thought Sabine. You should still be careful when you get home. The ‘authorities’ involved in this might not pursue you on this particular matter because they would very much like it to quietly go away, but you are on their radar now, and they will be watching you.

    We live in an insane world when good people are persecuted for protecting vulnerable people.

    Can you advise. Who, if anyone, is now fighting to get this case properly investigated. HR is doing the best that they can to gather information, but without some means of putting that information together to present a coherent argument, it is just a jumble of facts?


  15. Sabine, you have been inspirational. Rest, boost your batteries, and heal. I just know that you will gain strength from all the love and good feeling being poured your way from so many, me included. xx


  16. If we were to be able to be present together, there would be a standing ovation for you Sabine.

    Thank you for everything you have done in bringing this case to our attention. You brought justice forward not just to the next hearing but because the hearing process is today wholly corrupt, you brought the case to the world.

    The state says it craves transparency but when true public servants like you provide such, suddenly the state does not want to know.

    You have carried a burden which no one individual should be expected to carry so may you find rest in setting the case aside for a member of the legal profession to carry from here.

    What ever happens, a large following of concerned individuals will be waiting over time to learn of the plight of two little ones who changed the world.

    Please keep us up to date on the way Barnet’s finest deal with you, which we hope will be Fair.

    We know this case is just the tip of the iceberg in the knowledge of what you have done to highlight the plight of Norman and Maurice for starters and I thank you personally for listening to my plight and directing me to others who could have been able to assist me but otherwise showed me of their own mistreatment at the hands of corrupt civil servants.

    I’ll be praying for all in this case.

    God is on our side and He will act upon these injustices when the day comes.

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  17. Thank you too Sabine, for everything you have done to raise awareness of this case. I wish you all the very best of everything.


  18. Thank you, Sabine.Thank you…. …

    The battlegrounds are manyfold.

    and the battle for truth, freedom, justice, world peace must go on…

    The warmongering is generational …. A propaganda and war machine controlled by Freemasons, Satanists, Zionists… you name it. Jesus himself called them the Synagogue of Satan.

    Hellstorm – Genocide on the German People

    Strategic Aims and Wars: “Cynical, certainly not moral but it worked“ (he says with a demonic grin on his face) Stratfor:The UK-US Main Interest is to Stop Alliance Between Russia and Germany

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  19. Sabine, i have kept up with this case since it had leaked… prior to that, i had been studying the beliefs in satanism for about a year and a half purely because i used to not believe in God up until i decided to see what the true meaning of evil is… That being said….. I am from the US and am in no way affiliated to Ella draper, A, and G but I think of them every day but hope you may know the status of the children? i fear they are no longer alive since a little after the BBC interview..

    I realized this after watching a couple Bryce Taylor interviews and found that all children who refused to comply or tried revealing the truth about the sacrifices were killed without hesitation… Please let me know…


      • The children were “wanted for police interviews“ and they ended up kidnapped and put under confinement by corrupt police and British judiciary.

        However, the same problems are rampant everywhere.

        It just keeps recurring to my mind
        Why take too many risks to begin with?
        It’ll be an unspeakable tragedy if neither A and G nor the other especially groomed children can be saved from the SRA cult.

        The system of internationally organized crime fights back and obviously THEY have got all the means, all the power. Will it be possible to break that power from within? Or rather from the outside by exposing their heinous crimes worldwide via the internet while staying somewhere safe(er)? Outside of Britain?

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      • sabine you must keep going. you were the first person i met who listened and required no repeated explanations. i still remember your exact words, you dont need to tell me that iv encountered it many many times it what they do. you were so matter of fact and your knollage and insight was endless. i use that approach on my parents in need and know so well, that revealed sigh they give. when they hug me and say thankyou for listening and doing such and such. i know they mean it . so unless your health and spirituality is compromised, then you musnt stop because you are loved by many and that love is being sent your way.
        untill we meet again blessing. im visualizing sitting with you in a more civilized setting than the last. with our t and dumplings. as i missed them out last time and so with the power of positive thought
        see ya soon chick. if it would help e mail me with something to do to help your case.

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  20. sabine your more than welcome, iv been reading an re-reading various elements of this case. last week i found a name of a teacher whos facebook page showed she was looking into tatoo removal do you happen to know who this was or who left the link. this would surly be a valid piece of evidence. i would like a mouch at this so anyone who knows or saw this please feel free to message me

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  21. WARNING: Bad news but vital

    What we have been made to believe is an illusion, massive betrayal
    Corporate policy enforcement agents not policemen
    That explains a lot.
    Good for the British people: If they are in the know they can take advantage of their tradition of common law
    In Germany after 70 years of military occupation the state of affairs is even worse. Most people have no clue at all. The German people are being lied to massively, manipulated by propaganda of the occupying forces. Enslavement. Utter lawlessness. Courts of justice have been turned into private corporations run for profit….


    It’s with VERY sad regret we inform you all that John Harris has passed away … please respect the wishes for privacy of the family at this difficult time. If you feel the need to get in touch email ben@tpuc.org.’


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