OVER 100,000 views on #WhistleblowerKids blog since 21 February as PR is spreading

15 04 16 StatsYou only know what it’s like when you’re experiencing it yourself:

  • watching numbers and statistics, especially after 16,000 supporters of my petition had been wiped out by Change.org;
  • here we see at least 10,000 views right since the first week, while the legal team wanted to get more supporters for Private Prosecutions.

Well, they have now submitted their Grounds of Appeal and have another week to accept SIGNED Witness Statements. Our first collection is on http://www.meetup.com/whistleblowerkids/about/, if it inspires you to write your own!? After all, we ought to demonstrate we are not as evil and / or foolish as Mrs Justice Pauffley claimed we are.

In fact, support on www.meetup.com/whistleblowerkids is growing, too. It has even been found worthy of being hacked! Amazing how negative and destructive people can be. I always wonder what they think at the end of the day and what they will think at the end of their lives, if they have not managed to make other people feel BETTER. But I’m told there are beings that have no emotional body or ‘heart energy’ and thus we really need to spread more and more healing in the world.

In the interview I did for Kelly La Sha, she spoke of ‘pairing’ as a ‘healing modality’ where people use skype to listen to each other for 10 minutes. What a great way of becoming ‘Listening Buddies‘ as the basis for campaigning, lobbying, PR and generally ‘spreading the word’, TOGETHER rather than on our own.

WordPress shows up The Story of Your Enslavement under related articles. You see, that’s what’s so horrendous about this Hampstead Case: it is indicative of what binds the global elite of some 8,000 – 10,000 people who run the show, as I was just told by one of the most popular German bloggers. Other people confirm: paedophilia and / or Satanism are necessary conditions to ‘advance’ in our current society that has been formed over centuries and millennia.

15 04 16 christ church school 15 04 16 ricky dearman nudes 15 04 16 Christ Church LodgeOur friendly lawyer couldn’t tell us anything about Mrs Justice Pauffley’s ‘directions’ this morning. But people are sending birthday cards from all over the world to Barnet Council who are, of course, fully involved in all levels of this cover-up of cover-ups.

After 50 years of watching and advising parents, veteran McKenzie Friend Ian Josephs said exposure, exposure, exposure is our only way forward. I thought I’d have an opportunity when I was invited to be interviewed by Radio 4. But Melanie Abbott confirmed what a friend of mine told me afterwards: the BBC has a list of preconceived questions that push an agenda. This agenda was spelled out in this letter by investigator Michael Murrin to HM The Queen:

  • BBC Panorama are planning a program focused on activist who have campaigned against child sexual abuse. 

You can decide for yourself on Thursday April 23rd, at 8.30pm whether Radio 4 did ‘misrepresent’ either me or the case… Meanwhile, www.vice.com will publish a 1,400 word article for their 900,000 readership. I sent them these and a few other photos.

So, the battle lines are becoming clearer:

  • mainstream media and internet media
  • internet corporations and free-spirited bloggers, radio broadcasters
  • besides police and victims of crimes
  • the judiciary and those seeking justice
  • let alone Social Services, Cafcass and ‘experts’ and all those parents punished without crime.

We can only hope that the right people link with the right people to so much of a difference that, together, we will make the change happen that we want to see taking place.


17 thoughts on “OVER 100,000 views on #WhistleblowerKids blog since 21 February as PR is spreading

  1. i met a ukip candidate a a family funeral this week who told the whole story to and they were very interested lets hope they get ijn as a mp  From: ‘Whistleblower Kids’ in the Court of Public Interest To: johnpark13@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, 16 April 2015, 17:20 Subject: [New post] OVER 100,000 views on #WhistleblowerKids blog since 21 February as PR is spreading #yiv9405319104 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv9405319104 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv9405319104 a.yiv9405319104primaryactionlink:link, #yiv9405319104 a.yiv9405319104primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv9405319104 a.yiv9405319104primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv9405319104 a.yiv9405319104primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv9405319104 WordPress.com | Sabine Kurjo McNeill posted: “You only know what it’s like when you’re experiencing it yourself: watching numbers and statistics, especially after 16,000 supporters of my petition had been wiped out by Change.org and the legal team wanted to get more supporters for Private Prosecu” | |

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  2. I would like to know if organising a protest with sipporters in front of tbe Parlament would be possible by law..
    To show them that nothing can stop people once the truth is with them..,



  3. The online campaign that challenges people to dump ice water on themselves and challenge others to do the same would be a useful method of CHALLENGING the ALTERNATIVE or even the MAINSTREAM MEDIA to talk about the REAL ISSUES facing MANKIND in their broadcast would be VERY effective on FACEBOOK.

    I for one would nominate, RUSSELL BRAND…doesn’t he live around the corner from Hampstead w/ his own ‘Trews News’ and where is, Charles Veitch with his MEGAPHONE?

    Any great ideas fellow Sovereign human beings who want to begin this campaign, ‘The OUTING the SATANIC Paedophile RINGS’.

    How about adding that to your show topics Russell Brand?

    The big question now is, WHO ISN’T SUPPORTING THESE INNOCENT CHILDREN NOW…after they have risked life and limb literally has without a doubt shown their true colors (or colours)!

    This here is the world we leave to our children, where satanics continue to control parliament, every high state of office, in Europe, the U.S.A, the British Isles, including the Isle of White (ironic name).

    Fellow Soverign human beings, please accept and OWN your rights on this planet…once the Emperor has been EXPOSED, it’s no longer appropriate to refer to him/her by a phony, self proclaimed title.

    Anyone who ‘holds’ a position of power today and who is not using it for the good of all humanity is suspect.

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  4. NOTE: the 2 meet up whistleblower kids pages no longer seem to be active! Or the LINKS are not working…hmm, looks like we might just need to provide the physical ADDRESS and have everyone send a POSTCARD to the judge.

    Do we have an address 🙂


  5. Not impressed with the Stefan Molyneux video. It is oversimplified, misses the point and upon researching his personal views he appears part of the opposition in that his sound bites take us where the enemy wants us to go.

    We need to stick to the core issues here – the State sponsored snatching of our children, the existence of SRA, the corruption of the judiciary, the disinterest and ineffectiveness of Members of Parliament, the lack of transparency, the lack of accountability, the need to expose corruption…

    Park up the space aliens, energy vibrations and all the other side shows and make people aware that our government is directly harming society and individuals therein as it seeks to break it down from within.

    Legislation can change things and we need to see positive change in this respect as the present system is failing the people.

    To give a suggestion, it used to be that neighbours had no recourse against tall hedges, legislation changed that.

    This idea of children being unnecessarily removed from parents needs to be the primary focus. Likewise we need to see legal protection for whistle blowers.

    The existing libel laws are likewise abused to hush up scandal, courts blatantly protecting criminals and punishing victims. This is the focus – this is what we need to be pushing but at this time it needs to be done without seeing the foot soldiers simply punished as the supposed upholding of the law.

    I had said before it would be interesting to see the charges laid against Neelu and I was right – Church Warden Paul Goss immediately entered into an exchange, as someone with knowledge of the case, debated such with her then presses charges as being distressed by her questioning. We saw the respect shown to the police by Neelu so we know he outcome – innocent of all charges.

    Having the transparency we await likewise to see if the judiciary corruptly seek to punish her and if so we need to be starting to address the corruption of judges in this case and how parliament is going to address such with new measures to remove corrupt (rather than drunk) judges.

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    • Thank you RabbiT – how precisely put! I can clarify that I was “produced” before one of 5 regular District judges in the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, DJ McPhee on 6th April 2015 (having been kidnapped on 04 April 2015 and incarcerated in Holborn Police Station). On hearing the charge of vexing a priest under S2 the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act 1860 (which is voided by the UK bankruptcy of League of nations in 1930 Geneva Convention), he asked “I don’t see a charge, What is the charge?” The judge had intimated that the “Prosecution” of the London Borough of Camden, had better see if there was any charge worth pursuing. Having no charge recognised by a District Judge, the duty barrister who was recommended by the Holborn Police station asked for an adjournment under the guise that I had not had an opportunity to give him proper instruction. They did not do that. What they did was “produce” a judge by the name of Deputy District Judge Hirst – who BTW has the same surname as the late President of the Bar Association, Lord David Hirst. Now the prosecution did the reverse of what the District Judge (a higher judge) had asked. They added another fraud charge of public disorder act S4 without informing me and without any evidence or incident. The public servants who dishonoured me are in their hundreds – at least 30 Police officers outside the Ecuadorian embassy, 20 Police in Holborn Police station, 20 court staff & judges at Highbury Corner Magistrates court – These places are not providing any public service, rather dishonouring the public and must be shut down – the whole lot of the dishonouring public servants. henceforth all public servants must only act with honour to serve the public in the remedies they seek or step down from public service or be arrested if they continue to dishonour after refusing to step down. http://www.hampstead.webs.com

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      • Hirst is a very unusual name in Britain, I believe the most common is Smith.

        Could he be related to Damien Hirst, why not ?

        I don’t like that, not one bit.


      • You go Neelu and know that if you look back you will see MILLIONS of people marching behind you.

        Anyone who WANTS to have power over another is not only out of line, but out of balance. It;s time for the people of this planet to OWN their SELVES and stop ACKNOWLEDGING these GOONS.

        Time to step around the, robotic, psychotic, mind controlled ‘drones’ filling up the cities on this planet, using their own fiat monetary paper in their attempt to enslave others.

        The internet has allowed enough communication to wake up the populace of powerful, beautiful, nature loving, non-power hungry souls to reclaim their rightful place on the earth.

        Thank you Neelu, Sabine, Alyssa, Gabriel and others who are doing more than their fair share!

        Thank you, thank you, thank you, you have a tremendous load on your shoulders and please know that we are here to support this process.

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    • Agreed ‘RabbiT’ and,

      Who are the parliamentarians representing the people in Britain?!

      Are there any UNCORRUPT representatives in Britain?

      To the rest of the world their ‘parler’, their ‘talk’ is just that, ALL talk and it’s very CLEAR now who they actually represent…”go britania, britania ru……

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  6. Slightly off-thread here, but..
    Birthday Wishes to Alisa

    A friend who’s very into energy waves healing – love, suggested that everyone wishing Alisa – and Gabriel of course – love and strength on 24th April, focus their attention on sending these love vibrations to the children. She says the more people doing this at the same time intensifies the energy. It’s quite difficult trying to link up everyone around the Earth at the same moment, but can I propose two particular times, say midday and 7pm GMT, for five minutes each occasion? Of course, any other times are also fine – it’s the intention/thought that counts.


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