#BBC #British #Cover-up Corporation: #Savile #Paedophilia #Pauffley #Satanism @VicDerbyshire

Last night I got a phone call from Scotland: a woman who had already stopped paying her BBC licence was sooo upset about seeing the interview with Ricky Dearman, whom software found to be a child pornographer

This morning I read this copy of an email to Victoria Derbyshire, the BBC interviewer:

“I am a professional in the field of child maltreatment with 20+ years of experience and have been following the Hampstead case very closely since in erupted. I am also married to a multi-award winning (former) investigative journalist. I just watched your interview with “Ricky”.
 I wonder if you have looked into all of the evidence / information available on this case? If you take the time to thoroughly investigate the case, I am confident that you will come to a different position to the one that you are currently holding/ have presented.
It is said that real journalism in the mainstream media is dead because journalists are too lazy or too controlled to undertake their own independent, rigorous research and to report what they find without fear or favour.
I urge you to rigorously investigate all the information that is available on this case, including undertaking a review of the information presented from “the other side” (e.g., https://whistleblowerkids.uk/), with an open mind. I suspect you will learn a great deal if you choose to do so.
I don’t know anything about you, but if you are a person of integrity, after you undertake an thorough an independent investigation of the case, please consider the two children and what it means for them if their initial disclosures were in fact, truthful.”

I have just finished putting this 8-page document together for my European contacts. It consolidates the case on behalf of:

  • two children in ‘care’ since 11 September 2014 with three different foster parents
  • at least 18 other children at serious risk
  • three citizens in exile: mother, her partner and myself
  • US activist Christine Ann Sands and UK protester Berry Neelu arrested, kept in Police cell for a weekend and tried with two different sets of charged by two different judges.

Christine’s comments were very quickly deleted from the BBC site, but she kept a screenshot. She also spotted how he contradicts himself, the father whom the children accuse: at 13:15: apparently I have a background in domestic violence. I don’t. Were you violent to her? Yes.

Belinda McKenzie and I had received this letter from Eleanor Plowden, the producer of the Victoria Derbyshire show. It reminded me painfully of my interview with Radio 4 that I left very angry. But that will be another blog post.

Belinda responded:

Dear Eleanor

It is now 2 days later and I gather Ricky Dearman ‘Tearman’ is all over the mainstream press & media, thanks to his teary face on your programme this morning.

The public is going to know the truth about this man very soon now, indeed I gather many already commenting have not been fooled.

BBC may have another ‘Savile Mark 2’ situation on your hands!

We have a MOUND of negative evidence against Dearman ignored by Judge Pauffley, we were keeping that for the appeal due end this month/early next.

If you have doubts about Dearman you could quit your job NOW and be welcomed by the mass of the British public as a national hero! We would look after you VERY WELL I promise!

Think about it Eleanor.

Belinda x

Thanks to our global ‘evil and / or foolish’ internet community, please note:

I shall withdraw my ‘implicit consent’ to the Radio 4 program ‘The Report’ next. It is planned to be broadcast on Thursday 23 April at 8pm.


12 thoughts on “#BBC #British #Cover-up Corporation: #Savile #Paedophilia #Pauffley #Satanism @VicDerbyshire

  1. The Truth ALWAYS outs in the end!

    No matter how hard and long the deceivers endeavour to keep it under wraps! And I can’t believe how stupid they are being in trying… they may get away with it in the short term but not in the long run.

    And YES, avoid all interviews with the MSM, esp BBC (B******* Broadcasting Corporation) – it’s clear they are not going to do the cause any good at all.

    I wonder also about doing the same with the legal system – it’s been my view for some time that the only way this family and others like them will see justice is via Joe and Joanna Public knowing the full story – i.e. the only way to clear this up is by blasting the info all over the internet, never mind “their” (unlawful) rules about secrecy etc…

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  2. I take the point made by aliba88 and others but that is a philosophy of despair and discounts the necessity for, and possibility of, established legal channels that might work. Only with persistence and dint of effort is success achieved in the end. Hopefully there are still some genuine, uncorrupted legal eagles and friends prepared to do the ground-work.

    For some reason this case appears to be proving that the more outrageous conspiracy theories and dark forces are real and at work. How else to explain a blatantly biased and unjust judgement or the sycophancy of press and even the BBC in it’s latest nauseous interview? Of course the BBC has got ‘previous’ in this regard. We only have to think of 9/11, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Ukraine and its own internal investigation of Savile to prove that.

    The case has the potential to bring the whole British legal system into disrepute (if it has not done so already!) – indeed the British State – if the children’s allegations are not treated seriously and fairly. Who I would like to know is now acting as legal and practical Guardian to them and what access does the deeply incriminated natural father have? Have the children been separated or are they still together? Are they safe and protected from undue influence? Are they receiving a formal education?

    The answer to these and other questions will be an enduring and searing indictment of those with a responsibility if we learn subsequently, humanity for whatever reason, has been recklessly ignored .

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    • What fascinates me the most is the total disregard the UK system has for accountability and informing the public adequately. The USA is as nasty a place as you can find. We have psyops going on every week, now, it seems. And yet, I still think the USA falls short of most amazing arrogance shown by British courts run in secrecy. there truly is something very wrong with the UK. I just guessing, Like Satan? does he live in the UK by chance? JUst wondering.


      • We shall find Satans tenticles everywhere! It is up to us all to root em out and I see this as a golden opportunity for us all. “He who would save his life shall lose it”.

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  3. I’d say that there is no such thing as, “safe and protected” in Britain. That’s not even a possibility when the satanists are the protected ones and have infiltrated the highest circles.

    It’s been witnessed with Saville and many situations now with various children, Madeline and the little Scottish girl.

    Britain is a small island coasting on a fairy tale reputation of royals who have done nothing for the people who inhabited the land and supported a corrupt system of enslaving the people.

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  4. Slightly off-thread here, but..
    Birthday Wishes to Alisa

    A friend who’s very into energy waves healing – love, suggested that everyone wishing Alisa – and Gabriel of course – love and strength on 24th April, focus their attention on sending these love vibrations to the children. She says the more people doing this at the same time intensifies the energy. It’s quite difficult trying to link up everyone around the Earth at the same moment, but can I propose two particular times, say midday and 7pm GMT, for five minutes each occasion? Of course, any other times are also fine – it’s the intention/thought that counts.


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