SEVEN GROUNDS for Public Interest in #Pauffley #Judgement #WhistleblowerKids by 1-5 August

15 05 18 TitleI am working on the book which focuses on the European Dimension of child snatching and forced adoptions.

It is my ‘base of experience’ for the whistleblower kids. If I hadn’t had the experience of far too many cases, I couldn’t have tackled this one, I don’t think.

The final hearing from 03 to 05 August is meant to justify handing custody over the children to the allegedly abusive father. Thanks to the wonderful people at Hampstead Research you can view these videos about him:

There are other videos about the interviews carried out by Barnet Police, the mother Ella and the network of the 70+ abusers comprising teachers, churches and the parents of 18 other ‘special’ children. The rumour goes they were adopted for the purpose of being abused…

Hence it’s good to remind ourselves:

These seven fabulous statements criticise Mrs Justice Pauflley’s Judgement such that anybody will understand why there are soo many people out there routing for the children and against everybody covering up serious crimes.

I ordered the statements simply according to the length of the document to facilitate reading and understanding the ‘ungraspability’ of what has happened since the children were taken into ‘care’ eight months ago!

  1. The first complaint focuses on DC Rogers and DI Cannon – for they concealed evidence – a fraud which Mrs Justice Pauffley perpetuated. It is soo fundamental!
  2. This one culminates in her breech of professional oath.
  3. This one expands on her failing to apply the law and to deliver justice to the parties involved.
  4. Here we have factual errors in the judgement.
  5. This one comments paragraph by paragraph under the heading: Pauffley. Your Order needs a Shot of Truth.
  6. And here we enter the higher realms of EU Law which should ‘beat’ national law. But in the reality of secret family courts anything goes, as we know. Yet the three individuals should definitely NOT get away with Using the Secrecy of UK Family Courts to Cover-Up Criminal Charges, should they? At least not in our Court of Public Interest!
  7. And finally, this wonderful comment expresses The Rule of Evil in poetry!

On video, you have these Questions for Mrs Justice Pauffley.

So, have your pick:

  1. minimum effort: sign the petition Alleged Hampstead Child Ritual Abuse Case which needs promotion since the others were removed;
  2. email Police:
  3. tell Mrs Justice Pauffley’s clerk what you think by writing to:
  4. tell the newly elected politicians, ministers and Justice Committee maybe
  5. tell the 18 MPs who are members of the Council of Europe
  6. contact your new MP, your local BBC and / or your local Police Station with the Criminal Charges and the Crime Report
  7. and finally join the Chat Room to be with supporters of Hampstead Research!

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