DAILY MAIL and UNITED NATIONS: How London became the child abuse capital of the world

When the Daily Mail prints it, it must be true, right?

So the basis is this report by the UN Committee on Child Rights. Statistics rather than hands-on realities as the 20 children suffering from some 70 adults in the Hampstead Scandal, but I have not been able to find it yet.

Anybody prepared to join the dots between the child traffickers involved in Hampstead and the ones appearing in the statistics?

When Michael Murrin investigates links between PIE, Savile and Westminster, they get ignored.

I have also published the 9-minute video that became possible by chance to tell the story of my petition after it got deleted with nearly 16,000 signatures.

And I have gathered more information about the arrests of Neelu Berry and Christine Ann Sands.

  1. They were arrested without charges!
  2. They made up ‘charges’ differed between them and the first judge could not see them.
  3. Therefore Judge Hirst was called in to contribute to the cover-up of cover-ups.

Neelu has begun to publish her own harrowing experience concerning the death of her niece due to Satanic abuse in a NHS hospital and the loss of her licence as a pharmacist on Hampstead.webs.com Reminds me of Maurice J Kirk BVSc who lost his licence to practise as a veterinary surgeon due to South Wales Police and more harassment due to a doctor covering up the cover-ups… Can it get worse???


4 thoughts on “DAILY MAIL and UNITED NATIONS: How London became the child abuse capital of the world

  1. This is a new release. Very important info, please pass it around. by the way, this link is from Xendrius and he is working on an “Alisa and Gabriel” video. His videos typically get a million views. So Google and Youtube are now attack guys like him. Is the timing a coincidence? I think NOT! You should all watch his magician series, too, to see demons now in action. The time has come! Forces are lining up on each side.

    ILLUMINATI / Google Finally Taking Action Against Truth/Conspiracy Channels

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  2. Received from Paul Settle, Chief Officer of Met. Police Paedophile Unit, 14 April:

    Dear Sir/Madame

    Thank you for your email, if you have concerns which you clearly do about the conduct of the named officers, can I strongly suggest that you contact the IPCC and relate those concerns in full to them. The IPCC is a completely independent body which oversees police investigations and the conduct of officers. Their independence is key to ensuring the integrity of any investigation concerning the alleged conduct of officers.

    Kind Regards

    Paul Settle
    Detective Chief Inspector

    My reply, 16 April:

    Mr Settle, instead of “strongly suggesting” to members of the public, who you are supposed to serve, what THEY should do, consider first what is required by the law of this land that YOU do.
    As a police officer, you are required to uphold the law of this land in order to protect the people of this land. As a high-ranking police officer, you and/or those officers under your charge are required to begin a PROPER investigation into any crime reported to you, especially when presented with concrete evidence that the crime has been committed.
    What is your response to being informed that three people in positions of public trust – two officers under your command and a high court judge – have committed fraud in an investigation, a subsequent court hearing and judgement into child rape and murder – AND receiving concrete evidence supporting this? Your chosen response as head of the Metropolitan Police Paedophile Unit, is to make strong suggestions that the member of the public reporting this crime go elsewhere.

    Your response not only shows the contempt you have for your own public duty, but also for the public you are duty-bound to serve.

    However, you STILL have options:
    1) To continue with your contemptible and contemptuous attitude – and face the.
    the inevitable consequences.
    2) Stand down immediately.
    3) To begin a proper investigation into this fraud without delay.

    It’s up to you. I strongly suggest you do not dally in your decision.

    From a conscious living being,

    Drifloud 16th April, 2015 contact address email: drifloud


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