Dearman – Goa 2


2 thoughts on “Dearman – Goa 2

  1. My apologies once again, I still can’t seem to post on hampstead research so I put my query here…it is meant to go with their Ap27th post asking about school closer or not…

    Is it normal to have ‘local authority’ on a school governing body? Parents, teachers, staff, i understand, church folk, i get it because its associated with the church, but who is the ‘local authority’? As i say, maybe this is normal, I just don’t know about UK schools… here’s the bit from the christ church primary school page.. 

    ‘The Governing Body of Christ Church School comprises elected representatives from the parent body, teaching and support staff teams as well as representatives from the church and local authority.’


  2. The clue is in the quoted text,

    They are not elected members, they are there whether the board of governors like it or not.

    They are there to enforce.

    These are Church of England schools, not state schools, that in itself should tell you all you need to know.


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