#WhistleblowerKids will ask why: #BBC and #Pauffley vs #EllaDraper and the Probability Factor

1. the mother had a Residence Order in place and two Non-Molestation Orders against the father;

2. Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley used her secret family court to cover-up criminal activities;

3. What probability exists for the mother and her partner spending time on coaching her children to tell the stories they told independently of each other…

4. There has to be a motive and intent for the mother and her partner.

The link to all the witness statements relating to the judgement.

The links to

One comment says:

I always thought that the BBC had a moral duty to report crimes of this nature. It seems as though there are far too willing to cover up these crimes. It is most disturbing.


25 thoughts on “#WhistleblowerKids will ask why: #BBC and #Pauffley vs #EllaDraper and the Probability Factor

  1. I watched Athens Emperor’s New Clothes last night (premier if Russell Brands documentary in the banking system) followed by a question and answer session, there were members of Barnet council there claiming that Barnet Councils being privatised! Who’s buying it? Who will benefit? Someone should investigate further.

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  2. Behaviour of the PSYCHOPATH when CAUGHT.

    DARVO – D – Deny the allegation, A – Attack the Accuser . R – Reverse V – Victim O – Offender Role.

    The DARVO response is UNIQUE to both Psychopaths and Sexual offenders when cornered and caught out.

    Taking on the role of the Victim is more Powerful, so psychopaths want to quickly adopt this position when caught.

    The other option psychopaths take when they cannot blame someone else – as a last resort – is to feign memory loss. ( remind you of anyone recently )

    Some of those in positions of power are most certainly psychopaths – placed there because they will LIE to the public.

    Remember a Psychopath is the PERFECT liar – because they have NO EMPATHY or HUMILITY towards their fellow humans and can lie with impunity and without remorse.

    Better still is the Psychopath with a sexual deviancy – because then the Psychopath can be CONTROLLED.

    If you investigate this further – the use of secrecy, enforcing joining rituals which involve abuse or deviancy assists in the choosing of the best psychopaths to hold senior posts in control of citizens.

    It is even more desirable to use Psychopaths with a sexual deviancy – for they will not only LIE for you but they are also able to be CONTROLLED by Blackmail / Entrapment in relation to their sick secrets.

    Across the western world we are seeing MANY GOOD people in high office, in Government, in Police and the Judiciary being systematically REMOVED, sacked or sent to early retirement – because they are the GOOD People…….now why would that be????

    Why are so many good people being systematically removed?

    In the USA foe example – good Generals are being sacked in unprecedented numbers – without just cause.

    And if these good people cannot be removed they are being Bullied, and intimidated to remain silent to the corruption they are witnessing by their psychopathic superiors.

    And that is WHY – this entire sick saga in Hampstead is being covered up FAST by the corrupted psychopathic few.

    For any exposure to the masses as to the way leaders are behaving and being selected – directly affects the illusion of a free and open Society.

    This also explains why so many in high places are now – thanks to the freedom of information on the internet – being exposed for being psychopathic sexual deviants.

    Perhaps as part of the Hampstead enquiry the people demand that all those in office are subjected to Psychological testing to determine if they exhibit psychopathic tendencies – which must render them unfit for public office or positions of power and command over people in the future.

    Goodness and the light of TRUTH will always destroy Evil.

    The Pen is far mightier than the sword.


    Victory of the people – Destroyer of Evil.

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    • Agreed. I watched a documentary on YouTube of how psychopaths are actually often chosen for leadership positions like business management, banking, politicians, and CEO roles. It would not be expedient for them to use a test for psychopathy since they use psychopathic behavior to further their cause.


  3. It is prudent to remain sceptical about any claim by a child, particularly if it borders on the unbelievable or extreme. By the same token, it should never be dismissed out of hand. Indeed the rule is to believe unless or until it is proved otherwise. Almost as extraordinary as the children’s reports, is the claim by Pauffrey that it all resulted from coaching by two ‘evil’ individuals (mother and step-father) in a period of about three months. Yet she asks us to believe her as being more credible! The assertion this was achieved by ‘torture’ without evidence, is not only flawed jurisprudence, it is ‘over egging the mix’.

    In the absence of any firm evidence for the theory of ‘coaching through torture’, the judge has failed to provide an alternative remotely plausible explanation of the children’s accounts. The step-father’s admitted and deplorable actions, we may regard as excessive and inappropriate physical parenting, but by any definition, falls far short of ‘torture’, nor is it related to imparting a particular story. There is no evidence from either of the adults, the children or third parties that the parenting style was to implant an outrageous lie. Rather if anything it was encouraging the truth to be told, or that is how it appears, the interviewers as shocked as anyone. Perhaps most tellingly, neither did the natural father ever make such a claim, perhaps the first who would have been motivated to do so, if there had been any trace of it in his presence. Were they being ‘brain washed’, and were the natural father the loving, caring person the judge wants us to believe, might not it have been expected they would have intimated to him, what was going on?

    Pauffley’s conclusion holds no natural credibility, simply because the children’s testimony is cogent and patently honest. For her to have seized on two ambivalent, hardly convincing, ‘retraction’ conversations, after six days enforced separation from parents (and each other?) as reliable, whilst apparently not even thinking the earlier allegations, repeated in police interview, as worthy of consideration, and then basing her whole judgement on this fundamental flaw, can only be regarded as an intentional error, that must constitute a misfeasance in public office at the very least.

    She appears to reject the children’s clearly stated claims, on the basis that they are too preposterous to be believed. This may have been understandable in the 70’s and 80’s, when the public was far more naive, but it surely cannot be acceptable for a judge to adopt that position now. After all that has been revealed and all that is known about internet and high-level political/societal child abuse emerging from previous decades, most recently by (allegedly) a past Home Secretary and one of the most prominent Jewish leaders in the House of Lords, up to and including murder, surely rules out ‘unlikelihood’ as a justification for dismissing the children’s accounts. Perhaps Judge Pauffley is unaware of what has and does happen in the world of porn and sexual exploitation, which even the British government now admits operates on a multi-billion pound level. Only a Carmelite nun could claim the accounts were too outrageous to be taken seriously.

    No reasonable person could come to any conclusion, other than that the children’s accounts are believable. Yet a trained and experienced High Court judge takes the opposite view, based on an illogical and unsupported belief that the children were tortured into learning and regurgitating a bizarre script. This simply defies logic and common sense. To have any chance of viability, two children separately and separated, would have to have been word perfect to corroborate one another, to remain consistent throughout, on different days, with different interviewers. Even when being interviewed by police, this was maintained and significantly without any indication of nervousness or shame. This would appear to be an exercise in honesty and relief, in the belief that if they at last told the truth as far as they were able – to “face their fear” as they bravely put it – they would be protected from those they feared. Sadly they were let down, indeed betrayed by the very people charged with the duty to do otherwise.

    Finally, no reasonable person could dismiss the multiplicity of sexual and other detailed informations, far beyond the possible knowledge of the average eight and nine year old; nor the medical evidence that the judge unconscionably attempted to discredit; nor the specific references to buildings, places and people; nor the anatomical distinguishing features that could only have been obtained by intimate interaction. Where is the evidence that each and every claim was meticulously checked out and disproved? Nowhere apparently, because as a police detective of many years standing was prepared to state, there was no thorough investigation carried out! Yet an experienced High Court judge apparently found this acceptable?

    There were of course many more indicators the children were attempting to tell the truth as far as they were able beyond passing the simple test by the interviewing police officer. Indeed, if he had been more thorough, there is no doubt more details of what had gone on would have been provided. It is difficult to conclude other than the intention was to shut the revelations down rather than to facilitate their revelation. The descriptions of “sticky skin”, of blood tasting of “metal”, of adult anatomy of specified persons, the subjective experience of being anally abused, information on dildos and their manufacture, accurate representation of the act of severing heads, beside other technical details all beyond the normal purview of children of that age, all confirm the voracity of their accounts. The suggestion that it all resulted from a brief period of ‘coaching’ or as a result of watching the film, “Mask of Zorro”, apparently preferred by the judge, deserves utter astonishment and contempt.

    We now have been subjected to a media exercise (best described as ‘propaganda’), replicating the judges deplorable reasoning, culminating in a nauseous BBC interview with the natural father, against whom the principle allegations were laid. If anything it underscores the children’s and mother’s worst fears. If somebody in government doesn’t quickly get a handle on this lamentable situation that disgraces us all, it has the potential for incalculable reputational damage for Britain around the world.

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    • Excellent commentary. I note: “If somebody in government doesn’t quickly get a handle on this lamentable situation that disgraces us all, it has the potential for incalculable reputational damage for Britain around the world.”
      Too late for that Tim. What is out there right now will catch up with them and more to come, too. The UK is just too arrogant, having been a world super power for so long, at least 1500 to present.

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    • Thank you Tim Veater for a very well balanced and well worded appraisal. I agree entirely with everything you said.


    • “Only a Carmelite nun could claim the accounts were too outrageous to be taken seriously.” Absolutely. Judge Pauffley seems to be a part of a satanist establishment that is years and years and years old. The Hampstead case is one of multi-generational satanism (i.e. the involvement of so many families with both parents involved). Hampstead unfortunately shows that there are many multi-generational satanist families in London and in Britain who promote these shameless cover-ups and protect people like Saville, Pauffley, and dearman. But fortunately, this Hampstead case also has the potential of beginning to truly expose multi-generational satanism in Britain that links to many families and goes back in Britain’s history for many, many years.

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  4. Police Interviews. Noticeable deficiencies in this case.

    Police should always be asking specific questions to get to the truth.

    It is also a pre-requisite of Police interviews to establish – Means, Motive and Opportunity for a Crime.

    The Six fundamental questions an officer should ask a person each time a concern arises during interview are : – Who, What, Why, Where, When and How.

    If you watch the Police interviews of the children – they are NOT asking the six standard questions of each concern raised by the children – in fact they focus on the trivial and the inconsequential – and they never delve deeper into each allegation made and this I found disturbing and frustrating to watch.

    Police should have asked – every time an allegation arose……

    1. WHO did this to you and expand on names and a description to identify the offender(s),
    2. WHAT exactly did they do to you so detail can be listed for evidence,
    3. WHY did they do this to you so we can try and determine motive,
    4. WHERE were you and where were they when this happened – body positions and physical address,
    5. WHEN exactly did all this happen – expanding on time and date identifiers, and lastly
    6. HOW exactly did they do these things – obtain detail to corroborate each version.

    So either the officer conducting these interviews is NOT trained or he is incompetent ?

    or there was a deliberate desire to NOT get to the truth, to NOT identify offenders and to NOT look to prosecute crimes.

    Interview technique is Standard, basic training for police – because its the core of their role when investigating complaints. Someone working in Child Sexual Abuse is supposed to have yet more training in Interview Techniques especially as a detective so as to Specialise in how to best get the truth from children.

    The object always being to find the TRUTH, and to present that to the courts who determine guilt or innocence.

    When we see this was NOT done at Interview, and we then also see that Physical Evidence was not sought immediately after the fact we must all have concerns.

    Warrants should have been obtained to immediately subject persons of interest to search to determine Tattoos, Birth Marks etc and to Seize Computer systems and other physical evidence as would have been normal routine enquiry in most cases.

    What you have here is a Deliberate stalling, buying time so that evidence can be Destroyed. You have evidence of this already.

    You also have the deliberate persecution of Millions of people – Defamation on a mass scale in an attempt to steer people away from looking at this case or reading about it.

    Defamation proceedings can and should be initiated because NO Facts have been used to support these allegations against millions of GOOD PEOPLE who are all looking simply for the TRUTH.

    There are MANY good Ex Detectives out there – Private Investigators – who should be engaged NOW to start a real enquiry into this. Anyone can lay an Information on the courts – and since those we pay to do it will not, its timely for the people to do the job on their own.

    Seek out the many Good Detectives who have left the force – who are no longer able to be intimidated and or pressured to leave this alone. The Ex Detective commenting on Video is just that person – a sound well reasoned caring and honest man – who like many of us – is very concerned at what is happening to the systems we used to all enjoy.

    Victory of the People – Destroyer of Evil.

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    • I have been caring for and assisting victims and survivors of child abuse, child sexual abuse and Satanic ritual abuse for many years, subsequently i have learned a great deal about the methods used, motivation of perpertrators, places of abuse, types of people to be suspicious of and methods for concealing crimes.
      I have spoken at length with multiple victims and several abusers.
      I have tried to report child abuse crimes on many occasions but i have been fobbed off by Police and Authorities.
      I have been abused, threatenned by Police and Police have sat back and laughed when i/we are criminally attacked.
      Several victims and witnesses have described how satanist child abusers are known to use use fairy tale themes when carrying out their grotesque abuses to children
      One example is the headless horseman theme which is known to be played out in forrests etc.
      Rituasl are known to to carried out in picture theatre basements etc after children were forced to watch horror movies, then taken to the basement area where live ritual are carried out it the same theme as the horror movie the children just watched. This is designed to confuse the children and if somehow a child manages to tell a non occult person about their abuse, it can easily be dismissed as imaginations or nightmares from watching the horror movies.
      if you view http://www.wp.me/P4PPat-Y
      it is easy to see how a Pinochio theme was used to terribly abuse a small boy.

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      • The abusers use a lot of deception like you said. Victims are often told, “It was just a dream” and things along that line to blur away recollection of the abuses as reality. I hope you get plenty of rest and don’t become too weary doing what you do. It’s an uphill battle fighting for people who’ve been abused by satanic and sadistic cults, but it’s worth fighting.


  5. Has a Global Group of People – millions of good people – parents – been defamed – had their reputations destroyed – labelled as potential Pedophiles – sex offenders – because they simply read a story, watched a video and tried to investigate the truth of a matter?

    Have we just witnessed the communication of a false statement as made in this case – not supported by any evidence what so ever – destroying the reputations of millions of good people ( a Group )


    Defamation—also calumny, vilification, and traducement—is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual person, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation as well as other various kinds of defamation that retaliate against groundless criticism.


  6. “I always thought that the BBC had a moral duty to report crimes of this nature. It seems as though there are far too many willing to cover up these crimes. It is most disturbing.”

    British Brainwashing Corporation


  7. The “German” media are CIA-MI6-Zionist controlled…
    They are WAR MONGERS…

    The German people reject and hate all the wars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Satanic pedophiles – go to hell…

    The composed, re-heated mood in Germany (Vigils for Peace since spring 2014)
    “Ami Go Home” (1950 – Ernst Busch)

    1. What is worth our lives,
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    4.Ami, listen to good advice
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    German-Russian Friendship –NEVER WAR AGAIN – AMI GO HOME


    Ami go home – PEACE ( PEGADA/EnDgAmE/ Hannover)

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  8. Good video. I received an email today stating that a professional forensic linguist, after analyzing G’s retraction statement video, determined that it was a false retraction. They are waiting to see if they will get permission to post his analysis.


  9. Stylishly presented Hornet
    April 22, 2015 at 8:47 pm. I couldn’t agree more. It is an argument I presented early on but not so well unfortunately. Thanks.


  10. CORRECTED: Stylishly presented Hornet
    April 22, 2015 at 8:47 pm. I couldn’t agree more. It is an argument I made early on but not so well unfortunately. Thanks.


  11. Nike
    April 22, 2015 at 10:56 pm I was fascinated to listen to your video post Ami Go Home as it immediately reminded me of the words we used to sing to the tune in Sunday School! In fact they are quite appropriate to this page and topic. They were:

    “Jesus loves the little children
    All the children of the world
    Red and yellow, black and white
    All are precious in his sight
    Jesus loves the the little children of the world.”

    Would that it were true.


  12. On a different site here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE10W4RxxI0&google_comment_id=z133fjzx3tvzc15cl235vvnbnsz3eteed I replied to a poster who asked if there was any supporting evidence for the children’s claims? It may be of interest to those following this thread.

    +Rockguitarnow I think it’s fair to say there is (edit little) direct corroborative evidence. If the events as described happened, it is possible that other reports will emerge with time. If they don’t, it is not confirmatory of the judge’s take on events, nevertheless it is undoubtedly a weakness in the case. However we should appreciate that secrecy is a proven element of any abuse, particularly if they are as extreme as those described. It would be naive to expect those adults named or those potentially involved to rush to confirm the story wouldn’t it? Small children are it appears, automatically disbelieved and anyway if under the influence of adults, by either fear or reward, simply do not know how to complain to independent authorities. Multiple accounts of child abuse prove this to be true. So the issue turns on the voracity of the children’s claims themselves. Without it there would be no case to answer. That is why their treatment is so critical. Nor would we have known had those videos not reached the internet. To see and hear them, is I think, to be utterly convinced, in large part their accounts are true. It is significant that all the rage of the authorities only evidences itself when the videos go viral. Why was this? The authorities argue it was to protect the children. Others might think it was more to do with protecting and covering up a flawed police/court process. I will leave you to decide. Certainly the one-sided judgement and media campaign indicates a co-ordinated effort to demonize the mother and representatives, whilst air-brushing the father’s past behaviour, whilst effectively keeping the children under arrest. All the indicators are that they intend to return the children to the deeply questionable father. Having stated there is no hard evidence supporting the claims – other than the medical that the judge unwisely sought to discredit – it must be accepted this is no fault of the children’s but of the inadequate response by the police. There were enough claims of a specific nature that could have been tested, and ruled out once and for all if they had proved fallacious. That they did not do so, or that the named individuals failed to voluntarily come forward and rule themselves out is highly suspicious to any fair minded observer. It is one of the many CIRCUMSTANTIAL aspects that support the children’s version of events, so ruthlessly and recklessly dismissed by the judge. 23.4.15

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