BRUSSELS News – A mi manera – I did it my way: From Abolishing #ForcedAdoptions to #HampsteadWhistleblower in Exile

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

The Panel with Mr TimmermansTrying to make sense of my experiences and meetings, I was in a Tapas bar, where I heard ‘a mi manera’ – I did it my way. Hence the title.

First there was the phone call from Latvian Tatjana Zdanoka MEP’s office to alert me to the agenda of the next meeting of the Petitions Committee on 05.05.15:

  • the German Jugendamt (Social Services) with members of the German Bundestag (Parliament) and
  • Mr Timmermans, the Vice-President of the EU Commission, i.e. the permanent non-elected organisation of ‘democratic bureaucrats’, the equivalent of Whitehall.

Then I booked a ticket and discussed with ‘legal eagle’ Debbie what is worth doing. In excellent legally narrative flow, as usual, she appealed to the EU Commission rather than the Petitions Committee. After all, I had already submitted

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