@BBCNews Policy clear: perpetuate culture of denial of #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA

First there was my Radio 4 interview with Melanie Abott. After I got upset due to the biased questions and comments, I learned that two other campaigners had been interviewed. And I learned that I can withdraw my ‘implicit consent’ which I did.

Then there was this interview with the father Ricky Dearman by Victoria Derbyshire. I only addressed the 33 points that the producer Eleanor Plowden wanted Ella and Abraham to comment on, after I saw that ‘performance’ and responded here. Eleanor ‘noted’ my email.

Now I saw the Radio 4 announcement: The Satanic Cult that wasn’t.

Here are the excellent questions posed in the above video: “Did your research include speaking

1. to the mother or other adults close to the children who believe their claims?
2. to the children?
3. to charities and survivor groups familiar with effects of satanic ritual abuse on the victim, particularly when that individual is still a child?
4. to the police officers who were threatened and told to stop investigating the case or else their careers or their family?
5. did you ask the police how many of the accused were formally questioned?
6. how many premises were forensically examined?
7. how many computers were seized and examined for child abuse images and video content?

Only if you can answer YES to all these questions can you legitimately claim some understanding of the damaged mental state of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) survivors and the tendency for them to retract accusations when isolated and confronted by authority figures and show that you have considered all the relevant facts to the case, could your current editorial line be seen as a mistake, rather than feeble support for a corrupt Establishment narrative.

The bottom line is this: the accusations were made by the children, a point not made obvious in the short clip on your website. This cannot be described as ‘baseless’, for it is based on victim testimony, which I’m sure you realise is most compelling. Whatever the qualification of the judge, she cannot make ‘black’ into ‘white’ and the allegations as ‘baseless’.

She cannot convince the public awakened by 2 years of ‘truth’ regarding the Establishment cover-up of child rape and sodomy and that it is time to go asleep once again.

Neither can you.”

One of the Radio 4 interviewees writes: I went COLD hearing properly THE ACCESS RICKY HAS TO FREELY COME AND GO IN THE SCHOOL AND SURROUNDS.

It reminded me so much of Jimmy Savile with free access to hospitals children’s homes prisons etc. He really is the new generation SAVILE: pimp to the rich and famous.

VIP child abuse and the missing religion

Hampstead; Famous Jews; Child Abuse


8 thoughts on “@BBCNews Policy clear: perpetuate culture of denial of #SatanicRitualAbuse #SRA

  1. I will not watch this interview, it’s by BBC, just as bad as CNN!

    But ’33’ points!!

    That’s the no. of points that the BBC interviewer had to make, ’33’ the Satanic no. 33 Degrees.


    • Not to mention Eleanor had to be another “ow den” (dungeon), just like Edward Sn owden and Gordon B owden. That way, they can overlay those whistleblowers´ surname consciousness with their containment operation. Sympathetic, or shill, black magic.

      Meher Baba you are not god!! Listen to Govindanand!!


  2. This interview, speaking to Ben Fulford (a Canadian Finance, formally w/ ‘Forbes Magazine’ now living in Japan) who has been studying the international Cabal, offers great insight into these international networks and even addresses the exposure of the paedophiles in Britain AND the Satanic Cults.

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