IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Discussing Strategies emerging from the #HampsteadScandal

Neelu Berry aka Chaudhari is a former pharmacist whose license was taken away as part of stifling her attempts of getting justice on behalf of her niece. She says she was murdered by the NHS. She publishes with more details.

Neelu has published videos of talking to Police at Christ Church Hampstead where she was on Sunday 22 March 2015. Two weeks later, she was arrested, together with Christine Ann Sands, outside the Ecuadorian Embassy where they participated in a protest for whistleblowers.

Neelu and Christine were held in Police cells from Saturday until Monday and were heard in court on the subsequent Monday and Thursday. Christine was sentenced to 12 months prison, suspended as she wants to catch her plane back to the US. She was also fined £165. More on

Neelu has become an expert on

She also knows about Common Law as the real basis for law that has been hijacked to protect the hijacking of the creation of money. Now, however, we need to protect the creation and livelihood of future generations with international likeminded allies. Hence I set up as a platform for collaboration:

  • to find ‘Listening Buddies’ who use skype to listen to each other for 10 minutes each – as a basis for personal commitment to each other to provide help, support and encouragement for individual and joined actions;
  • to organise local events – based on victims or supporters to plan actions on- and offline;
  • to share information and, above all, success stories!

As a first step, Witness Statements to accompany the Pauffley judgement have been collated on

Please note that this Infringement Notice has already been served upon the UK for having violated this EU Directive:

I’m still trying to find out how the UK has responded and whether

Next, we need to put together ‘Evidence of Treason’ to put before the

I have a telephone appointment with my contact at the Commission next Tuesday.


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  1. The police are pivotal in any strategy to move forward.They are the interface between the psychopathic child rapists and murderers and the rest of humanity; without them there is no ruling class of Satanic paedo-sadists.

    We know there are large numbers of police involved in the abuse – there has to be, it’s inconceivable that child rape, child murder, child-trafficking could happen on such a scale if there wasn’t. The genuine police (yeah, I know: where are they?) have to know this too. If we can deduce this from outside the organisation, it must be staring an average detective – or anyone with eyes, ears and a few brain cells – in the face. So, why are we constantly getting disgruntled police officers, and the “I was only following orders” excuse used by many “disgruntled” officers when recounting this or that case was suddenly closed by their superiors? Are these coppers and their colleagues just going to carry on being disgruntled (dictionary def: “utter little grunts”), and do what they are ordered to do, instead of fulfilling their duty to uphold the law of this land and protect its people from harm? The reason there have been no arrests of prominent figures, who the police have stacks of evidence on, is because the police investigating are too involved, or too frightened. Of course it’s plain that the decent officers, and their families, have been threatened if they do do their duty, or speak out, but they need to understand this: ALL our families are being threatened, attacked, having their lives made a misery, many having their kids snatched, raped, trafficked, murdered! Tell the truth! Stop hiding behind the excuse: “I didn’t arrest the child-raping foreign secretary, or the child murdering Prime Minister, or the child-sacrificing royal because my boss told me not to. And now I’m disgruntled.” At least have the courage to be HONEST and admit the TRUTH: You didn’t arrest them because you were too scared to do your duty and arrest them. If these police officers are able to at least admit this truth OPENLY, and realise revealing this truth can only help, then we have a massive leap forward….


    • Plain and simple:
      it’s against the people
      in every country

      Fascism has never been defeated; it just went on to the next stage; it’s the same entities behind the scenes on an international scale – their goal: “global governance” (euphemism)/global fascism


      • You are absolutely right. Fascism was not defeated in WW2, it just went underground. There’s a very interesting book that is well worth reading, I can’t remember the full title, but it is something like “Trilateralism: Elite” Planning for Global Management”, by Holly Sklar. Very relevant.

        Fascism isn’t just an economic system, it is also a ‘mind-set’, being authoritarian, callous, cruel and crushing. There is no kindness in fascism, and for a society to be engulfed by fascism is horrific for people of kind heart and compassionate soul. “Let me give you a vision of the future Winston. It is a boot, stamping on a human face, forever.” (Orwell, 1984).

        This subject is not removed from the instutionalised paedophilia that we are discussing here. In fact I believe that, as David Icke says, paedophilia is the glue that binds these people together. I believe it to be a symptom of the wider evil that is expressed in fascism.

        I cannot fathom how anyone can inflict such horror on helpless children, who must be screaming in pain and fear. What kind of black heart takes pleasure from that?

        Nor can I fathom how people in these institutions (police, social workers, teachers, etc) who are not part of this, but still must be aware that it is going on, can choose to ignore it for fear of losing their jobs. There are other jobs out there, there is no excuse for silence on this most serious of all issues.

        Though the situation seems hopeless, given that these evil people have infiltrated every powerful position in the country, I do feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel, insofar as information about the scale of paedophilia inflicted on our children is just pouring out now. And the more people know about it, the greater chance we have of putting an end to it. Hopefully, very soon.


  2. That was good to see you 2 discussing next steps as I was just thinking yesterday what’s happening next!? Apart from me signing things, writing to MP’s who haven’t replied and turning up to show my support on these matters and trying to wake up my friends and family I wasn’t sure what was next but now I’m clearer thank you both🌞

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    • “It is not in the public interest to put Lord Janner on trial because of his age and advanced dementia.”
      Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions

      Strange, but I don’t recall the DPP asking me, as a member of the public, if I thought it would be in my interest to prosecute Greville Janner. In fact, I’m sure I would have shouted PROSECUTE THE BUGGER! had I been asked. Somehow, I don’t feel alone in that. So, how did that decision get made by one DPP who represents ALL our interests in this matter without consulting ANY of us?
      Perhaps we should all email/write a letter/ text Alison and tell her it most certainly is in OUR interest that she prosecute Janner before he does a Leon Brittan.

      DPP contact details:
      Her direct DPP email address is: private
      Write to: The DPP, Rose Court, “ Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HS, UK
      Tel: 020 3357 0855(direct)

      We could also let her know we didn’t give our consent to prosecute in OUR interest: Melanie Shaw; Robert Green(Scotland); Ben Fellows; Julian Assange… nor do we see it in OUR interest to prosecute Sabine, Ella, Abraham, Neelu ….the list is endless.

      I’ve just emailed Saunders stating my part of the public interest in this matter.

      To Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions

      RE: Your decision not to prosecute Greville Janner for the sexual rape and abuse of children, as “it is not in the public interest”

      As a member of the public, I am informing you, in your public servant role as Director of Public Prosecutions,
      that it most certainly IS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST to prosecute Greville Janner for these despicable crimes.
      AND I remind you that it is your duty to listen to the PUBLIC before making any decisions in their interest.

      from one of the public, and a conscious living being,

      Drifloud 20th April, 2015

      contact address email:

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  3. @Sickened
    April 17, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    “It is a boot, stamping on a human face, forever”
    (DEBT SLAVERY – MONEY FRAUD – Creation of “money“ out of thin air by private banks)

    The BIS (Bank for International Settlements) is like the IMF (International Monetary Fund), World Bank and European Central Bank central for their financial transactions (shenanigans, schemes), the City of London, Wall Street…

    The BIS Tower in Basel, Switzerland, The controlling central bank for the central banks
    has the SHAPE of a BOOT…


  4. You’d be better off going into Lawful Rebellion. Because of the contempt of the Crown to remedy this, lawful Rebellion was invoked. The Crown has not authority nor do her Courts or anything else she is aligned too. Treason against the British people. The Judges have no power as the Crown authority is null.

    FOUR peers invoked ancient rights under the Magna Carta yesterday to petition the Queen to block closer integration with Europe.

    The Duke of Rutland, Viscount Masserene and Ferrard, Lord Hamilton of Dalzell and Lord Ashbourne were imbued with the spirit of the ancient Charter, thrust on King John in 1215. In accordance with the Charter’s Clause 61, the famous enforcement clause, the four presented a vellum parchment at Buckingham Palace, declaring that the ancient rights and freedoms of the British people had to be defended.
    The clause, one of the most important in the Charter, which was pressed on King John at Runnymede, allows subjects of the realm to present a quorum of 25 barons with a petition, which four of their number then have to take to the Monarch, who must accept it. It was last used in 1688 at the start of the Glorious Revolution.

    The four peers, who were all thrown out of Parliament in November 1999, proved they had that quorum by presenting Sir Robin Janvrin, the Queen’s private secretary, with the petition signed by 28 hereditaries and letters of support from another 60. In addition, they claim the support of thousands of members of the public.
    They say that several articles in the Treaty of Nice agreed by Tony Blair in December will destroy fundamental British liberties. The Queen has 40 days to respond. Under the Magna Carta’s provisions, if the Sovereign does not observe the Charter the people may rise up and wage war on her, seizing castles, lands and possessions until they have redress.

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  5. This website should help understand more about what it means standing under lawful rebellion. They want the public to believe in fairy tales, but this is not this is “Common Law”, Magna Carta is law, it can never be repealed. Why can’t it be repealed? Because it came about before Parliaments existed attempts have been made, but that is treason. High Treason even today is punishable by death by hanging.

    The Crown is not above the law no one is. Gods Law. Here is a link to understand more and here Download “Oath of Allegiance to the Barons” fill this in send it of recorded mail track the mail once accepted, even not one stands under Rebellion.

    There is a facebook group to learn more. They are terrified of this because it exposes their evil scams over centuries. We will cease their wealth eventually and distribute it to everyone. Maybe this could be used it the family courts, as mentioned the Crown has no authority because of TREASON!!!

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  6. Further… The Police are under Common law we will start to arrest them for treason eventually. Your doing a remarkable duty Sabine, we all support your efforts to bring justice when their is none for children families. They will be before grand juries eventually some will hang for their crimes. Love from all, we are watching!!

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  7. @Sabine Kurjo McNeill
    April 18, 2015 at 4:39 am

    “Hm, this is really interesting. The challenge is ultimately, whether the Queen accepts and is accepted as a Satanist, too…“

    “….and is accepted as a Satanist, too…”

    I presume that’ll depend on whether Her Majesty’s peers are Satanists, too
    Well, are they? Satanists won’t mind a(n alleged) Satanist Queen.
    British monarchy is a mystery to me.
    For how long will the British people put up with it?
    Would they be pleased
    to see Prince William come to “King David’s throne”?
    How’s that?

    William Blake’s poem
    And did those feet in ancient time
    Walk upon England’s mountains green:
    And was the holy Lamb of God,
    On England’s pleasant pastures seen!

    And did the Countenance Divine,
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
    And was Jerusalem builded here,
    Among these dark Satanic Mills?

    Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
    Bring me my Arrows of desire:
    Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
    Bring me my Chariot of fire!

    I will not cease from Mental Fight,
    Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
    Till we have built Jerusalem,
    In England’s green and pleasant Land

    “Till we have built Jerusalem,
    In England’s green and pleasant Land…“

    Well, they HAVE taken over, and they have built… a paradise in England? (British Empire)

    The spiritual meaning of the biblical ‘Jerusalem’ is a promise of heaven, a promise of coming home to God.

    Zionists however, and apocalyptic Jewish sects (like the Chabad Lubawitscher) promise Paradise on earth! And misled Christian Zionists are among their followers. They want to build a “New Jerusalem“ on earth! They want to rebuild Salomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount – which means war. They prepare for perpetual war. Apokalyptic scenarios. Religious zealots, fanatics, lunatics … dangerous as hell. Their “Chariots of fire“ will bring war, chaos and death. A world genocide. From the ashes their “Phoenix“ (Lucifer/Satan) shall rise.
    Their goal: Ereetz Israel. A ONE-World government.
    A “New World Order“ (NWO), world fascism, feudalism, nepotism
    ONE King (William?) and the “return“ of a fake “messiah“ (Antichrist, Maitreya)
    ONE world, ONE world religion
    and that’s meant to be: Satanism/Luciferianism
    ONE world humanity, the number maintained under 500,000,000
    (after the rest has been annihilated)

    A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones in (only) eight different languages (left), one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

    1.Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2.Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
    3.Unite humanity with a living new language.
    4.Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
    5.Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
    6.Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
    7.Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
    8.Balance personal rights with social duties.
    9.Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
    10.Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.
    enslaved to the “Chosen Ones“
    the “world court“ in Jerusalem

    Strange sights around the world
    where they build their “new world” architecture
    LUCIFER SUN WORSHIP by NWO Freemason-Satanists


  8. Many people have commented that some of the accused have tattoos and have refused to show themselves to prove whether or not they have these.

    I put forward the the idea of a naked protest!

    This could be in the form of a march to police headquarters or in Hampstead.

    People could if unable to reach London could have a naked March or sit in where they are, government offices or official places.

    Make it so.


    • If you have a naked protest, what would you achieved from that besides getting arrested for indecent exposure (in public). What is needed is for the Mother to hire a lawyer and deal with this issue once and for all through private prosecution – and make sure the court house is packed with people every time the matter is before the court. These people will be compelled to show that their bodies don’t have these marks very articulately described by these poor kids. If they have these marks, I guess the jury won’t have such a difficult job of coming to a verdict. I am actually quite glad that these people are still refusing to show their bodies – it means the marks are still there. My fear has always been that the would have removed them by now with plastic surgery – the sooner private prosecution is started the better for these kids before they make the kids vanish into thin air as they did the Musa’s 5 or 6 kids!


      • I’m in Lawful Rebellion against the Crown. The Crowns authority is therefore null that include all swear who an Oath of office in her name. The Courts have no authority because the Crown does not. I and the many who have given their allegiance to the Barons have full protection under Common law. The fact, everyone in UK unwittingly have committed criminal offence. You should raise these fact to imposters in the Courts.It could be said the Children in this case have beeb unlawfully kidnapped and the jude should be arrested for child trafficking amonst many other things against the people.

        Lawful rebellion facts. (Used in an affidavit).
        LAWFULREBELLION FACTS. (Affidavit of truth).————————————–
        1. Magna Carta: Chapter 61 of Magna Carta covers the subject’s rights to appeal to a committee of barons for redress against a tyrant.
        2. In 1999, after several hundred thousand postcards were sent to Queen Elizabeth 11 urging her not to give royal assent to the treaty of Nice, a quorum of 65 peers acting under the Magna Carta chapter 61, selected 25 of their number to form such a committee. They were satisfied that the conditions required to justify the use of the procedure specified in chapter 61 of Magna Carta were established.
        3. Four of these peers served the petition on Queen Elizabeth 11 on the 7th February 2001 at noon, insisting that she should; “Withhold the royal assent from any parliamentary Bill which attempts to ratify the Treaty of Nice, unless and until the people of the United Kingdom have given their clear and specific approval; uphold and preserve the rights, freedoms and customs of your loyal subjects as set out in Magna Carta and the Declaration Of Rights, which you, our sovereign, swore before the nation to uphold and preserve in your Coronation Oath of June 1953.
        4. (The service of the barons’ petition was reported in the Daily Telegraph on the 7th of February 2001.)
        5. These things she has conspicuously failed to do.
        6. As a consequence of her failure to comply, all loyal subjects are required, “ Together with the community of the whole realm, to distress us and distrain us (the crown) in all possible ways, namely by seizing our castles. Lands, possessions and In any other way they can. Until redress has been obtained as they see fit.”
        7. The fact that “The whole community of the realm” is obliged to support the Barons’ committee, means that individual OFFICIALS HAVE NO AUTHORITY to issue demands in the name of the crown, and commit the statutory offence of “fraud by misrepresentation”, if they try.
        8. The courts have no authority to deny the subjects’ rights. Representatives of the crown may not breach the common law maxim that, “No man may sit in judgement of his own cause.” it is for the Barons’ committee to let us know when they are satisfied that redress has been obtained.
        9. The Barons’ Committee procedure is based on the subjects’ common law right of “duress of circumstances”- we may commit minor crimes in order to prevent a worse one happening.
        10. Transferring allegiance is not Treason because the oaths of allegiance are the office, not the holder.
        11. Accordingly, as a loyal subject of the realm, I have entered into lawful rebellion as demanded and required by chapter 61 of Magna Carta 1215. When redress (as determined by the Barons’ Committee), has been achieved, I will once again be a true and loyal subject to the holder of the office.


  9. …..and stand fully in Common Law under Article 61 Magna Carta 1215 in Lawful Rebellion.

    Protected by the Constitution and Free to Distress the Crown!

    Welcome to the Movement. delete follow instruction given.

    Oath of Allegiance to the Barons

    To: Gavin Goulburn Hamilton – 5th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell
    Betchworth House, Surrey. RH3 7AE

    From : Joe-James: Bloggs – (change as appropriate)
    14, StreetName, TownName, County. PP6 5RR

    Sent by recorded post No.: (photocopy your letter after writing this number)

    Date: (current date)

    Dear Lord Hamilton,
    In full knowledge of treason being committed in Parliament, by delivering the Sovereign Peoples of this Common law land into the hands of foreign powers, in understanding of some wrongs done by the present holder of the office of Sovereign, from whom I now transfer my allegiance, do willingly and wholeheartedly enter into lawful rebellion, and I solemnly swear upon my Oath to obey the lords of the barons’ committee whom invoked lawful rebellion, in accordance with article 61 of Magna Carta until such times as redress of these present wrongs is achieved.

    Sworn and subscribed on the __________ of ___________________ in the year __________



    Name:_____________________ Signed:____________________________ Date:_________

    Then Challege them they will be arrested under Common law for treason.and other offences brought before a Court de jure.


    • @breakawayfrom

      Old Nick’s comment is correct:
      “Useful if you are a Baron or Lord, but most people were serfs and still are!”
      The Magna Carta was forced on King John by feudal Lords and Barons for their benefit, not in the interests of their serfs. Cromwell’s revolution was more of the same, and when the levellers tried to stop that Satanic despot, Cromwell had them murdered. We live under a continuation of the same, and Peers in the House of Lords do not consider themselves OUR peers. True law emanates from human beings and is simply: cause no harm, cause no loss, cause no fraud. There’s no need to have that in w-RITING, `cos that’s just casting SPELLS. No human being with empathy and compassion needs to READ how they should live together with other human beings. All those reams and reams of words purporting to be law, are just words used as commands from the Ruling Satanic Elite to whom they consider their slaves … US.


      • “Ruling Satanic International Elite”

        Germany and the German people have been under military occupation for 70 years!
        Lots of unlawfulness here… All the occupiers should GO HOME!!!
        Germans have never been asked if they wanted the EU (ONE central state and the destruction of national states), the euro, the “ESM” etc Germans would have said “NO!”
        There is no “sovereign German state” only a US-Zionist colony.
        There is no German government but only US-Zionist puppets, traitors to the people.
        There are no independent German media but controlled US-Zionist ones telling lies.
        War mongering against Russia to make Germany their battlefield again.

        Please, bear that in mind.
        It’s not Germans you should put the blame on….


  10. Following on from my prosecute Greville Janner email to the DPP:
    I have emailed a statement informing Alison Saunders of the public interest in prosecuting Judge Pauffley, Detective Constable Rogers and Detective Inspector John Cannon for fraud in the Hampstead case. There’s enough evidence to prosecute, and I KNOW it is in the public interest.
    Sure, the Director of Public Prosecutions is part of the control system and believes she has the power to refuse to prosecute her friends, but maybe she can only do that if we let her. We are the public after all, and it is in OUR interest that these Satanic paedo-sadist killers are stopped, isn’t it? The DPP is just a public servant who is supposed to act in OUR interest.
    Perhaps every individual member of the public who agrees it’s in the public interest to prosecute these three criminals, ought to email/write and let the DPP know it’s in the public interest? Please feel free to copy, add to, or use parts of the statement below if you like.
    I was wondering if there might be a way of keeping score of the amount of emails/letters/SMS’s sent to the DPP informing her of our/the public’s interest? …any suggestions?

    This is the statement I have just sent to the DPP:


    As one of the public, I inform you of that public’s interest in prosecuting, for perpetrating crimes of fraud, Judge Mrs Anna Pauffley and the Metropolitan Police officers Detective Inspector John Cannon and Detective Constable Rogers of Barnet Police Station. The three public servants committed fraud during the child rape and murder investigation in Hampstead, and the subsequent hearing and public Judgement in the Royal Courts of Justice over the period 5th September, 2014 to 19th March, 2015.


    Film clips showing the children naming their attackers individually, and giving detailed descriptions of distinguishing marks on and around each of their named attackers’ private parts were concealed from police throughout the entire investigation by DC Rogers of Barnet Police Station Child Abuse Unit, who sent them to a property store in Chingford.
    This concealment of evidence by DC Rogers was/is FRAUD.

    Detective Inspector Cannon, who led the team investigating the child rape and murder case, never required the adults named by the children as their attackers to undergo medical inspection in order to be eliminated from the inquiry, despite the children’s detailed knowledge of distinguishing marks on and around their attackers’ private parts. It appears the police never even questioned these adults! This shows the intention of DI Cannon, i.e. to AVOID requiring those people NAMED and intimately identified by the children to undergo a medical examination to clear themselves. The only possible objectors to such a medical examination are those people named by the children as their attackers who also have distinguishing marks on or around their privates MATCHING the descriptions given by the children.
    DI Cannon’s effective blocking of the necessary medical examinations and interviews of these suspects, and then claiming the investigation was “wide ranging” (see para 38. Judge Pauffley’s Judgement) is clearly FRAUD.

    The children were interviewed by police on 5th September and again on 11th September 2014, and in both interviews their accounts were very consistent. Obviously not satisfied, The Authorities ordered the children to be detained, and six days later a third set of interviews were produced. Despite the many leading questions from their interrogator, the children reaffirmed many parts of their stories. The interviewer clearly uses suggestion and leads the children throughout these interviews, which is not only gross professional misconduct, but is also psychological abuse of the children. He should also be prosecuted.

    The police investigation was closed before the police had received the medical report from University College Hospital’s Consultant Paediatrician Dr Deborah Hodes. The report CONFIRMED anal injury, which was consistent with both children’s allegations of sexual abuse. The case could not LAWFULLY be closed without first receiving the results from the medical examinations – which the police themselves had requested! The closing of the investigation was, and is, UNLAWFUL.


    The hearing was conducted in secret, and was completely one-sided. Ella draper and her legal representative, Sabine McNeill, had been hounded out of the country following threats and actual attempts to imprison them by criminals posing as police officers.
    The entire hearing was, in short, a convening of parties hostile to ella draper and her children. So, what was there to HEAR actually? It was just a show-hearing from start to finish, totally devoid of anything lawful.


    Judge Pauffley reveals, in paras 107 and 108 of her judgement, her knowledge concerning the concealment of crucially important evidence by DC Rogers during the investigation, which prevented investigating police officers access to this crucial evidence. Despite her knowledge of this “curious fact” (the Judge’s own words), Judge Pauffley CONTINUED with the hearing, when her only lawful option was to call a halt as the hearing was evidently incomplete and seriously compromised. The continuation of the hearing was/ is WILFUL CONTEMPT of the law. The Judge then went on to describe the police investigation as “wide-ranging”(para 9. of judgement) – a claim which is clearly FRAUDULENT.

    Unlike the police officers and social services during the investigation, Judge Pauffley WAS able to view “a dozen or so short film clips of the children being questioned by Ms Draper and Mr Christie and listened to the very lengthy audio recording.” (para 21. of judgement). However, it seems the Judge did NOT view the video clips containing the children’s detailed descriptions and drawings of the distinguishing marks on and around the private parts of the adults named by the children as their attackers, as she makes no mention of these anywhere in her twenty-page “fact-finding” judgement. This was a deliberately selective review of the video clip evidence with the intention to continue to conceal the fact the children were able to describe – and had described – distinguishing marks on and around their named attacker’s genitals. Again, FRAUD.

    Consultant Paediatrician Dr Deborah Hodes’ report CONFIRMED the children’s allegations of inflicted anal injury from insertion of a blunt instrument of penetrative force, which were consistent with both children’s allegations of sexual abuse. Judge Pauffley’s response to this concrete evidence was a disgraceful attempt to rubbish Dr Hode’s report and to launch a vile ad hominem attack, stating: “The court must always be on guard against the over-dogmatic expert…” Such tactics are beneath contempt.

    Judge Pauffley’s judgement was/is designed to deceive and mislead the public, and is nothing more than a sham. It is fraud at such a loathsome level that it is sickening to all decent human beings.

    These crimes of fraud by these three public servants have put at risk of harm not only ella draper’s two young children, but children everywhere, and therefore all human beings.
    Their crimes are also a betrayal of public trust. As one of the public, I inform you, Director of Public Prosecutions, of the public interest in prosecuting Judge Mrs Anna Pauffley, Detective Inspector Cannon and Detective Constable Rogers for perpetrating the very serious crime of fraud, without delay.

    One of the public, and a conscious living being,

    Drifloud 20th April, 2015

    EVIDENCE: The mobile phone film recordings showing the children naming their attackers, and giving detailed knowledge of distinguishing marks on and around each of their named attackers’ private parts can be delivered to your office, along with the medical reports and police interviews of the children.
    All the other evidence incriminating Judge Pauffley, DC Rogers and DI Cannon can be found in the Judge’s own words taken from her “Care Proceedings: Fact Finding” judgement made public, 19th day of March, year 2015 – in particular the following two paragraphs:
    107.”It is a curious fact that prior to the launch of these proceedings, no police officer had listened to the audio recording made by Jean Clement Yaohirou or watched the film clips of the children. DI Cannon made inquiries at my request to discover that DC Rogers, the member of his team who received the film clips and the audio recording from Mr Yaohirou, had sent them to a property store in Chingford. The focus would appear to have been upon arranging almost immediate ABE interviews.”
    108. “I say no more at this stage than that the police and social services inquiry could have taken an entirely different course if attention had been given to those recordings. At the very least, the questions asked of P and Q at interview would have been directed towards other areas of interest.”


  11. Sorry, forgot to include Alison Saunders’ contact details. Here they are:DPP contact details:

    Her direct DPP email address is: private
    Write to: The DPP, Rose Court, “ Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HS, UK
    Tel: 020 3357 0855(direct)


  12. Gavin Goulburn Hamilton
    5th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell
    Betchworth House,
    Surrey. RH3 7AE.

    This is the Baron to send your allegiance to, this is not bunkum it is law Common law what the Police should be upholding. The sealing of Magna Carta 1215, provision was not just for noble men, it included everyone. Being in Rebellion the Crown authority is removed we are governed by consent not by force. Despite the fact MC 1215 is 800 years old it has been used many times, and was last invoked in 200. There has been no redress by the Crown so is still active. If anything in the ghastly situation it gives more force because under Rebellion the crown has no power. This against Social Services and the Courts, because they are treasonous the judge is treasonous and should be arrested. Friend you may laugh now but in 2017 when Euro police come into force and will be kicking your door in for no truly valid reasons.

    Bring all this against them Sabine, whatever is in our Arsenal has to be used.

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    • It can’t possibly have passed your notice that this website is a banner of lawful rebellion. It was sparked into being by the courage of two young children who endured the most unspeakable brutality, and were then threatened with death if they spoke of the vile crimes they were being subjected to. Yet, speak out they did, PROVING their bravery, honesty and integrity – all qualities mirrored in the ACTIONS of their mother, her dedicated partner and their loyal friend Sabine; true nobility with not a title of privilege among them.
      There is no doubt in my heart, where my allegiance belongs.
      All conscious living beings hold only to what is lawful and KNOW there is, never was, and never will be any need of redress for true law, no matter what so-called Monarchs, Parliamentarians, Popes or titled aristocracy, write, say or do.
      Many have had, and are having, their doors kicked down and lives threatened( and far worse) NOW, so why concern ourselves with The Authorities proposed plans two years hence?
      And, anyone who knows the children are telling the truth cannot possibly consent to give authority to those filthy liars in the police, courts, social services, parliament, royalty, aristocracy, the media, etc.


  13. Gavin Goulburn Hamilton
    5th Baron Hamilton of Dalzell
    Betchworth House,
    Surrey. RH3 7AE.


    Dear Lord Hamilton,

    In full knowledge of treason being committed in Parliament, by delivering the Sovereign Peoples of this Common law land into the hands of foreign powers, in understanding of some wrongs done by the present holder of the office of Sovereign, from whom I now transfer my allegiance, do willingly and wholeheartedly enter into lawful rebellion, and I solemnly swear upon my Oath to obey the lords of the barons’ committee whom invoked lawful rebellion, in accordance with article 61 of Magna Carta until such times as redress of these present wrongs is achieved.

    Sworn and subscribed on the __________ of ___________________ in the year __________
    Name:_____________________ Signed:____________________________ Date:_________


    Copy the template above you will be under the protection of the Baron, whose lawful status is highly significant. It makes it clear you are aware of treason the Crown has no authority whilst in rebellion
    Send this off recorded delivery. Not sure if he would be able to help with what going on!


  14. @Sabine
    HOW will the EU sham ever be put to an end, how will we regain our freedom, if you refer to EU law, EU institutions like the “EU parliament” (with no legal authority at all) and the “European Council” (totally unknown entities) or any of these scumbags?

    The English Common Law seems to offer more possibilities for lawful rebellion

    (In comparison: In Germany everything is a FRAUD)


  15. They’ve all become stupefied with power they believe statute law is above common law and legalese is the way to further strip the poor. The fact they are double dipping everyone, the fact we are dealing with money hungry criminals blackmailing pedos. The scumbags, they have all committed treason Blair tried to repeal the Magna Carta so did Browm they should hang. There are two Magna Carta 1215 and 1297 they messed around with the 1297 but not the true 1215 because they can’t. Send judge Pauffley, and the police the template to the baron, remind them they are committing a criminal offence. Have NO AUTHORITY to issue demands in the name of the crown, and commit the statutory offence of “fraud by misrepresentation”, if they try. Courts de jure are already being invoked by the people last one still ongoing in Wales.


  16. You may be interested in this notification from the Law Commission @ the thrust of which is the intention to REPLACE the Common Law offence of MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE with a statutory one, the effect and contents of which should be watched very carefully. The timing is rather interesting insofar as there appears in the Hampstead case, prima facie evidence that this serious offence may have been committed by a number of individuals filling public offices, including rather incredibly the judge(s) her/their self/selves. Perhaps it is something that ought to be pursued by someone with the necessary standing/experience?

    Misconduct in public office
    Status: We are now working towards publication of a Consultation Paper on Misconduct in Public Office. We aim to open the consultation in autumn 2015 and produce a Final Report with recommendations in spring/summer 2016

    Misconduct in public office is a common law offence but there is no exhaustive definition. As a result the boundaries of the offence are uncertain and despite there being relatively few prosecutions each year a disproportionately high number of those cases are the subject of appeal.

    Two key uncertainties about the scope of the offence have been identified in recent appeals –

    There is no clear definition of who occupies a public office. Doubtful cases include contractors carrying out functions for public bodies, and employees of charities whose objects serve a wide public interest.
    There does not appear to be a clear standard of fault or wrongfulness. Various tests are mentioned in the cases, such as breach of trust and dishonesty, but these often seem to apply to particular types of case rather than forming part of the overall definition of the offence.
    In 2010 the Committee on the Issue of Privilege (Police Searches on the Parliamentary Estate) recommended that the Law Commission revisit its 1997 proposal to create a statutory offence.

    This project is most suitable for treatment by the Law Commission. It will involve the simplification, clarification and codification of a common law offence. It will also ensure that the law takes into account practices whereby traditionally public functions are discharged by private individuals and volunteers to ensure that the scope of the offence is neither over- nor under-inclusive.

    If you have any enquiries about this project, please contact us at

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  17. I have previously posted this (or versions of it) on different threads but it may be worth putting it on this one also?

    It is prudent to remain sceptical about any claim by a child, particularly if it borders on the unbelievable or extreme. By the same token, it should never be dismissed out of hand. Indeed the rule is to believe unless or until it is proved otherwise. Almost as extraordinary as the children’s reports, is the claim by Pauffrey that it all resulted from coaching by two ‘evil’ individuals (mother and step-father) in a period of about three months. Yet she asks us to believe her as being more credible! The assertion this was achieved by ‘torture’ without evidence, is not only flawed jurisprudence, it is ‘over egging the mix’.

    In the absence of any firm evidence for the theory of ‘coaching through torture’, the judge has failed to provide an alternative remotely plausible explanation of the children’s accounts. The step-father’s admitted and deplorable actions, we may regard as excessive and inappropriate physical parenting, but by any definition, falls far short of ‘torture’, nor is it related to imparting a particular story. There is no evidence from either of the adults, the children or third parties that the parenting style was to implant an outrageous lie. Rather if anything it was encouraging the truth to be told, or that is how it appears, the interviewers as shocked as anyone. Perhaps most tellingly, neither did the natural father ever make such a claim, perhaps the first who would have been motivated to do so, if there had been any trace of it in his presence. Were they being ‘brain washed’, and were the natural father the loving, caring person the judge wants us to believe, might not it have been expected they would have intimated to him, what was going on?

    Pauffley’s conclusion holds no natural credibility, simply because the children’s testimony is cogent and patently honest. For her to have seized on two ambivalent, hardly convincing, ‘retraction’ conversations, after six days enforced separation from parents (and each other?) as reliable, whilst apparently not even thinking the earlier allegations, repeated in police interview, as worthy of consideration, and then basing her whole judgement on this fundamental flaw, can only be regarded as an intentional error, that must constitute a misfeasance in public office at the very least.

    She appears to reject the children’s clearly stated claims, on the basis that they are too preposterous to be believed. This may have been understandable in the 70’s and 80’s, when the public was far more naive, but it surely cannot be acceptable for a judge to adopt that position now. After all that has been revealed and all that is known about internet and high-level political/societal child abuse emerging from previous decades, most recently by (allegedly) a past Home Secretary and one of the most prominent Jewish leaders in the House of Lords, up to and including murder, surely rules out ‘unlikelihood’ as a justification for dismissing the children’s accounts. Perhaps Judge Pauffley is unaware of what has and does happen in the world of porn and sexual exploitation, which even the British government now admits operates on a multi-billion pound level. Only a Carmelite nun could claim the accounts were too outrageous to be taken seriously.

    No reasonable person could come to any conclusion, other than that the children’s accounts are believable. Yet a trained and experienced High Court judge takes the opposite view, based on an illogical and unsupported belief that the children were tortured into learning and regurgitating a bizarre script. This simply defies logic and common sense. To have any chance of viability, two children separately and separated, would have to have been word perfect to corroborate one another, to remain consistent throughout, on different days, with different interviewers. Even when being interviewed by police, this was maintained and significantly without any indication of nervousness or shame. This would appear to be an exercise in honesty and relief, in the belief that if they at last told the truth as far as they were able – to “face their fear” as they bravely put it – they would be protected from those they feared. Sadly they were let down, indeed betrayed by the very people charged with the duty to do otherwise.

    Finally, no reasonable person could dismiss the multiplicity of sexual and other detailed informations, far beyond the possible knowledge of the average eight and nine year old; nor the medical evidence that the judge unconscionably attempted to discredit; nor the specific references to buildings, places and people; nor the anatomical distinguishing features that could only have been obtained by intimate interaction. Where is the evidence that each and every claim was meticulously checked out and disproved? Nowhere apparently, because as a police detective of many years standing was prepared to state, there was no thorough investigation carried out! Yet an experienced High Court judge apparently found this acceptable?

    There were of course many more indicators the children were attempting to tell the truth as far as they were able beyond passing the simple test by the interviewing police officer. Indeed, if he had been more thorough, there is no doubt more details of what had gone on would have been provided. It is difficult to conclude other than the intention was to shut the revelations down rather than to facilitate their revelation. The descriptions of “sticky skin”, of blood tasting of “metal”, of adult anatomy of specified persons, the subjective experience of being anally abused, information on dildos and their manufacture, accurate representation of the act of severing heads, beside other technical details all beyond the normal purview of children of that age, all confirm the voracity of their accounts. The suggestion that it all resulted from a brief period of ‘coaching’ or as a result of watching the film, “Mask of Zorro”, apparently preferred by the judge, deserves utter astonishment and contempt.

    We now have been subjected to a media exercise (best described as ‘propaganda’), replicating the judges deplorable reasoning, culminating in a nauseous BBC interview with the natural father, against whom the principle allegations were laid. If anything it underscores the children’s and mother’s worst fears. If somebody in government doesn’t quickly get a handle on this lamentable situation that disgraces us all, it has the potential for incalculable reputational damage for Britain around the world.


    • @Tim Veater

      “…it has the potential for incalculable reputational damage for Britain around the world.”

      YES, that’s true. But it’s a PREDICAMENT we have all in common.
      It’s the same AND MUCH WORSE in Germany…under military occupation by Anglo-US-Zionists for 70 years!!!!!

      Let’s fight for FREEDOM for all people…


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