A Complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission about their handling of the Hampstead case

WONDER-FUL how different supporters take different actions!

WONDER-FUL how different supporters take different actions!

Reblogged from https://alanwrightson.wordpress.com/2015/04/23/a-complaint-to-the-independent-police-complaints-commission-about-their-handling-of-the-hampstead-case/

This is the main text of a complaint I just submitted to the IPCC. Bizarrely, they say they do not read any of the complaints and it will go straight to the police-force indicated by the complainant. Interestingly, the complaint form on the met´s website does not work. No matter what fields you fill in (I filled them all in and tried to do this four or five times in various combinations), it says you have missed out “two or more required fields”. This is simply untrue – I checked and doublechecked.

So what we have is a met police complaints procedure which does not allow any complaints through! And when you do it with the IPCC form, they say that it goes direct to the met, and they won´t read it! This is all blatant archonic psychic manipulation to direct the complainants thought processes in a way which the police website (and archons) control.

Utterly disgraceful, but, I noted, standard practice when trying to make a similar complaint about the Dail Fail to IPSO (as in FACTO or “Fact pool essence king” in the experionic secret language, yet more occult word-play by the press complaints commission´s new body). In other words, both police and press complaint websites are coded to deliberately cause you to retype the whole darned thing and feed off (vampire) your exasperation energy, unless you save it after filling in the forms but before you submit it.

So you cannot report most crimes on the Met´s website, or even complain about their inadequacies, but you can complain about them on the IPCC website, which goes to…the Met.

Very impartial, I´m sure.

Here is the main text of my complaint:
“This is mainly a “Direction and Control” complaint (although I also indicate some individuals) which has come to a head today, causing me distress despite not being directly involved in the incident. On experiencing through the internet the disgraceful interview by the BBC of Ricky Dearman, who owns child-porn internet domains according to
http://www.hampsteadresearch.com, yet also being fully aware how the Barnet and Hampstead police did not conduct a criminal investigation into the allegations his children made against him, how Barnet police intimidated Ella Draper out of the country, leaving her incapable of fighting for her children, and how despite all this the police´s own medical expert concluded that his children had been subjected to long-term sex-abuse via “blunt objects”, I am today impelled to say “No more!” directly to you, the metropolitan police, who have unashamedly, through your refusal to treat the children´s allegations thoroughly, left them in a social services system rife with sex-abuse, when their mother, who has never been accused of abuse by them, has been hounded out of the country by 9 of
your officers.

I demand a full criminal investigation into the Hampstead child-abuse ring which the children have alleged caused the anal injuries your own medical expert has confirmed. Because of your inaction, they will likely be returned to the custody of the father they have alleged abused them. Because of the metropolitan police´s utter disregard for ethical policing.

There is evidence of abuse – confirmed by your expert. SO WHY HAVE YOU NOT INVESTIGATED TO FIND OUT



I demand that you give this complaint the utmost urgency.”

We shall see what they say. I fully expect psychic intrigue tonight or in the near future, this is inevitable with the police. Any repercussions are down to them. The Hatton Garden heist happened last time, so who knows?

I will post any response here as soon as I get it.


17 thoughts on “A Complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission about their handling of the Hampstead case

  1. Any correspondence should be done in writing and mailed by certified mail with a required signature to who it is in charge that you are sending it to..This proves they got it. Do they have that in the UK.? The Internet is not legally binding. They’ll just deny ever getting it. Either that or have it hand delivered by a courier service with a signature.


    • Yes Registered mail is the best form of communication for important matters because the mail is fully traceable from the Post Office the mail was sent from, to the addressee[person or company etc the letter is sent too].
      In Australia and most likely the UK there are laws carrying severe penalties for any interference with mail but in Australia these laws are not enforced in relation to mail sent too Govt or Govt Agencies, including mail sent “person too person”.
      Everything in Australia is corrupt when citizens try to deal with matters of Police or any Govt crimes and corruption. The whole system is locked down in total Lawlessness and may be even worse than the UK, which of course is difficult to imagine.
      I have hard evidence of over 60 registered mail letters that have been either stolen, intercepted, stopped, secreted etc whilst trying to gain justice for victims of serious crimes, including Satanic ritual abuse.
      Here is a link to one of these stolen letters, believed to be stolen by police hhttp://www.wp.me/p4PPat-1g

      This next link is a letter of complaint to all Authorites about Criminal Persecution of victims/ survivors of child sexual and satanic ritual abuse in Australia. No Authorities in Australia have resonded to my letter,
      even though it provides hard evidence of many crimes. http://www.wp.me/p4PPat-2y


    • Received this from DCI Paul Settle, very recently former head of Met. Police Paedophile Unit, in reply to my email reminding him of his duty as a public servant in investigating Pauffley, DC Rogers and DI Cannon for fraud:

      Dear Sir

      Thank you for your comprehensive and thoughtfully composed email. You may wish to take note that the officers concerned do not and have not worked for me, furthermore I no longer have anything to do with this area of police work. I have brought to your attention the avenues open to you, and suggested a course of action for you to take. In light of that I will no longer be replying to any of your emails

      Kindest Regards

      Paul Settle
      Detective Chief Inspector


    • Received this after sending “Witness Statement Reporting The Very Serious of Fraud” to Met. Police Commissioner Hogan-Howe’s private office. I sent it twice before someone called James emailed me to say he had passed the buck to the Directorate of Professional Standards:

      Directorate of Professional Standards

      Complaints Support Team
      22nd Floor
      Empress State Building
      Empress Approach
      Lillie Road
      SW6 1TR

      E-mail: DPSMailbox-.CST@met.police.uk

      Your reference:

      Our reference: QU/00664/15

      Date: 21 April 2015

      Dear Drifloud,

      Our decision about your complaint

      On 01 April 2015 we received an email complaint from you, which raised concerns as a result of ‘Care Proceedings: Fact Finding judgement’ by Judge Pauffley, which you state was made public on 19 March 2015. It was my role to review the information in your email and consider whether to formally record it as a complaint or not. By this I mean whether or not to accept it as a formal complaint and investigate it in more detail.

      Whilst reviewing your complaint it became clear to me that it didn’t meet the requirements of a complaint under the Police Reform Act 2002. I referred it to my chief inspector, who has delegated authority from the Commissioner. They confirmed that your complaint didn’t need to be officially recorded. We will therefore not be taking it forward for investigation.

      The reason your complaint is not being recorded is because you are not deemed a complainant under the terms of the PRA 2002. Whilst you indicate that your complaint is a witness statement, by viewing a document which is openly available to members of the public, you do not satisfy the appropriate criteria. By way of explanation, I have extracted the information below for your information.

      Complaint – section 12(1) – In this Part references to a complaint are references (subject to the following provisions of this section) to any complaint about the conduct of a person serving with the police which is made (whether in writing or otherwise) by;

      (a) A member of the public who claims to be the person in relation to whom the conduct took place;

      (b) A member of the public not falling within paragraph (b) who claims to have been adversely affected by the conduct;

      (c) A member of the public who claims to have witnessed the conduct;

      (d) A person acting on behalf of a person falling within any of paragraphs (a) to (c).

      Under the Police Reform Act 2002, anyone can make a complaint on behalf of a person provided that the complaint gives written permission for the other person to act on their behalf. The written permission does not have to be in English.

      Witnessed – for the purposes of this section a person shall be taken to have witnessed conduct, if, and only if-

      (a) He acquired his knowledge of that conduct in a manner which would make him a competent witness capable of giving admissible evidence of that conduct in criminal proceedings; or

      (b) He has in his possession or under his control anything, which would in any such proceedings constitute admissible evidence of that conduct. Section 12(5) Part 2 PRA 2002.

      This means I do not plan to take any further official action in connection with your complaint.

      I understand that this may come as a disappointment to you. Please be assured that we take any complaint against the police seriously and do our best to find a resolution where possible.

      If you think you have reason to appeal this decision, you can do so through the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). The IPCC consider all appeals when a complaint is not recorded. You have 28 days from the day after the date of this letter to make your appeal. The 28th day is 20 May 2015. Appeals received after 28 days may not be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances.

      If you do decide to appeal, you can find more information on the IPCC website:

      Yours sincerely,

      Wendy Newell-Gosling, Band D
      Complaints Support Team

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  2. A very experienced online activist writes: I have filed several complaints about various forces.

    The best way to do it is this:

    (a) Write to the IPCC with your complaint and demand that they issue you with an IPCC file number.

    (b) They will write back to you with their file number and tell you that they have referred it to Professional Standards and they are suppose to contact you within so many days.

    (c) If Professional Standards does contact you, demand a file number from them to be cross referenced to the IPCC file

    (d) If they do not contact you, then you write to the IPCC again with their file number and complain that they have not contacted you

    (e) When Professional Standards eventually comes back to you they will tell you that, under the police reform act, you are not allowed to make a complaint unless you have been personally affected.

    (f) If you filed a complaint on behalf of somebody else, such as Ella Draper, you need to get her permission in writing for the police to investigate the complaint.

    (g) If you are filing it on your own bat, you may be out of luck as they will say you are not involved – unless of course you are complaining about them planning to arrest you.

    (h) When professional standards pretends to investigate and ultimately tells you that they can find no fault in the police, you then have 20 or 28 days to appeal that decision.

    (i) You will need to use both file numbers and send one copy to professional standards and one to the IPCC

    (j) When they continue to reject you complaint, I am not sure if there is any recourse at all. The IPCC is as useless as tits on a bull, and serve no purpose from what I can see.

    (k) The police investigate themselves, and that’s pretty much all there is to it.

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    • Yes “useless as tits on a bull” is a suitable description of our Police, Courts, Parliaments etc. in our current era of dramatic increase in Lawlessness as written in Revelations.
      Thankfully a great army of women has risen up as foretold because the men have become weakkneed and wobbly wristed.


  3. Received this from the DPP’s private office in answer to my email informing Alison Saunder’s of my part in the public’s interest in prosecuting Greville Janner. I am still waiting for Saunders to reply to my email informing her of my part in the public interest to prosecute Pauflley, DC Rogers and DI Cannon for fraud. You can get private office email addresses of figures in public office from: http://www.CEOemails.com

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Thank you for your email addressed to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Director’s Private office regarding the decision not to prosecute Lord Greville Janner. I am replying in accordance with the CPS feedback procedure.
    All feedback received from members of the public is formally recorded and analysed in order to identify improvements which can made to develop our services so that they continue to meet the needs of the public. The CPS is committed to delivering excellent service standards and will utilise public feedback to identify and develop good practice.
    The decision in this case was made following careful consideration of the evidence in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors. A full copy of our statement explaining our decision is available on the CPS website via the following link:
    Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your comments. However, I must advise you that we are unable to provide any additional information and you should not expect any reply to further correspondence on this case.

    Yours sincerely,

    Special Crime & Counter Terrorism Division

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  4. FAMILY COURT is the place where everything is SECRET – CONTROLLED and MANIPULATED. So if you want to WIN any battle you have to take a case to the CRIMINAL COURTS – which are NOT SECRET and are open to public scrutiny – I have said this before – you WILL NOT WIN trying to fight this battle in an arena you have no control over.

    Your solution is staring you in the face – In the judges decision a DEFAMATORY remark was made against Millions of People – ( a group of people – parents ) a FALSE STATEMENT – NOT based on any FACT – effectively labelling your entire group as Pedophiles just because they viewed information about this enquiry – that is of course absurd because all good caring parents are going to want to read this story and those same good parents are going to want to know what is going on here and they will also want to find the TRUTH of the matter – whatever that may be.

    Labelling a mass of people as being pedophiles only served one purpose and that was to send people away from this event – scare them – FEAR them away …and it has worked to some degree.

    Defamation is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE – outside the bounds of the FAMILY COURTS.

    Defamation—also calumny, vilification, and traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation as well as other various kinds of defamation that retaliate against groundless criticism.


  5. I have been dealing with the corruption of the family court for over ten years so I know their tricks…… I was also in the police as a detective where I witnessed first hand how a FAMILY court judge was brought into the criminal court ( most unusual at the time ) to oversee a trial to assist in protecting a suspected pedophile We had arrested…….the charges were dismissed with no legal justification.and the written decision was also delayed till after the appeal period had expired …..our police prosecutors were also prevented from lodgeing an appeal against the unlawful dismissal of charges.

    I was vilified – defamed- in the media for making the arrest and persecuted for months and now I know why.

    This same individual was attacked months later and made statements to police that I was a suspect in the attack… I was investigated for aggravated robbery!

    Fortunately a young child who had been picked up by this person at a local bus depot and fed canabis and had been sexually molested came forward with his parents admitting it was he who attacked this person after being sexually molested.

    This is all clear to me now … years later …. now I can see what has been occurring.

    Never forget there are many good honest police who are also being kept in the dark.

    Psychopaths reverse victim offender roles….because being the victim is more powerful.

    That’s why good people are accused of the very offences they have committed!!!!


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