ACTION: Emails to the Police

Please note also Debbie’s Crime Report for all Constabularies:


5 thoughts on “ACTION: Emails to the Police

  1. Here’s why they are buying TIME and why they did not want official records relating to or referencing distinguishable marks such as tattoos!

    Laser removal ….. Can completely remove evidence……on a large tatoo it will take many sessions to completely remove….

    You have to act fast else your evidence will be vaporised!

    Private detectives hunt down those suspects and get the evidence …..before it’s gone…

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  2. Under warrant perhaps…… But you can be proactive NOW and contact any business engaged in this service and ask them to be on the lookout for any person who shows up wanting a massive tattoo removed from their privates!!!!

    Explain the circumstances – the suspect is wanted in connection with child sexual abuse etc….and every good woman and man in this industry will be on your side…..looking for them….and helping you……women will most likely be involved in performing such a service given the location on the body and the fact that your suspects are women…..

    I’d go so far as to send information internationally. This industry will be well connected sharing technical information so they will have an industry network of sorts to help you spread the information…..

    Create your own global internet detective service of private citizens working in force looking to solve this puzzle….send a summary “wanted” poster with sketch drawings to one tattoo removal business and watch it spread……

    You only need one tip off……. The tatoos are so unique you can bet those working in the industry all talk about what they are doing amongst themselves….. Shop gossip and having a laugh as to what they see each day……which will spread to friends and family……its Human nature to talk about seeing weird things!!!!!

    So right now you have potential witnesses if treatment has commenced….. Your challenge is to now find them!!!!!!


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