The European Dimension of the #WhistleblowerKids Case – as e-book in progress and ‘visual link story’

15 05 14 PreziI am not turning this blog into a book but am putting those elements together that I feel are important in our Good vs Evil battle. I have to keep my spirit amused while I’m having to face more and more horrible stories by more and more horrible people, it seems.

And I do like to use software to express my thinking!

So above is ‘presentation software’ Prezi – an alternative to PowerPoint. I keep pressing Page Down to advance, but there are also right and left arrows on the bottom.

Below is Pressbooks – in look and feel like WordPress- but with a view to a book in print and on screens:

The story needs to be read in all screen sizes and on all media, methinks.


4 thoughts on “The European Dimension of the #WhistleblowerKids Case – as e-book in progress and ‘visual link story’

      • fs the kids have a new laptop why can’t they talk to the public online? They should be the ones talking right now. Don’t they have a Facebook or Myspace page? We as the public at large want to know that they are alright. They have a right to talk to the public. Who is muzzling the kids free speech? Is anybody suing on behalf of this for the children? Have there been criminal charges filed yet against the perpetrators? Do the kids have any rights to be able to talk to the public in the UK? This shit would never fly in the US. Surely the mom can email them and tell them about Facebook or Myspace and how to set up an account? Kids are more computer savvy then the adults nowadays… Give me a break!


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