ACTION: Email 18 UK MP Members of Council of Europe Committee of Social Affairs

If I dare to suggest this ‘political action’ to you, I do it based on:

These 18 UK MPs  could / should write to Ministers, the Home Office and the Judiciary and make a difference

You can refer theMPs to

  1. the criminal charges based on the allegations by the two then 8- and 9-year old child witnesses
  2. the one-page Executive Summary of the report on the Discrepancies between EU Directive 2011/92 and UK Family Court Law
  3. Questions to Mrs Justice Pauffley
  4. the full 21-page report
  5. the 8-page consolidated case in the light of the EU Agenda of Child Rights
  6. any other summaries you may want to write yourself or have come across.

Onwards and upwards – TOGETHER – each in our own way!


15 thoughts on “ACTION: Email 18 UK MP Members of Council of Europe Committee of Social Affairs

  1. Sounds like a good idea. Someone (I don’t know who!) needs to organise a generalised ‘letter-to-your-MP’ campaign. Has a semi-formal ‘Return the Hampstead Children’ organising committee been formed yet?


    • Iv been into 5 fucking MPs offices asking them what they are going to do about it. The daft bastards don’t know what I’m talking about. They have them running about like idiots and deviating them from the reality. One SMP who I won’t mention took me outside znd agreed with me but on the other hand told me to enforce my energy somewhere it would make a difference. I think I’ll go back there with a fucking BRICK. Big window. So fucking frustrating excuse the French but that’s how I feel folks.

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  2. I’d be happy to put money towards it. Ps. I’m the one who called you from Scotland. I now have a letter from the CORRUPT BBC telling me they won’t bother me for 24 months. Please come sooner the video cameras await them. I wish I could do more. Iv tried calling Belinda but getting no response. Hope she is well. Let me know your thoughts and God bless HR. We’re getting there friends but we must not forget why we are doing this. These two BRAVEHEART children. Pray for them as I do. Xxx

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  3. They can renovate a church ( my husband has a building business) you can clean and disinfect but you can’t hide death and blood. These bastards were doing it for so long it’ll be embedded. IV got a reliable source on the skip hire company. Unless MI5 are involved. The scents are there. Let’s do it and this evidence will substantiate all. X

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  4. Beside the good ole “sniffer” dogs a lie detector re: Polygraph should be introduced

    Mandatory ! any-one and I mean ever-one, should have the Right to demand a lie
    detector test on their detractors ! It is to easy for the corrupt authorities to play God.

    They can destroy the individual just because they are civil servants or judges-lawyers
    in my personal experiences these are the real criminals hiding behind there office.

    Why has,nt Janner been charged ? Why are we still waiting the Chlllcot inquiry report?
    Why was Dunblane findings put away for 100 years? the “graveyard” policy at work.

    And low & behold on my local buses signs have appeared alerting the public to
    child abuse ! the slow drip, drip of propaganda ! conditioning the public for what is
    to come ! Re: the Rotherham sex abuse, the Home Office now realise, they cannot
    dupe the public with a corrupt judge Re: Butler-Sloss, who is now squirming in terror
    about her perverting justice Re: king Abdul Aziz and Mrs. Harb . or should it be
    Maple-V- Maple ? See: Butler-Sloss the Times & the Guardian..

    I am sure the Home Office can Google: Sgnt. Fluit. NSW police paedophiles !

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