The UK Column are wrong!


8 thoughts on “The UK Column are wrong!

  1. You are wrong.

    If you type in what you believe to be Ricky’s IP address, you will be get a “recommended for you” box which leads to porn.

    If you go to the website and type in no IP address, you still get a “recommended for you” box. It still leads to porn.

    In fact, even one of the banner adverts on that site leads to pictures of naked women.

    That leaves two logical conclusions. The first is that the website is sponsored by porn sites and will bring these up no matter what you do. The other is that the “recommended for you” box is based on your search history, not on Ricky’s. I say that because no IP address brings up porn, and my IP address brings up porn, but not child porn.

    If the second hypothesis is correct then whoever carried out your search needs to be questioned as to why child porn sites are being recommended to them based on their search history and what websites they access.


  2. @ Dave,

    Your hyothesis may be true assuming that there hasn’t been any external interference from interested alphabet parties, which in this case is highly probable.


    • aliba88, Without any evidence of interference I think it is pretty safe to assume that the “recommended for you” box, is indeed a “recommended for you” box.

      It is possible the box used to be a “recommended for Ricky Dearman” box but that would really narrow down the websites use.

      It would also require a psychic cult member changing it before the researcher carried out their search, as the video shows a “recommended for you” box. I wouldn’t describe that as “highly probable”…though you never know what super powers you might gain from drinking baby blood.


  3. Slightly off-thread here, but..
    Birthday Wishes to Alisa

    A friend who’s very into energy waves healing – love, suggested that everyone wishing Alisa – and Gabriel of course – love and strength on 24th April, focus their attention on sending these love vibrations to the children. She says the more people doing this at the same time intensifies the energy. It’s quite difficult trying to link up everyone around the Earth at the same moment, but can I propose two particular times, say midday and 7pm GMT, for five minutes each occasion? Of course, any other times are also fine – it’s the intention/thought that counts.


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