Secret Language 2?

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We’ve just been reviewing researchers’ messages on the blog and came across what we thought was an interesting exchange from two weeks back in the Comments section.

Several posters have interesting observations on the idea that the police interviewer might have been using the alleged secret language on the children. All posters are informed and interesting – please take a look at the thread but one poster in particular called Arendale went into so much detail and seemed to speak with authority so we thought we would reproduce it. Thanks to all.

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Arendale’s posts

Posthypnotic suggestion. Everyone sees this video differently. I don’t want to rush and say the officer is using the cult’s secret language, because the secret language is for the cult to communicate secretly in public while posthypnotic suggestion is different. I watched this video three times, and here is my take:

The officer, whatever his name is, is a hypnotist. He appears more like a psychiatrist than a police officer. A was hypnotized and implanted with a new story which she told on camera. She was given certain cues to respond to which is what we see the officer doing throughout the video: subtle hand signs, rubbing his eyes, brushing his hair, crossing his legs, hands between legs, etc. Cultists sometimes use reverse psychology to call innocent people what they themselves are (words like ‘evil, pedophile, etc.’) in an attempt to intimidate people into silence. They say that Ella and Abraham ‘coached’ the children because that is what THEY do, and that is what we see in this video. If you go to 1:55 where the officer asks A if ‘it’ happened in England at all and A replies that it was in Morocco, you will see that after the officer says, “All in Morocco”, he can’t help but nod at A to agree with him. He is so into the posthypnotic suggestions he’s giving her that he openly gave an obvious one, showing that they had coached A in what to say.

As for body gestures, here are some of the different ways abused people see certain gestures and what some of the officer’s gestures would more likely translate to a victim as opposed to the general translation:

1.) Crossed legs shows that “we are against you; you are all alone here”; 2.) hands between legs is actually a very hostile posture and is meant to communicate that the hidden hand(s) may be concealing a weapon which is meant for the victim; 3.) rubbing the eyes is definitely posthypnotic suggestion but can also be used to communicate “You’re in trouble if you don’t say what we tell you to say.” The video is full of many inconsistencies one of them that A implicated both Abraham and Ella in threatening to kill A and bury her; it used to be just Abraham who was painted as the violent one. Bad news is that since A and G were abused since they were little and it was traumatic, chances are high that they are dissociated and have different parts/personalities which makes it easier to hypnotize and change their stories. Even worse news is that the state or cult will try to keep A and G in their custody perpetually, because in their custody, they can manipulate them and get them to play ball. This means they will do all they can to prevent a real investigation, so what I see up ahead is a very real fight between the cult and their ilk and the children’s advocates. The officer is a hypnotist; I don’t know where they found him, but he’s not a real/normal police officer at all.


Forgot to include this: when the officer (about 1:50) asks A, “Did ‘it’ happen in England at all,” he very slightly shook his head at her to say no. When she said it happened in Morocco, he then said, “All in Morocco” and then very slightly nodded at her to say yes. After I saw that extra piece of evidence of posthypnotic suggestion, I then understood why the officer’s voice and tone are so low and why he seems bored. He’s in a relaxed state, if you will. He is talking to A the way a hypnotist or hypnotherapist would talk to a hypnotized patient. His way of talking to A was why I initially said that he seemed more like a psychiatrist and not a police officer. A was hypnotized for this video, and the officer used that trance-like relaxed atmosphere and tone to use posthypnotic suggestion on her. Anyone who reads this and then watches the video again will see it stand out, especially the more obvious cuing of A from 1:50 – 1:55 where he shakes his head for her to say no and then nods his head for her to say yes. Outstanding. No wonder people are calling it the police/cult ‘secret language’. The proper term for it is posthypnotic suggestion. They need to get non-cult-connected hypnotherapists and behavioral analysts on these retraction videos who will totally trash and disqualify the children’s retractions as hypnotically induced (at least this video). Criminal. These guys are playing for keeps.


Anyone who wonders why they would need to hypnotize A or the children to get their cooperation rather than just telling them what to say, it’s because children that age don’t know how to recall lies well nor do they know how to forget. Many satanic cults will tell their child victims, “Remember to forget” or will tell them that the abuses and rituals were “only a dream”. Only as such kids grow up do their minds learn to obey the cult. Just like it takes a while for a child to control their body while asleep, it takes a while before a child’s brain can learn to follow or obey orders to go against what is natural. A and G found it hard to tell the lies they were probably told to tell; adults can tell lies much easier than children. Children have to learn to adapt to apathetically treating lies as if they are truth. In the Franklin Scandal case from Boys’ Town Omaha, NE, at least one teenager chose to obey the cult and lie and retract his statements about the cult; one girl (her real name happens to be Alicia) refused to lie and retract her story and was punished with perjury and several years jail time for it. Older people can choose to lie; children may choose to but haven’t matured in the ability (unless the child is a psychopath, and there are few of them). For children A’s and G’s ages, hypnotism would sort of act like alcohol. Alcohol lowers one’s inhibitions and can cause them to act in spite of their moral standards; hypnotism lowers the guard known as the conscious mind and can cause people to act in spite of their worldviews and beliefs.


5 thoughts on “Secret Language 2?

  1. From an experienced supporter: I just read the latest post and watched the “retraction” video -it was horrifying. It is very obvious that the person interviewing the children is signalling throughout the interview. Just to let you know, the victim-survivors I worked with reported being “programmed” via hypnosis with hand signals. One was very worried about testifying in a court case and told me that all someone would have to do is use a hand signal at her and she would not be able to be in control of her own mind. She gave me very specific examples and told me the effects they have. I just thought I would share this with you to corroborate your suspicions. Also, you can see a similar thing with an interview with one of the Sandy Hook children, the mother is signalling the child thought the interview – just search the key words in YouTube (eg, Sandy Hook child interview hand signals). It’s really obvious once you know it exists!

    I am so distressed for those children, it is absolutely horrendous. You can see from this that the cult has their people everywhere, in all the positions they need to cover everything up. Those children need a miracle, that’s for sure.

    Here are the YouTube search results:


    • Oh my lord!

      Mind control through secret hand signals, I did not, until now, know such a thing was possible. I had always thought it was a long term process, but it now makes sense that there has been a prime time British TV show about hypnotism, they have been programming millions to be satanic soldiers!

      Now, who ever released those police videos must have known about the secret hand/hypno signals, they must have known people watching them would also have been effected, that is why the signals are clearly shown, they must have planned all along to control anyone wHatching them, public, doctors, even judges!

      It is a well known fact that not everyone is effected by hypnotism, those in the know already, or those with rightuosness on their side would not be effected.

      This would explain why people watching the same videos come to very different conclusions, some have deffinatley been the victims of mind control!

      It is clear that people need to be on their guard against mind control videos on YouTube and other sites. Trust no one.

      There must be a scientific way of detecting this and protecting yourself, special glasses maybe?


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