The #HellFireClub: Sacrifices of Children in #HighWycombe – England’s #Illuminati

In June 2014 the Daily Mail published

Britain’s missing babies: How thousands of children have disappeared from council care in the last two years – and one infant still can’t be found

  • Almost 5,000 children – including babies – disappeared from council care
  • 19 babies have vanished for months at a time, the figures reveal
  • The statistics, unveiled under FOI, have been called ‘alarming’ by NSPCC

And here’s the current observation in Bohemian Grove in California:

More on

15 05 02 Financial Fraternities

And thus this current case of the ‘whistleblower kids’ aka the ‘Hampstead Scandal‘ closes the circle back to my earliest websites about the Forum for Stable Currencies and the analysis of our financial and monetary system: sex, money or both are the signs of the materialistic world that has no room for ethics, morals and spiritual values.

May we win this spiritual battle between Good and Evil – for the sake of our children and grandchildren who will inhabit our planet!


6 thoughts on “The #HellFireClub: Sacrifices of Children in #HighWycombe – England’s #Illuminati

  1. Contribution from Barnet Police for the appeal case management, 5th May:

    play performed by Barnet Police with basic plot outlined in CRIS report
    John Cannon as Detective Inspector Cannon
    Alan Rogers as Detective Constable Rogers
    with Mrs Anna Pauffley hopelessly miscast as a high court judge

    Opens with DC Alan Rogers on Page 7 paragraph 2, informing us:
    “The children then stated that they are part of a cult at school and are being abused and seeing other children being abused. The inft has video’s(sic) and voice recording the children saying this and the laptop and phone have been seized as evidence.”
    This laptop and phone evidence includes the children describing distinguishing marks on and around their NAMED attackers’ private parts, together with detailed drawings of two of the named rapists. It was “seized” by DC Alan Rogers and safely stored out of the way of the investigating team in a property in Chingford, as Mrs Pauffley tells us in her “Judgement”, at para 107:
    ”It is a curious fact that prior to the launch of these proceedings, no police officer had listened to the audio recording made by Jean Clement Yaohirou or watched the film clips of the children. DI Cannon made inquiries at my request to discover that DC Rogers, the member of his team who received the film clips and the audio recording from Mr Yaohirou, had sent them to a property store in Chingford. The focus would appear to have been upon arranging almost immediate ABE interviews.”
    Yes, that’s right investigating team: focus attention on Arranging BEST Evidence everybody, NOT on the Existing WORST Evidence and where it is being bundled off to.
    And here in the same paragraph, DC Alan Rogers tells us of the great detail about those involved and locations: “The children go into great detail about people involve(sic) and state some police officers are involved and aware of what is happening. Locations are given of where this Cult takes place and peoples name and addresses are given out. Upon listening to recording the children seem very relaxed and mother does not seem overly concerned.”
    But on the following Page 8, Rogers The Dodger contradicts himself about the locations:
    “No known scene at this time”
    “No scene to preserve”
    “Forensic opportunities unknown at this time”
    “Unknown at this time exact timescale of when offences have happened but victim states most recent incident happened prior to schools closing for summer holidays.”
    “This would negate any immediate forensic opportunities at this time.”
    So, he also introduces the excuse – but no scientific reason – for NOT trying to obtain forensic information.

    DI John Cannon tells us on Page 10 paras 2 and 3:
    “They have then contacted Special Constable Jean-Clement YAOHIROU who has recorded a first account apparently on a phone and this has been taken into Police storage. Location to be identified.
    The incident has been recorded as URN/1440/JF.”
    “The initial disclosure contains details of Ritual Satanic abuse involving 10 schools, numerous teachers and children.”
    So, we now know that the problematic evidence is safely in storage in an undisclosed location, to be identified at some unspecified time.

    DI Cannon continues on Page 11 para 3:
    “Supporting evidence to initial allegations.
    The two victims within the initial disclosures make reference to rituals and involvement of teachers, professionals, children being harmed, numerous schools as venues and public places.
    There is no other evidence to support this at this time, reports to identify a high number of missing people that could have been involved and as far as we are aware no other parents within this school, Christ Church, Hampstead and neighbouring schools of children coming to harm or large scale abuse.”

    Cannon is sure: “There is no other evidence to support this at this time” – apart from the “Drawings”, “Tattoos” and “Distinguishing Marks” video evidence of course … but that evidence doesn’t count because that evidence is on holiday in Police storage “at this time”, and as he’s already said, its location is yet “to be identified.”

    Honest John goes on to tell us on Page 12 para 1 and 2 about how he was considering obtaining warrants for arrests and searches but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your involvement) decides against this:
    “The application criteria is not met; warrants would not be executed immediately supported by an imminent threat to loss of evidence. I would also suggest that there would be insufficient grounds to support the application given the number of addresses involved and linked intel.”
    “I have also given consideration to obtaining warrants for schools and public place, again I do not feel there is sufficient intel to support an application and deploy resources to complete meaningful searches to recover supporting evidence.”

    So, to meet the criteria to obtain a Warrant for Arrest and/or Search you have to commit a REALLY serious crime like, REPORTING an organised Paedo-Sadist Ring, or Telling The Truth, or Trying to Assist Someone Being Abused by The Authorities, or worst of the worst and probably one of the sickest and most depraved acts that a human being is capable of sinking to: VEXATING A MEMBER OF THE CLERGY …. Neelu, how could you??!!!

    On page 31 DI Cannon reveals an email he received from Dr Sara Cundy, a specialist in Child Psychiatry.
    Dr Cundy expresses her concern regarding the information she received from Jean-Clement Yaohirou:
    “Jean-Clement told me that he was struck by the amount of detail in the description given to him by the children themselves e.g. detailed description of unusual features of the alleged perpetrators’ genital regions, which made him feel the allegations had a likelihood of being true.”

    This was a potential reminder to DI Cannon that he could get that damning evidence out of storage, if he were so inclined, and do the right thing – the only lawful thing – and bring in those adults named and intimately identified by the children so they could undergo a medical examination and be eliminated(or not) from the inquiry. Alas, he chose not to do so. What possible motive could he have had for choosing not to do so?

    The rest of the plot of “The Police Investigation That Wasn’t” is rather predictable and wholly unoriginal. The “investigation” descends into a shoddy mess, framing the good guys, branding the courageous trurh-telling protagonists as liars, protecting the rapists and murderers and attempting the ridiculously ambitious to the point of delusional, “And-They-All-Lived-Happily-Ever-After-In-The-Quaint-Old-Hamlet-Of-Hampstead”, finale. Needless to say – a FLOP. The entire play was so sloppily put together and the acting by Rogers, Cannon and Pauffley, so obvious, that the entire production lacks any plausibility. The whole piece smacks of one of those efforts by an ex-public schoolboy with more connections than talent, who finds that MI6 is the only organisation prepared to pay for this sort of twaddle. It’s hard to see how it can continue to run, and will probably just end up as a regular prime-time repeat at that Cult Classic Channel, The BBC.


  2. RE: Forum for Stable Currencies:

    The Money Solution?

    Money at present = fiat money, or toy money.
    Just like Monopoly money.
    Practically all of it owned/printed by the monopoly-mad Rothschild family.
    What about replacing Rothschild toy monopoly money, with OUR Monopoly money?
    Forget about reverting to gold or precious metals, because that is concentrated in the hands of the few.
    Everyone can have millions in Our Monopoly money. It can be printed or copied easily by anyone and everyone, and made freely available to everyone – with no requirement to obtain it by offering existing Rothschild toy money in exchange. There’s no limit on the amount of Our Monopoly money anyone can possess, so everyone can become a millionaire. The poorest of the poor can become the richest as easily as everyone else. Prices of all goods and services affordable to all in an instant. All existing prices, charges, rents in dollars, pounds, euros, yen etc. can be paid in Our Monopoly money with a 1:1 equivalence, i.e. OM 1= $1, or €1, or Rupee 1. the equivalence for all currencies. So your weekly/monthly bills are sorted without a worry, freeing you up to do all the things you want to do with your life.
    – But nobody will do the work that is needed in human communities.
    Not true. All those people who love gardening, farming, working on the land and producing food for others can now do so without being treated and paid like a slave. Actually, it doesn’t matter what you’re paid, because you’re already a millionaire anyway. Your reward is the joy you get out of doing what you really want, and of others appreciating your efforts. The same for nurses and doctors who always wanted to be nurses and doctors; the reward is not money, but practising something they’re dedicated to doing: helping people to recover from illness. It’s the same for bus and train drivers, pilots – again jobs for people who really want to do them. It’s the same for all useful, necessary, constructive and creative activities.
    – But what about all those filthy, disgusting jobs, or jobs that are really dangerous? No one will want to do them.
    True, just get machines and robots to do them. With an unlimited supply of Our Monopoly money(OM’s), such technology is instantly affordable. As is scientific research for clean, renewable energy sources, medical cures, therapies, etc. all carried out by dedicated researchers/scientists.
    – But what about all the Royals and Aristocrats who want to keep their palaces and stately homes.
    Let them. Those places have such a low, oppressive, negative energy, you’d have to be insane to want to live in them.
    – But what about those who would seek to take control of this system.
    It’s not a system. It can’t be controlled by individuals or groups of individuals, because ANYONE can lawfully print draw or copy Our Monopoly money. Counterfeiting ceases to exist.
    – But what about the lazy, parasitical and criminal types? They’d just sit back and let everyone else do everything.
    Those people do that now – they are between 1 to 10% of the population of the planet, controlling, manipulating, torturing and murdering the rest. And they are managing it to a massive degree by using fake monopoly money.
    -But what about land ownership?
    The ownership of any living thing is slavery. Claiming a tract of land as owned and depriving humans of its benefit, is an act of piracy, designed to enslave. The first group who claimed a piece of land exclusively as their own were pirates. The closely inter-connected network of corporations, banks, governments, military, religions and “royal” families are the same group of pirates. These marauders are still busy pillaging, raping and murdering across the planet, claiming they have “bought” the land and all upon it for them to do with as they please. This insanity has first to be realised – then it can be stopped.
    – So, everyone has all the money they want, because they can even print as much as they want? It’s a nice idea in theory, but in practice it wouldn’t be possible – it’s a bit crazy.
    It is already possible, and it is being used to catastrophic effect simply because a very small psychopathic group has a monopoly in printing all the fake monopoly money IT wants, and is holding the rest of the world to ransom. AND IT IS A COMPLETELY INSANE SITUATION.

    If the Earth was flooded with Our Monopoly money(OM’s), a currency which could be lawfully created and copied by everyone, making everyone a millionaire, would that help free the overwhelming majority of humanity from the tyranny of the criminal Banksters and Pirates who have created the illusion that they own everything?


  3. I was searching Dr Deborah Hodes. came across this youtube very alarming? Published on Aug 5, 2012
    This message was left on my mobile phone and was traced back by UK police to come from the mobile of Dr Deborah Hodes, a child sexual abuse expert.


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