CCPS Video 21: Who is Involved?

This may well be the strongest of all videos. It depends how much you know already. The videos show the learning curve! BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO!!!


4 thoughts on “CCPS Video 21: Who is Involved?

  1. Sabine ~ great video again shocking content. Those brave couragouse children have been severely let down by all the people whom we have entrusted to stand up and offer them full justice and support’ what a travesty’. The police, my god! when the S*** hits the fan they will have no where to hide…thanks to the Internet the evidence of there scumbag behaviour will remain like a noose to hang them all with… thoughts always are with Elisa and Gabriel, I wish I could do more for them thankgod for you and all those in your corner fighting for there truth and justice…big hug for you Sabine x

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  2. Should we get together – those of us in the London area – and protest outside of Barnet Police Station?

    I think that would be more effective than standing outside Christchurch.

    I mean, it is the police that we want to actually re-open the case.


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