Tim V on the Hampstead Cover Up

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The way the police investigation was shut down even before the medical report was in, is just one suspicious element to this story. Those in charge obviously wanted to get in quick to forestall it and present the family with a fait accompli. A closed investigation is much harder to get started again.

We do not know the actual thought processes going on in the Barnet cops’ minds or what ‘advice’ they were subject to. We can only infer from what was done and from the illuminating police interview tapes. It is clear from the first one on the 5th September, 2014, that the seriousness, voracity and corroboration of the allegations of both child witnesses was immediately apparent to the interviewing officer but very strangely as soon as he gets the picture he leaves the room and the boy alone.

There appears to be no attempt to pursue the details which really is inexplicable other than in that ‘absence’ the officer was advised or instructed to hold back and not go further down a very dark and incriminating road. By the second interview that appears to repeat this disinterested approach, the decision has already been taken, to remove the children and place them in care.

With no substantive evidence at that point that they were in any danger from the current parent/guardians, the only rational reason for the action was to gain control of the children to effectively silence them in order to prevent the allegations escaping to the wider world. Of course they made a serious error of judgement in doing so. Whether these incredible actions by police and social services, later supported by a wholly discredited High Court judgement, were done merely to stop a scandal – involving an affluent area of London, many influential wealthy people, schools, churches and institutions – emerging, or something far more sinister we don’t know, but either way it was still outrageous, unredeemed by the actions of the High Court judge. It is probably naive to believe this is ‘cock-up’ rather than ‘conspiracy’ as the actions are so contrary to common sense, and what we are told is now standard practice.

We know from Elm House, Bryn Estyn and Kinkora that MI6 was closely involved with what went on for purposes of intelligence and control. This is now admitted by government. So if the children’s reports are reliable and I see no evidence that they are not, the chances that MI5/6 was involved here as well is far from remote or out of the question.

It would also explain why and how the authorities have responded – first to gag the children and then to try to arrest the parents and representatives only when the video interviews threatened the secrecy. Then there is the rather tale tell signs of the BBC interview of the father and press coverage which was so obviously manipulated (and cocked-up!) by powerful behind the scenes forces. As I have said before, there are some very clear parallels with the Al Hilli murder case. We cannot conclude the British (or other) Intelligence interests were involved, but knowing what we now know about similar cases here and abroad, we cannot preclude it either.

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3 thoughts on “Tim V on the Hampstead Cover Up

  1. Sabine,
    with regard to your considerations about coming back to the UK, I think that you might want to take a look at Cameron’s recent comments regarding dealing with “extremists”, however they choose to define that.

    He stated, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone’.”

    So, obeying the law is no longer enough to protect us all from the ire of the State. This is staggering in it’s implications for all dissenters.

    kind regards


  2. Hope you are sure you are making the right move.
    The gentleman above made a valid comment about the Tories & Theresa May.
    Best wishes Sabine


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