COWBOY Law Enforcement: Witch Hunt (2008) BELIEVE the CHILDREN #HampsteadScandal #WhistleblowerKids

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

SOME dare call it anarchy: the absence of Law and Order, when Criminals rule the world, when ‘black’ is made to be ‘white’, when we need to oppose deception:

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7 thoughts on “COWBOY Law Enforcement: Witch Hunt (2008) BELIEVE the CHILDREN #HampsteadScandal #WhistleblowerKids

  1. Just sent this to the Directorate of Professional Services, the Met. Police Legal barrier which blocks any attempt at bringing corrupt officers to trial(note the DPS address):

    To Wendy Newell-Gosling
    22nd Floor
    Empress State Building
    Empress Approach
    Lillie Road

    I reported the crime of fraud directly to the Commissioner’s private office. However, this was just passed down to your office dealing with internal police disciplinary matters (behind closed doors), with Mrs Pauffley and her part in the fraud, omitted. I note that “reporting a crime” has been transposed to the legal term “complaint”, and “law” to legal “Acts” and “Statutes” (written legislation). This is something I do not consent to at any time, and said as much in my witness statement. Citing “Acts of Law” to justify why the “complaint” is not valid, is a just a “legal” attempt to avoid carrying out the lawful obligation to investigate a reported crime.

    However, the reluctance to investigate the FRAUD committed by two police officers and a High Court judge is easy to appreciate.
    The FACT that DC Rogers concealed video clips and drawings containing PROOF that the children had – and have – detailed knowledge of distinguishing marks on and around their named attackers’ private parts, blows the whole cover-up wide open. For example: The police not requiring the named attackers to undergo medical examinations to disprove the children’s claims as this would have shown the children were telling the truth. And Mrs Anna Pauffley’s Judgement continuing to conceal this information by attacking everything else, but not mentioning one word about the damning “Distinguishing Marks”, “Drawings” and “Tatoos” video clips in her Judgement. All done under orders to protect the named attackers.
    Who ordered that DC Rogers, DI Cannon and Judge Pauffley protect the named attackers and conceal the truth? Figures in high places who are afraid of the truth being revealed.

    The plan not to “take any further official action” in the investigation of this crime of fraud was, from the outset, THE PLAN. Presenting legal excuses as “reasons” not to pursue the “complaint” is the method employed to block any challenge to that plan. Whether you are aware or not, that that was the purpose of your LEGAL review of my witness statement reporting fraud, is something you know – I don’t.

    As regards your comment: “I understand that this may come as a disappointment to you.” On the contrary – I totally expected it. Evidently your understanding of your ability to anticipate a response from someone you do not know, still needs some work.

    But something you cannot fail to understand is the FACT that the children are telling the TRUTH, and the official version first spouted by Mrs Pauffley, and faithfully reported by the press and BBC, is a LIE. Of course, the enormity of that lie extends far beyond the Satanic child rape and murder in Hampstead. And the prevalence of ritual abuse and murder in the so-called upper echelons of power is rapidly becoming common knowledge. A major step forward takes place when those assisting in maintaining this colossal lie begin to PEACEFULLY assist in its dismantling.

    from a conscious living being,

    Drifloud 27th April, 2015 contact address email drifloud

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  2. Forced Adoption
    April 27, 2015 at 10:16 am said: “I expect I will get gagged again (it’s a bit like being in the family courts if you don’t tow the line in this blog!).I will still repeat that the kids lost credibility by wild exaggeration of killing babies and drinking their blood etc


    “Forced Adoption the examples you give for disbelieving the children are ones that I found compelling for several reasons:

    1. The technical detail they gave could not be obtained from normal childhood experience. It inevitably suggests abnormal influence from whatever quarter. Basically we have three options: as the judge wants us to believe it was done by coaching by the mother and step father despite there being a complete absence of evidence to support this; or as the police want us to believe it was seeded by watching a film (the Mask of Zorro) or some other literary or tele-visual source, which rather confirms the glaring absurdity of their position; or it was gleaned by actual experience as described.

    2. What we have is not only a statement as to what was experienced (perhaps if sufficient effort was put into coaxing a high level of acting skill in eight and nine year olds) but also intimate and personal description that even adults may not be aware. How otherwise would a child know that blood had a ‘metal taste’; or that skin was ‘sticky’; or that injections could be made into the back of the hand or directly into the neck; or prior to puberty details (‘glue in the bottom’!) details of ejaculation; or the detailed anatomy of men and women including the activity of fellatio on an adult woman; or how plastic dildo’s could be made and their variety; or the subjective experiential consequences of the insertion of objects in vaginal or anal orifices; or using stages of violence to ensure compliance; or the subjective experience of cutting a child’s head or the process of collecting the blood with all its pitfalls. These are not scripted anodyne reports but naturally accurate as far as they are able.

    3. The descriptions remain consistent to different interviewers, at different times, in different locations at different times, even when questioned by a policeman in a police station on four occasions. Even in the two odious ‘retraction’ interviews after six days of retention, subject to who knows what overt or subtle pressure, the best we can say about them is that they were indifferent and partial. Here were children trying to make good a situation along lines suggested to them, no doubt in the expectation that if they did so the horror of their enforced separation from their mother would be brought to an end, sadly betrayed. How police and courts could seize on partial retractions, whilst completely ignoring the previous compelling testimony is a feature of this case that convinces as to the corruption of it.

    4. The non-verbal elements attest to the truthfulness of the children’s accounts. Throughout, they are totally consistent with what they describe. So the ‘metal taste’ is accompanied by a screwing of the face; cutting activities are demonstrated spontaneously; injection sites are demonstrated by pinching skin and pointing to the location in the neck; the insertion process is demonstrated by an arm around the back; the process of removing skin is demonstrated.

    5. Truthfulness is demonstrated not only specifically by passing all the objective questions and tests posed by the policemen, it can be witnessed in the way they correct the questioners whenever they spot a name mispronounced or other information that they perceive as wrong. I could list them all but time is running out. No doubt you will see what I mean if you watch the videos. Then there is the willingness to incriminate themselves in what they must know are very bad acts as with the babies’ heads and in other matters. They add almost as an after-thought “Papa made me do it. He helped us” (It is interesting in this regard the father in his own interview makes a big point as to whether the children refer to him as ‘Papa’ not to mention the contrast between inherent truthfulness of the children’s narrative as compared to his own)

    6. Finally there is the incomprehensible way in which these children’s accounts of what took place mimic so closely the secret world of such practices. Is it really believable they were inculcated with fine detail to replicate features of SRA, could maintain their stories under cross examination and despite threats of death or worse, and for what purpose just to spite an errant ex-husband? Really!”

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  3. Sabine – I have previous experience – over ten years dealing with the corruption that is the family court.

    From that Experience I can help your team from a strategic point of view as you plan to WIN this battle.

    1. Only fight a battle you can WIN.

    2. Only fight a battle in or from a location that you can control.

    3. You have much evidence and many good people on your side – never forget there are Millions more GOOD people in this world – than bad – yes even in politics, the media, the police and within the judiciary.

    4. ENTRAPMENT conducted in secret is being used to manipulate the good to do bad things, so they can be arrested and destroyed – so that good people lose – credibility and integrity and reputation.

    This is the current game you are in. Entrapment is used to take good people out of the game and this is the PRIMARY weapon of this EVIL.

    How do you WIN. Where do you take your battle? How can you control the landscape?

    1. ENTRAPMENT – you are seeing this in action daily against your people and many millions more good people around the world – you can turn this around by creating a cause – ENTRAPMENT must be MADE ILLEGAL.

    Crowd Fund for this demand Globally – There is a global need for the sake of humanity that ENTRAPMENT is OUTLAWED – FALSE FLAGS and every other dirty trick used to deceive the public must be made ILLEGAL – because even the corrupted have to currently work within the the LAW ( thats why they constantly seek to change laws to make the BAD – LEGAL )

    2. Never ever fight a battle in the Family court again – its a NO WIN location – you have NO control there.

    3. Take your battle into the CRIMINAL courts with a Complaint of DEFAMATION – you have evidence of your entire GROUP – of caring parents being labelled as Pedophiles – because they viewed your concerns online – Allegations made in a decision not based on FACT – this is Defamation at its very core.

    This potentially could be the largest Defamation case in history – defaming Millions of good people – with the stroke of a pen in a judgement we all know was offensive to rational caring parents of children.

    4. If you look at what is happening in the word today – there is a deliberate attempt to DESTROY “CARE” – the Feminine Value of being CARING and NURTURING – this is under attack – Hence the Cremation of Care Ritual practised by these cults.

    5.If we look to the future as to who WINS this battle – it is GOOD WOMEN who rise up and fight this EVIL.

    It is GOOD Woman who finally wake up to the corruption and take back what has been stolen from them using Feminism and every other dirty trick know to mankind.

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” – could not be more true today.

    Good luck and best wishes.

    Victory of the People – Destroyer of Evil.

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  4. As a woman I totally agree about the way feminism has been used to undermine the family and virtues of nurturing and caring.

    Whilst I absolutely agree with women’s rights to equality, equal pay etc., the dead give away for the real aims of the feminist movement as a tool to break down the family unit, was it’s failure to focus on the rights of women to be able to AFFORDABLY choose to stay at home to raise their children, and to be RESPECTED for doing that.

    Regarding your comments about the role of women as the destroyers of evil. I am not terribly religious but wasn’t there something in the bible to the effect of “the heel of the woman shall crush the serpent’s head”.

    That could be literal, or perhaps it could mean that the feminine virtues of nurturing and caring will destroy the evil ‘death cult’ represented by the serpent that is Satan.

    Time to get our boots on then. 🙂


  5. Sickened above – as we all search for the TRUTH in this matter – and thats all we want – the TRUTH – we must also be mindful of influences who are trying to CONTROL this debate and STEER it in a direction of their choosing – for their benefit.

    Sadly that is the way this world is now managed – through controlled events and deliberately planted scenarios chosen specifically – to DIVIDE society ……….to that end, I posted this same comment on Hampsteadresearch and it was DELETED – ????? now why would that be???

    VIctory of the People – Destroyer of Evil.


  6. This is a copy of the email I just sent to the private offices of some police chiefs and newspapers throughout the land. I got “failed to deliver” notices on seven of the police emails. The original email to police has all names in full.

    To All Police Officers Who Have Sworn to Uphold The Law of the Land

    In the attachment is one of the video clips DC Rogers concealed from the police team investigating the child rape and murder case in Hampstead, September 2014. It contains PROOF that the children had – and have – detailed knowledge of distinguishing marks on and around their named attackers’ private parts. You can hear g(eight years old at the time) describing distinguishing marks such as birthmarks, pierce rings, tattoos, etc. on and around the genitals of two women, and see two very detailed drawings of these distinguishing marks – all things he could not possibly have intimate knowledge of unless what he is saying is true. The two women are named as K, headmistress of Christ Church Primary School Hampstead, and V, one of the parents of another child at the school. g, and his ten-year-old sister a, have stated that these two women are members of a large gang of child rapists who they have also named and intimately described. g explains in the video how the woman known as K, sodomised him using a strapped on “plastic willy”, brutally kicked him in the privates and performed other sex acts on him.
    These crimes are against the law of the land, and the people of the land. You, as police officers, are entrusted with the responsibility of upholding the law of the land. The evidence contained in the attached video, describing distinguishing marks on and around the genitalia of the adults the children have named as their attackers, is sufficient to require those same adults undergo medical examinations. This is the ONLY LAWFUL WAY to prove or disprove what a and g say.
    The people of the land insist that you, as police officers and public servants, carry out your lawful duty, which is to require those people named and intimately identified as the children’s attackers to undergo medical examinations in order to clear their names.

    from a conscious living being

    Drifloud 29th April, 2015 contact address email: drifloud@


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