PARALLELS with #HollieGreig #Satanist Ritual #HumanSacrifice #Cannibalism #BloodDrinking

Quotes from this video which covers the Hollie Greig and the Hampstead case from 11.20 onwards:

From sources close to the Police:

  • It is known that there is a connection between the Hampstead case and Dolphin Square.

The legal commentator:

  • It is impossible to watch the videos and not believe the children. You couldn’t coach that.
  • The children are extremely persuasive.
  • The parallels with the Hollie Greig case go further than the story that is being told to cover it up: the nature of the excuses that are given by the state.
  • The Hollie Greig was also related to Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA).
  • Izzy’s Promise is a charity in Dundee, set up in 2002 to help Satanist Ritual Abuse survivors and who have many reports of victims of these crimes.

5 thoughts on “PARALLELS with #HollieGreig #Satanist Ritual #HumanSacrifice #Cannibalism #BloodDrinking

  1. Indeed it is hard to imagine the children to have been coached to telling such a story. Nor does it seem likely that the mother would have forced them to say such extremely unlikely things, on the face of it.


  2. The following blog link is about a large SRA network in Australia, written by a very brave woman whom i helped escape from 42 years entrapment. This evil network was imported from Nth England and Scotland and established in Victoria approx 1920

    After more than 10 years assisting the blog author i have learned, through pain and suffering along with her,that it is impossible to live a normal life as a victim or survivor of Satanic ritual abuse.
    These networks have operatives scattered throughout Govt public services, churches, survivors support groups,law enforcement, courts, universities, health systems, social security,child care institutions etc.

    I am the author of only one post in this blog which, although lengthy, is only a brief desription of the the terrible problems survivors have http://www.wp/p4PPat-2y
    It has been over 3 months since this letter of complaint was sent to all the relevant Authorities mentioned in this letter but all have chosen to ignore.
    I can assure all that Australia is saturated in demonic SRA and their well organised child abuse, Paedophile rings.

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