ACTION: Kerth Barker’s Reply

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Kerth Barker is an abuse survivor and publishes Angelic Defencers and Demonic Abusers with a number of books.

16 04 03 YT image 38

I cannot trace the ‘reply’ nor what it responded to, but it seems to relate to Church and Freemasonry, given the comment I wrote below at the time. The image links to a 62 minute interview.

Here’s a link to all posts on Hampstead Research that refer to Kerth.

Follow the Money and Follow the Power trails!!!

There is a bell button with a LODGE sign on a church door…

Christine was arrested and fined but had taken a photo before.


One thought on “ACTION: Kerth Barker’s Reply

  1. Money power pedophilia blackmail corruption. That’s what’s running this world. You know iv stopped paying my TV licence. Now in not paying council or any other fucking a TAX I’m not contributing to these bastards any more. Come get me. We are anonymous we do not forgive we do not forget.


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