I can’t watch this s**t! – BBC lies


3 thoughts on “I can’t watch this s**t! – BBC lies

  1. I’ve just listened to “The Report” and I can honestly say: Shame on the BBC and on the individuals who produced it. Everything is so utterly twisted and biased.

    However, the good news is that this programme, like the Ricky Ham Actor Dweebman interview, will only serve to prompt reasonable thinking individuals to look into this for themselves. They will soon discover, after watching the children’s witness statements for themselves that the children were telling the truth. Right at the very end of the piece, Dweebman shoots himself right in the foot and says that whenever children make these kind of allegations they should be believed and shame on anyone that doesn’t!

    Hallelujah! The more the BBC draw attention to this whole matter, the more the public will see for themselves and know the truth. The BBC are digging their own grave! LOL!

    Keep digging BBC because you’re doing us all a massive favour- people are not fooled by this oh so obvious tactic to try to discredit the children, mother, boyfriend, and Sabine. It simply will not work.

    Come on Britain, wake up, arise and shine.

    Praying for the whole situation to be out in the open and for truth and justice to prevail. Also, those perpetrators may want to make the most of this, perfect timing, to seek a way of escaping the clutches of this evil cult. All they need to do is come forward and confess and get the help they need. Everyone is a victim in this and some people may have been trapped into it it and may be desperate to escape.

    Lets pray this whole house of cards down and clean up the whole system to protect our children, weed out the corruption, and restore families. Britain is under the spotlight on this. May the Lord have His way in all of this. Amen

    If someone has time would they be able to make a transcript of the programme and pick it to pieces with bullet points? The lies can so easily be trounced in face of the truth. Just a suggestion.


  2. I need to correct myself on the above statement: what Dweebman actually says is : this is the biggest injustice that anyone can do to another human being; that there’s going to be a time in the future when a child has stuff happen to them and no one is going to believe them, and that is wrong, and shame on them.

    Really? The father actually said that? Of course that’s exactly what you really want isn’t it Mr Dweebman.

    Well, in this case we do believe the children.

    And we do not believe your lying bullsh*t.

    Carry on digging your own grave.


    • Totally agree Susan, they are digging an ever bigger hole for themselves.They are on the defensive and making blunders left, right and centre. Their attempts at deflecting attention away from themselves are so transparent, they’re just backfiring all the time. It would be comic if their crimes weren’t so horrific.


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