DESPERATELY SEEKING: ‘Police Against Child Abuse’ to Investigate ‘Hampstead Case’ aka #WhistleblowerKids

To appeal to the ‘good guys’ in the Police, here are some ‘verbal weapons’ for you to download, print and take to your Local Police Station, with this Police Petition. It appears that the email system for the London Metropolitan area is for individual staff, e.g. the Head of the Met:

1. the Executive Summary:

Crime Report re Reported Paedophile Cult

This Crime Report is directed at British Constabularies, after Barnet (North London) Police and the Metropolitan Police failed to comply with EU Directive 2011/921 on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography. In the spirit of the Directive, the British Public and Internet Community have become the ‘legally competent authority’, since the UK authorities have failed two child victims and witnesses who reported their own and the abuse of 18 other ‘special’ children. In the light of the cover-ups of historic abuse, we are urgently seeking ‘Police against Child Abuse’.

The Report uses the ‘Hampstead Scandal’ that had become ‘internet famous’ before Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgment was published with the headline: Satanic ‘cult’ dismissed by judge. It has come to be the public’s widespread opinion that Mrs Justice Pauffley has become a professionally negligent and/or criminally complicit Suspect for the following reasons:

  1. According to a former Detective Constable of the Metropolitan Police who analysed the Crime Reporting Information System (CRIS) Report, Barnet Police closed the case without “planning, preparation and the consideration of investigative strategies, actions or reviews.”
  2. Barnet Police made use of the Harassment Act to incriminate the mother, her partner and her McKenzie Friend (lay legal advisor) so that they fled UK jurisdiction. But none of the alleged 70+ abusers have been investigated, even though the children had described detailed distinguishing marks of their private parts that are easily verifiable.
  3. Instead, the ethos of secrecy of UK Family Courts was used by Barnet Council and subsequently by the High Court of the Family Division to conceal and cover-up serious crimes and to disadvantage the mother and favour the allegedly abusive father.
  4. The legal team of the Metropolitan Police colluded in the failure to investigate to Professional Standards by submitting their unacceptable ‘Grounds of Resistance’ in response to the mother’s Judicial Review to re-open the case.
  5. High Court Judge Pauffley did not make any effort to dissolve all grounds for suspicion and concern for the safety of all the children involved.
  6. Neither did she affirm appropriate grounds for the guilt of the supposed abuser, namely Mr Abraham Christie, or proof of innocence of any of the alleged 70+ abusers, who were named by the children, independently of each other, and with persuasive consistency across different adults who interviewed them.
  7. Instead, the father, accused of being the leader of a cult involving eight schools and a church, was given more contact than the mother and pronounced innocent while none of his computers were seized or investigated. Thanks to the outrage of the British and internet public, evidence has been provided that the father may be a child pornographer: Video 17 of Hampstead Research2, dedicated to finding facts to substantiate the children’s allegations.

2. our Petition to Police:

Appealing to British Constabularies

We hereby call on all members of British Constabularies to lend their support via this Petition to the Home Office calling for immediate investigation into the crimes, negligence and allegations presented in this Crime Report.

Even though an Infringement Notice1 was issued by the EU Commission to the Government on 27.01.14, EU Child Protection Directive 2011/922 on “combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography” was largely ignored in this ‘Hampstead Case’. As a result, children remain at risk and some 70+ suspects of very serious crimes remain suspect, due to lack of prompt investigation which could have immediately proven their innocence. In that case, a mother and her supporters would not have been forced to issue a public appeal for help.

Ms Ella Draper, prior to the allegations outlined in our Crime Report, had full custody of her children and was estranged from her children’s father due to his severe mental health problems and resulting violence and aggression. Ms Draper has since been accused of “failing to protect her children” and most recently, as “abusively coaching” her children to make “false allegations” in order to incriminate their father and thereby deny him contact with their children (see links to Ella Draper’s Witness Testimony and a former Detective Sergeant’s Public Statement below).

In their original allegations both children confirm that a certain measure of force was used by their mother’s partner, Abraham Christie, with her consent and in her presence, as a means of facilitating and confirming the facts of the allegations. The father had threatened to kill them, if ever they were to ‘talk’ and clearly they needed help in recounting their ordeal. Careful analysis of evidence reveals that Mr Christie and Ella Draper’s actions were probably influenced by and reflective of shock and horror on hearing the children’s disclosures.

Mr Christie’s actions have been blown up out of all proportion in order to distract attention from other more important and relevant facts: at least 18 named children remain at risk and an unknown number of babies may still be being trafficked and possibly killed.

We the public understand that some police officers are restricted in doing their jobs and are perhaps either knowingly or unwittingly, compelled to work under or with complicit / paedophile authorities and peers. We understand the compromises that many are forced to endure under duress of losing career and income; this is all part of the ethos within the realms of paedophile agendas and it is the resulting secrecy and silence which all corruption both demands and relies on.

We therefore urge all to take strength and courage and sign this petition so that every honest and honourable police officer may freely uphold and enforce the law in order to protect our children. Child abuse is reaching epidemic proportions and it needs to be stopped in its tracks.

Witness Statement by Ella Draper:

Former Detective Sergeant:

More on the case: and

We, the undersigned, support the efforts on behalf of McKenzie Friends and the British Public. Since UK authorities have failed them, we have become a legally recognised and Competent Authority in this case according to EU Child Protection Directive 2011/92. We request

  1. the return of the ‘whistleblower kids’ to their Russian grandparents via the Russian Embassy in London with immediate effect;

  2. a guarantee to their mother, her partner Mr Christie and her McKenzie Friend Sabine K McNeill of safe return to the UK, without fear of arrest or imprisonment;

  3. investigation of the father and his associates’ activities, in particular those with distinguishing marks, as requested by this online petition3 with over 1,800 signatures.

Please send to Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, Westminster, SW1P 4DF and by email to

3. the full 29-page Crime Report.


50 thoughts on “DESPERATELY SEEKING: ‘Police Against Child Abuse’ to Investigate ‘Hampstead Case’ aka #WhistleblowerKids

  1. Administrative and legal procedures are incredibly impervious to extraneous forces. Unfortunately only moves that comply with the rules of the game are likely to result in positive outcomes, unless and until the rule book is amended. Maybe it’s akin to trying to rugby tackle a cricket batsman in the course of a run or kicking a golf ball into the hole! The problem is that now the Hampstead children are in the hands – or perhaps ‘claws’ would be more appropriate – of Camden (?) Social Services, they have all the aces and all the trumps. Indeed, if the videoed interviews had not become public, it is unlikely anyone would have believed the children’s complaints, even if they had been circulated. It is the voracity of the children’s testimony that millions have witnessed, that makes this case different. The incompetence of the officials; the injustice of the decision; even the likely guilt of accused parties, screams from the mouths of children from the global rooftop. The utter failure of the so called ‘Family Court’, with the connivance of police and social services, is there for all to see, in its naked ugliness, yet we the millions of empathetic outsiders are excluded and impotent to intervene to secure the right and just outcome. Meanwhile like some dark horror movie, the children are forced to meet the very person they have alleged has tortured them and were in fear of their lives, exonerated of all charges by the judge, whilst the mother has been vilified and forced to abandon her children, when they need her most. Has England actually already become some dystopian fascist state, devoid of empathy, even common sense, whilst we were all sleeping? Is no one of character and Christian values left in either London Police, Social Services or Courts of Justice? How can they all stand by silent, as they witness the most extreme dereliction of duty? So all we can do is ensure that every step of the way, decisions are monitored and made public, so that at least those that make them know they will be judged by history. It is not the mother and step-father on trial here, but the system of British Justice itself. Britain is being judged by the whole world on the organised and protected corruption involving children over generations. This case is but the latest glaring, irrepressible and distressing example.

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    • Well said Tim Veater very well said and I agree with you entirely. It is Britain that is being judged here, and shamefully so at the moment. However we are not , as you say, impotent to intervene. We have the power of prayer on our side and God is certainly attentive to what we have to say. It certainly is a distressing case, along with the many others we have seen. But just keep,praying because this is our watch. Prayer is powerful and that devil is shaking in his shoes as we speak. The gates of hell cannot prevail,against us! whoop whoop! Keep,praying


      • Sadly, and to my shame susanjohnson, I can’t equal your faith or belief in the power of prayer but I hope you’re right. I did hear Nick Clegg was praying he wouldn’t be wiped out. 😉

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    • “Has England actually already become some dystopian fascist state, devoid of empathy, even common sense, whilst we were all sleeping?”

      The answer is “Yes”. Some call it “Totalitarian Tiptoe”
      The people of Europe must stop the Zionist warmongers in their tracks

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  2. have no Chance to enter WordPress – having really big Problems with Internet … so i cannot share this
    important Piece; perhaps later curi56


  3. This video is from 1990 about SATANIC abuse even then the Police had problems investigating this form of abuse? Does that mean high up in rank police are involved or paid handsomely or both? I think if there is problems that way, the high up in rank should be removed the only way investigations can go forward.


  4. All efforts should therefore be directed to:
    1) lodging an effective appeal against the fatally flawed Pauffley judgement;
    2) challenging the Metropolitan Police’s decision not to continue to investigate the children’s allegations;
    3) take legal advice on the feasibility of taking out a private prosecution on the available evidence;
    4) continue the private research to investigate the children’s claims;
    5) make an ombudsman complaint against the London Borough of Camden;
    6) pursue a complaint against specific aspects of the Metropolitan Police investigation;
    7) institute letter campaigns to MP’s and Government Ministers;
    8) maintaining efforts to bring the case to the attention of European Institutions;
    9) involve as far as practical the interest of the Russian Government;
    10) organise peaceful mass protest
    11) organise (Channel 4; UK Column; abroad?) mainstream station to produce a balanced TV programme
    12) newspaper campaigns

    These are only suggestions and I may have overlooked other possibilities. No campaign can be effective without an organisation, resources and committed as already demonstrated by Sabine and others. How this will develop awaits to be seen. The bottom line is that we cannot forget the children or their allegations.

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  5. Tim, you and I seem to be on the same page – I have already passed on to Sabine the need to stay FOCUSED on ONE point – focus your energy on Exposing ONE CRIME and the rest of your concerns will be answered – your POINT number 1 above – must be that focus – for when that is exposed the deck of cards collapses – and you can only expose that in the Criminal Courts – appealing in the FAMILY courts is a total waste of time – how much more evidence is required before people realise you can never WIN in a Secret system – where the cards are STACKED against you. You will NEVER win.

    But a DEFAMATION case by 4 million good parents – who are all really pissed off at being labelled as pedophiles simply because they read about this and were concerned for CHILDREN – must be the focus now.

    Its the only argument you can WIN = and its the ONLY ARGUMENT that will get public interest and the numbers behind you to do so in the CRIMINAL courts which are NOT SECRET.

    Unless of course this entire event is just another Psyop? And if it is then we humans are all in big trouble.

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    “For thousands of years, during the long, dark Age of PERMITTED Abuse, children were considered chattel and men had absolute power to use and abuse them at will. Children could be bartered, sold, battered, mutilated, starved or raped without recourse. Men were permitted sexual access to their own and to marginalized children but had to stay away from each other’s. Women had no legal right to their children and no power to protect them; they had been made completely dependent on men.

    It explains why judges threaten mothers and children they will never see each other again if they don’t allow the abuse to continue, and “why mothers are jailed when they won’t get with the program.”

    It explains why judges isolate children from protective mothers in order to brainwash them into recanting and to break their will to be free of their abuser. It explains why mothers are gag ordered and placed on indefinite supervised visitation. It explains why mothers are systematically disempowered by being bankrupted and traumatized and why white middle class men are most often the ones reaping the benefits of court licensed abuse. (Minorities are not automatically entitled and upper class men have the power to keep it from ever getting into family court.) It explains why, no matter how much money the mother has or how good her attorney is, no matter how much evidence of abuse there is or how little evidence that reports of abuse are a result of alienation or mental illness, judges will still disregard and conceal abundant evidence of abuse and grant custody to abusive fathers.”

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  7. Yes, the legal professionals have filed their appeal and there has been one more ‘directions’ hearing by Pauffley. In her wisdom she discovered that the solicitor who had come forward to protect and defend me has now a ‘conflict of interests’, after we begged Ella to instruct him and the barrister who had fobbed the police off her house.

    Now the solicitor can’t represent me any more.


  8. Sabine, good to have you back, trust you are well.

    Just posted this at Hampstead Research.
    In addition to Tim’s excellent list of suggestions, it’s another suggestion that might appear somewhat out of the box:

    In a short answer to: What can we do? Why do we seem powerless in the face of these evil-doers who are holding alisa and gabriel hostage? How can The Authorities protect these criminals and allow decent human beings to be treated like this?
    We need to realise the enormity of the problem and remove the cause. The cause of our problem is that we – humanity – have been fooled into giving our power and authority away to creatures operating at a very low level of existence. There are lots of ways that trick has been accomplished, and so lots of ways we can remove the cause – but I think we need to do it together.

    A longer answer is here, with a suggestion of one of the ways to help remove the cause of the problem( of course there are many other ways too):

    If we take as a starting point that the children are telling the truth – and it’s a sound starting point because they ARE – we begin to get an idea of the scale of this cult of Satanic child rapists and murderers: all the teachers and most parents in all the schools named; the clergy in all the churches named; all the people in the police, social services and CAFCASS; all those involved in trafficking babies for sacrifice and those responsible for disposing of the bodies; all those involved in the film making and distribution; all the drugs being handled and distributed by the cult, and all the complex money laundering operations. The extent of this Cult’s activities obviously requires incredible resources, and an extensive, well-organised network in place. There’s no way such a network could function without the knowledge, and therefore CONNIVANCE of the secret services. With very limited resources compared to the police ( but with the unlimited resources of a good heart, empathy and a passion for the truth), Hampstead Research, FROM ITS INCEPTION, started to uncover evidence that just such an extensive criminal network exists. In contrast, the police “investigation” uncovered no such evidence; stored some very INCRIMINATING evidence out of sight of the police and social services investigating teams; successfully arrested the two innocent children after a second interrogation; extracted part-retractions from alisa and gabriel at the third interrogation attempt – but only after they had been detained and separated from their mum for six days. Then the police used Emergency Protection(Racket) Powers to hold the children captive to prevent them from revealing any more secrets.
    The police “No Crime’d” and closed the case with the CRIS report reflecting the already prepared headline, which was also the basis of Pauffley’s so-called hearing and judgement: “Wicked Mum and Boyfriend Coach Kids to Win Custody Battle with Devoted Dad”. And as the Dutch poster very sharply noted: “This was, of course, all the mother’s idea, in order to lose her children and flee the country. It all makes perfect sense, why else would you put your children through that physical and emotional abuse? If you want to change your life? Lose your job, your house, friends, family and your children and everything you have? If you want to be arrested or flee the country, start all over anew. Then that’s the way to do it. You torture your children, come up with a fantastic bunch of lies. Then you go to the police, have your children interviewed. And voila, success guaranteed.”
    The motive offered by The Authorities to explain why the children said what they did is not pathetic, it’s not even absurd – it’s just simply INSANE. And it just proves the courts are controlled by the same well-organised maniacs who control the police.
    That not one MP has raised the Hampstead Case in Parliament, for fear of political suicide, just goes to prove they are ALL also controlled, and many deeply involved. Who has control of government (and by extension, the judiciary and the police) to such a degree? Could it be the group to whom the unpayable national debt of trillions is owed? That group of anonymous Bankers, headed by the Rothschild Banking Mafia? Well, if you follow the money and an enormous amount of research done on this, that’s where it leads. This Banking “Elite” is just a Satanic mob of Filth that prints its own worthless toy Monopoly money, and has fooled everyone into believing – with the help of government – it has some value. It is The Emperor’s New Money and we offer our produce, assets, our lives’ energy and our children’s lives’ energy in exchange for this filthy, worthless money – a sacrifice to the devil if ever there was one. The “National Debt” is a scam set up where the government (of any political colour) offers the population’s productive capacity, or living energy, or simply LIVES, as security for a loan of Rothschild toy Monopoly money that can never be repaid. This scam has been going on for generations, and it’s a common misconception that governments were tricked into this by the bankers. The truth is that governments are, and always have been, willing accomplices to this fraud; they are the middlemen between their Masters and us, the people they pretend to serve.
    How can we remove this Satanic and Murderous Rothschild family monopoly-money power, which is destroying not just this land, but the whole planet?
    Here’s a suggestion: We produce our own Monopoly money. By “we” I mean each and every one of us. We print, draw, write Our Monopoly money which is not backed by anything other than good will. Forget gold, silver, precious, metals, gems as these are also concentrated in the hands of the few, and a currency backed by these keeps the many in the same trap. One unit of Our Monopoly money, or “OM” would equal one unit of any currency, thus: OM1 = ₤1, $1, €1, or Rupee 1 – or whatever currency you like – it’s always on a 1:1 unit ratio. Whatever the price of something, in whatever currency, you just write the required amount in OM’s on a piece of paper and hand it over as payment. You just need something to write with and a piece of paper. If you can’t afford a pen or pencil, borrow one, then write yourself enough money to buy one. Self-created OM’s would erase the artificially created situation of rich and poor, and that artificially constructed division between the two – and all the artificially constructed levels in between. Rich and Poor is the same as Master and Slave. If ANYONE has money power over you, you are a slave to that person. That’s an incontestable FACT, and until we face that fact we will continue as slaves.
    And if our slave owners happen to be Satan-worshipping, child raping, murdering megalomaniacs – and they are, then we are in serious trouble – and we are. You might think the idea of using “Our Monopoly” money is crazy, but it doesn’t even begin to approach the insanity of using that filth that is the printed and minted Monopoly money owned by The Rothschild Mafia.

    Could this be one way to stop these monsters in their tracks, and secure the release of not just alisa and gabriel, but all our children threatened by this evil?

    Love to know your thoughts on this.

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    • I love this idea Drifloud – Our Monopoly money. We could use OM with each other and other like minded people. That’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it? getting enough of us to band together and do this.

      We need many, so many, free-thinkers, those who can think beyond our ‘cages’, the cages created by the evil ones. This is where their weapons of fluoriding our water, contaminating the air we breath with chemicals from chemtrails, polluting the atmosphere with mobile radio waves, giving our children toxic vaccines. It is all to dumb us down and stop us thinking and acting.

      Hopefully more and more people are waking up. This wake up movement needs ideas such as your’s.


  9. FromMyHeart2YourHeart Hiya Sabine, hope this message is received in the spirit it’s sent “With lots of love & best wishes”
    Both me & my wife have paid very close attention initially to the plight of the children & obviously that now extends to everyone involved but especially to Ella the children’s loving mother!

    I support everything that’s been done so far including & especially the release of the tapes by whoever done it because without those, this case would already be closed with all of you in jail, I’m sure!!! & us none the wiser!!!

    I did attend the 1st hampstead vigil where I met some good spirited people including Belinda Neelu & 2 of Abe’s pals who only had good things to say & I’m tweeting regularly trying to raise awareness & help others recognise this is the only fight in town & if we win this we win them all

    But this is where my message becomes a little more difficult because I believe that at this time you all should be making plans to return to the yUK
    Summer is almost on us & if you want a 1,000 people on the street & another 1,000 outside the court, that time is almost here!!

    & I know in my heart that nothing would strike more fear into the accused (if they’re guilty) than to hear the 3 of you are on your way back & looking forward to standing in the dock,
    in an open criminal court & setting out your defence
    “Your Truth V their lies”

    I do understand that you’d be against a paedophile establishment who’s powers & corruption is boundless as many including yourself have found before but with the publicity & the evidence & current mood at ground level, you & this case can test them “as they’ve never been tested before”!!!

    Abe put out a poll asking should he talk to the BBC
    I said yes knowing how they’d fawned over tricky demon & misrepresented your good self although I haven’t been able to hear or see your interview
    So I said yes in full’ish knowledge of the despicable history of the BBC but I would go further in return for 2 demands
    1, it has to be face to face & Ella & Abe can independently have the whole interview recorded on film
    2, the BBC get more than one of their recognised independent child psychologists to analyse the the tapes with special attention to Gabriel’s (bogus) retraction & you’ll know if the psychologists have given an “honest analysis” by their word!!!

    & in return for this I would give the BBC the interview & the rope to hang itself by walking me into Barnet police station to demand my day in a criminal court!!!
    If you want the eyes of the unaware on it!!!
    BBC is the way to go!!!
    They’ve dipped their toe in the water, I believe they’re offering you a chance
    (& there are risks) to drag them right in to the middle of the truth & I guarantee you they will be screening for the spirit of Harry Houdini to get them out of there But their cries won’t be heard above ours, shouting Truth Truth Truth

    I realise I’m asking you to walk into the lions den & I can’t begin to truly understand the pressure you’re under!!! & on your return the pressure will rise but so too will the love & the desire for truth!!!
    & I think we have enough to silence all their big guns, even WW3 will be a side show if we get near the truth of RSA/CSA

    We all know our politicians
    are puppets, get this right & for the 1st time ever we won’t be speculating about who the puppeteers are, we just need to follow the exposed strings & there they are!!! Imagine how glorious a day that would be, I wonder if they’d feel embarrassed or aggrieved?

    Do I recognise that you’ll be fearful, “absolutely”,
    “I’m fearful” out here on the periphery, I’m a normal guy with a family & no money or power, I’ve knocked door 2 door for nearly 35y & still I’ve made my resolve to expose our satanic paedophile establishment no matter the cost, even if it means me eating my words & admitting I must’ve been crazy at the time But I won’t do that until I’ve seen the evidence checked & tested!!!
    “come what may”

    As I said, I’m scared for me & my family but if I put myself in your position I’d times it by ten minimum
    But my childhood heroes weren’t Jimmy Savile or Superman, I was raised on Songs & Stories
    All my childhood heroes where either shot & hanged at dawn or died on hunger strike & I won’t be letting them down!!!

    With all that I’ve said above Im willing to put all that aside, without any explanation & support all of you no matter what route you choose to take

    I’m one of those crazy guys who thinks he can send Love & Power across the ether & I’m sending it now to you Sabine Ella & Abe with a power surge for
    Alisa & Gabriel
    “More Power 2 You All”
    & I’m not flying under the flag of anonymous. “Though I see them as the unsung heroes” my name is
    James McMenamin & I look forward to the day that we meet triumphantly on the front line where Truth & Hope meet fear hate & lies! “toe 2 toe” & if there is a God & She Is Good, this battle will be over before they can run out naked in the street shouting “please forgive me” & then it will be up to the Truly Aggrieved
    to decide what way to go

    This is a fight that has to happen & I’m sure we all remember from days gone by The sooner you deal with it, the sooner you forget it!!!
    Let them walk away in the plain sight & future generations will still be paying beyond the beyond
    This is our first & last chance to Change history & for the life of me I’m sure it was said, “help Alisa & Gabriel make/change history”
    I say to that “it’s more possible to change history today than it is tomorrow”!

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    • You bring tears to my eyes, and I AM working on my return! It’s quicker to travel to Brussels from London than Berlin – as one of my reasons! 🙂 Watch this space. I have a promising new MP: Tulip Siddiq. And the BBC can be equipped with the Crime Report. Belinda wanted to wait with the press release till after the election. THANK YOU, James from my heart, filled with songs, stories and poems, too!

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      • Thank You sabine for recognising the love!!!

        “I was alone, by myself
        Long before I meet any friend” Bob Marley

        Stay Strong & hold the thought that there are many of us who’ve already made our resolve & we won’t settle till Alisa & Gabriel are back with their loving mum xxxxx

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    • “even WW3 will be a side show”

      Check your words…. these ones are simply MAD….

      Greetings from Germany
      and we don’t want this country to be turned into their battlefield again.

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      • “Even WW3 will be a side show” what I mean is if we get near the truth of SRA & the high offices it extends to Don’t be surprised to see alien landings & world war 3 because for the first time in recorded herstory we could see a real transfer of power & wealth, as we know the rich get richer in war but not this 1.
        We all know our politicians are puppets For the 1st we may have a chance to meet the puppeteers The people beyond the whitemailers & their handlers & this matched with peoples growing awareness of common law & how it renders all government statutes & acts “dead in the water” as opposed to our dead souls being lost at sea!!! People are realising they can claim their inaliable rights as common people standing under common law, the law yUK police swear an oath to then fail to uphold it & people are forcing the establishment to recognise the ileagality of the system
        This time of change has been promised for a while but only a year ago I had know idea where this change would come from but now I do SRA & Common Law
        So these are the battles I’m interested in, I just hope they don’t hit the button before the big exposé

        Think of it like Bob Marley saying
        “We’re burning & looting tonight
        Burning all “polution” & Burning all “ilusion” tonight”!!!
        These battles that are coming up
        “All emotionally intelligent beings should be shamelessly involved”
        As I said “their lies & hate against our Truth & Love, toe 2 toe on the battlefield of spiritual righteousness
        I’m going to do the satanists & their enablers a favour here
        “Don’t even bother turning up because on an intellectual & spiritual level the battle has already been won” we’re now just waiting to see how it all unfolds

        Love & Best Wishes from The yUK & I look forward for my children to a day when both our countries are great again without all the shame that we carry from all our other attempts at being recognised as great.
        I predict that the summer of 2015 will be bigger & more widely know in a 1,000y than 1967 is for being the summer of love!!! BooM!!!

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  10. Hm, frameblame, I have forwarded your comment to my key advisor.

    BUT: I am concentrating on

    1. my scientific work that I expect to tackle again by the end of this week

    2. the EU Commission

    3. the European Dimension of the Whistleblower Kids case – as and e-book and book:

    4. getting back to London.

    To fight the UK Judiciary ‘from within’ is not that much my cup of tea. Someone else would have to take responsibility. I’m too much in ‘PR mode’…

    Hoping you understand,


    • My motivation in helping is the fact I was deliberately deprived of time with my own child for over ten years by the nz family courts…..even after doing all that was asked of me and my never reacting to provocation.

      It’s taken me two years to get the nz ombudsman to officially investigate the many concerns I evidenced to them of direct breaches to human rights, natural justice, fairness, privacy and property rights protections.

      There is a global game in play to deprive every citizen of many rights as we are drawn fast back to fascism by extreme right leaning political interests.

      Albert speers warning of 1946….speaking after his trial and direct experience under hitler…. Speer noted that as governments get more technology ….human rights and freedoms will be further eroded and this will be the challenge of future generations ……….we are seeing exactly this in 2015.

      The article below suggests there is panic afoot to change under urgency human rights law in Britain and to remove independent oversight and accountability…by the European courts…so as to hide these secrets.


  11. The only sensible way forward is to use Private Prosecution, they were used widely once but got left behind. Never the less, they can still be used in doing so removes the chasing the tail methods because criminals are not going to investigate their own crimes.

    The process doing so should not be too much of a match with the brain power that is here. There a mass of evidence, a way to go. As i have said before and will say again we have to use whatever is in our arsenal.
    Nothing should be scuppered or sneered at in doing so will allow vile crimes against children, the vulnerable to carry on so lets go for it i am in.

    Study the links below

    Read further Google


  12. With regards to the money problem. There are a number of Initiatives ongoing. Namely the “WeRe” bank, the Bradbury Pound and Bitcoin. The current system is definitely corrupt and only benefits the few at the expense of the many. The problem is take up of the masses. For my part the Bradbury would have the most devastating effect and it has had practical application in the past. So there is no reason for not implementing it, save the fact that any statesman that has seriously tried to, has had their lives abruptly terminated.
    I can therefore only see Bitcoin winning out. It has traction, and it’s peer-peer nature has the ability to cut out the middle man. The fact that it is trendy with the young ensures a long term user base. The only concern is that Government regulation and infiltration will compromise its usefulness.


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