Vid 17: Dearman – child pornographer?

Once again: fabulous insights, mind boggling discoveries and stunning ‘online forensics’!!!

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The children allege that their father Ricky Dearman is a child pornographer. Dearman, they allege, sexually abuses and humiliates them and the other children, along with all the other members of the cult. Dearman and the others film this and upload it onto the internet; the children claim that their father has shown them some of this material.

So in this video we’re going to offer evidence that seems to substantiate the children’s allegations.

Every internet user is familiar with predictive analysis. Predictive software analyses your behaviour patterns online and works out what kind of a person you are. For example, if you buy lots of shoes on ebay the software will pick up your shopping patterns, analyse them and advertise shoe shops and ebay at you. YouTube uses it to recommend videos based on the other videos you have watched and so on. Ecommerce is now such big business that online retailers have invested millions into developing increasingly accurate predictive software.

Back in March 2015 a fellow researcher – let’s call him John Smith – left a message on our Hampstead Research blog. John stressed that he was not accusing anyone of being guilty but Ricky Dearman seemed to be deleting all traces of himself from the internet.

John drew our attention to one particular website that Dearman had deleted. The IP address of this website was very important, he said.

We were unable to verify whether 2 hearts delight belonged to Dearman so we took John’s word for it. John explained that 2hearts delight’s IP address is not a normal IP address, it is a step up from that: 2heartsdelight is a domain name server, or DNS. A DNS is used as a look up table to reference other websites. According to John, if you add a DNS address to your computer you can access websites that other people can’t access, not unless they know the IP addresses of those websites.

So, we wondered, would a DNS give someone who knew what they were doing access to illegal sites, sites that were hidden, sites that contained, say, child pornography? Could a DNS be used to search Deep Net? Is this how paedophiles and other criminals operate online? We don’t know but from what John said, it sounds as if this could be the case.

We followed John’s lead and looked up 2heartsdelight on the Wayback machine. And here we can see that 2hearts provided services and conducted tours with deep connections into the US and Russia.

We have also heard that the symbols of two hearts is sometimes used as a pedophilic reference to sex with young girls. We don’t know if this is fact but if it is then the name 2heartsdelight could signal more than a straightforward dating agency.

Still following John’s lead on 23 March 2015 we accessed this website, which shows us all the websites that are hosted at Ricky Dearman’s IP address.

On the surface it all looks perfectly innocent – a selection of health related sites. But when we checked the predictive analysis software, which can see what’s going on behind the scenes, we were directed to a list of hardcore and child pornography websites.

We decided to look into these websites for the purpose of fact checking. After all, they look and sound like child pornography but are they really? What we found is that most of these links were inactive. One, however, was active. This link was offering pornography of children as young as one year old. In the cause of fact checking, because we did not want to accuse an innocent man, we followed some of the links and found pronographic images of young girls. We did not want to investigate further but we did this to demonstrate to our viewers that this is fact.

So the predictive software had worked out that was going on behind the scenes on Ricky Dearman’s computer was nothing to do with health and fitness – the predictive software told us that these websites might be a front for child pornography.

Please note that predictive software cannot lie. It cannot be compromised or intimidated into silence. It is automated; designed to analyse online behaviour.

We emailed this website to ask which predictive software they use and how it works but they have not yet received a reply.

The child porn site you were looking at may not have been registered by Ricky Dearman and the material we examined may not originate from him either. It is, however, quite possible that this is the case. The software strongly suggests that he and the other users of his websites have at least accessed this IP address. When we look up who registered littleorgies we find someone at an address in the Ukraine calling themself V Smirnoff, which may well, of course, be a fake name.

Please note that as Dearman seems to be removing his websites or moving things around, things will have changed over the past three weeks. When we checked the predictive software on 16 April 2015 the only trace of child pornography we were offered was this: the gay website is probably nothing illegal although dorms may have paedophile connotations.

Tellingly, back in March, when we dug further into the predictive software it revealed that users of this child pornography sites appeared to be accessing a collection of medical sites to do with diagnosing whether an adult man – or female child – has a sexually transmitted disease. Many of these websites look the same, as if they have been created by the same person.

And now I want you to use your imagination. What if a decent loving parent or relative heard that their child had been abused and that videos of this had been posted online. What if that person was so distressed they felt a need to investigate those claims, search for that pornography and try to identify faces and guilty parties? Would that parent be allowed to do this?

No way. No matter how well meaning they were they would be risking arrest.

Yet these laws do not apply to child pornographers and paedophiles. People like Ricky Dearman are being protected by the UK judiciary, people like Judge Pauffley. And when previous PM Tony Blair was informed that a large number of his fellow politicians and members of the estalishment had been caught viewing child pornography online, he issued a D Notice, which prohibited the media from reporting the matter and protected the child pornographers and paedophiles, who were never arrested.

Thank goodness, then, for John Smith’s message and predictive analysis software, which gave us evidence to substantiate the children’s allegations without having to search out or view such material.

We hope that this evidence will be admissable in court in support of the children’s allegations.


11 thoughts on “Vid 17: Dearman – child pornographer?

  1. Great reporting. It left me sick inside, but only because it has a very strong possibility of being true in my eyes. Ultimately, it is those ruling that are making all this possible. That is the worst part.

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  2. if you look at the videos screen shot of web links page (in pink) there is a link that says “A.l.i.s.a. . 9.y.a..f.u.c.k” near the bottom of the list, I wondered if the person who investigated this, checked out that link?? it would have seemed important to do so I think, and would have been undeniable proof that they had been subjected to abuse

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    • It was important but I am not sure if it would be revealed to us if they planned on surprising the enemy. Otherwise, Good observation, Forever. I had to look that up this morning to see what you were talking about. You were right on and much more alert. I tip my hat and bow my head. Well done!


  3. Wow, that is really something! Thanks for posting this Tim. Can that BBC segment be posted as ‘video 18’? It can use more people seeing it (in case they are not going thru all the comments) and they can then choose to go to the BBC site and comment there. Perhaps BBC and their audiance would like to be directed to whistleblowerkids or to Ricky’s acting reels, (MelekdavidDavid posted some way back, mar 27th on this web site) or to check out Ferris Entertainment (Peter Ferris who is apparently manager to Ricky) and look at their ‘The Dungon’ trailer or any of their satin trailers.

    Actor you say Ricky?…not convinced!

    As an aside, I’ve noticed that BBC, ABC (Australia broadcasting) and CBC (Canada broadcasting) are all changing their programming lately. Pushing the war agenda, the fear mongering and slowly weeding out those journalists who still have a brain, heart and soul in tact.

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  4. Sabine, here is how you save the kids from the christ church torture chamber….any use of the legal name is FRAUD….the whole planet has been duped via the birth cert….there is NO LEGAL REMEDY…kidnap those 2 little kids back from dad or foster care if you can find them….do the research on the fraud legal name here: I’M SERIOUS and when you & the world wake up to the fraud…THEY THEY THEY HAVE NO POWER! THEY NEVER DID….WE GAVE IT TO THEM ON A SILVER PLATTER….MUCH LOVE TO YOU AND ALL FIGHTING PEDOPHILIA ON THE GROUND… ❤

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  5. There is nothing right about our world until we stop everything, everything, and make sure every child is accounted for!  Every action beyond that, until we are sure they are all safe, is a sickness. Truth is, there is an epidemic that has infiltrated our world and we have all been caught up in that. Sabine, Ella (and your children), you’r exposing this is blowing it out in the open! The world as we know it, is now crumbling…

    I am stunned! Horrified by the content in video17. This level of sickness is beyond what we really know how to handle, clearly, as it is so out of control. It hits on a deep level, to consider the idea of (satanic) paedophilia, to know this is happening. It strikes a very different level to see and hear children talking about it! While the info was almost too hard to really grasp, we can not ignore them! And now as this is becoming exposed more and more from the amazing efforts of all involved, the information in some of these videos, like the words written on pink paper and the horrific images of children in those tortured situations, is truly heart breaking! This touches to the core, as it sinks in. When it is this intense, at times i need to cry or shout to release it but, when i am done, I am even more committed, ready to keep on standing strong, shining the light and ready to hold others up when they need support as this rabbit hole is blown wide open!  

    Truth1now (comments on Hampstead Research) and all others who are here working hard or standing holding the lights..we are in this together, much light is needed as this has been in the darkness for too long. The love Ella has given her children gave them the strength they needed to speak. I will use her example of love to support healing this very sick world! 

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  6. Slightly off-thread here, but..
    Birthday Wishes to Alisa

    A friend who’s very into energy waves healing – love, suggested that everyone wishing Alisa – and Gabriel of course – love and strength on 24th April, focus their attention on sending these love vibrations to the children. She says the more people doing this at the same time intensifies the energy. It’s quite difficult trying to link up everyone around the Earth at the same moment, but can I propose two particular times, say midday and 7pm GMT, for five minutes each occasion? Of course, any other times are also fine – it’s the intention/thought that counts.


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