RIP Madeleine McCann

More about the reality of Satanism and murder behind the scenes of the power elite, secret family courts and the Mainstream Media…


19 thoughts on “RIP Madeleine McCann

  1. Dear Sabine please be careful not to lose credibility. This is a very hard issue. It is not necessary that you post this message. Just to let you know my thought. Keep up the good work. Cinzia

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  2. That’s why a clue was deliberately left , hidden in plain sight , for us by pretending to call Madeleine, Maddie ( spelt backwards :I AM DEAD). it is eiddam spelt backward i think that one needs removing at least. and i do believe she is dead but not quite sure how lets hope and prey we wont have to wait too long for the truth to come to light


    • Re. anagram: sorry but NO. An anagram of MADDIE would be ‘I ‘M DEAD’ perhaps but not ‘I AM DEAD’. Nor are many of the other assertions built on anything more than suppositions and a vivid, imagination. Sadly we know the worst things happen in the world but expectation is never any substitution for solid evidence. The article contains a good deal of provable fact, whereas the more lurid hypotheses, like the anagram claim, is rather more warped hope over experience I’m afraid.


  3. Sabine,

    I just posted a comment on “Coleman´s” blog but it got deleted immediately. He is using the Sufi secret language everywhere, in all his posts, and all sorts of other secret language gotten from what I call experionics, or “internet psychic experience”. I called him a shill, but perhaps he is well-meaning. Depending on the archons involved, people just follow them and know about it, or else they just follow them and don´t. But there is no denying that he quotes the “elephant in the dark” idries shah Sufi teaching story, his regulars talk about “posts” where the word “poles” (a sufi term) is implied. He uses colloquialisms taken from my Humanity Revealed, but most blatant of all is his use of the term coleman. A Coalman is the Sufi term for baraka, or spiritual grace. Its in Shah´s “The Sufis” as plain as day. Seeing as there is nothing about Coleman on his “About” page its clear he is not a real person. He is a creative front for someone who thinks that Sufism´s violent psychic (and communication) techniques can solve child-abuse, whereas in fact it is precisely those sorts of techniques which cause child-abuse at some remove. I have discussed this at length on my blog (search for “Idries Shah” or “govindanand”) and in my books, I won´t go into the details. As for clever secret languages – how can you fight social secrecy using secret social techniques!?

    I know you like this man´s colourful language, Sabine, but it is deliberately done, and for a specific effect – to ingratiate himself with people.

    TheColemanExperience is a shill straight out of the cult that is Shah Sufism.


    • Hi Sabine,

      I went to the link at your site – I had no idea you were so “popular” with some people!

      My comment explained how he is trying to control things by following the Sufi methodology, which I know better than most. I was a bit sarcastic, but not too much. What your site says is true, unfortunately – people are always trying their best, which is not so good if someone has an obsession with manipulating people “for their own good”.

      I could witter on in secret languages, hidden meanings and so on if I wanted to. But why would I want to? I have believed since I was born in honesty. And when you start getting into intimations of things, double meanings and so on, all carefully constructed – especially in a community of commentors! – particularly if some of the people involved are “in the know” then you are getting into a sort of “improvised freemasonry”.

      To do that while having a go a freemasons, for instance, is ludicrous.

      That´s why we should be a) honest and b) gentle with each other as much as possible.

      Secret languages are a form of mental subjection of whoever reads them. They are manipulative. They also damage people´s actual minds, too, not that the perpetrators have thought about their use of them enough to understand that.

      Where did government secrecy start if not with “well meaning” secret language users in normal life?

      Where do the mental topologies of child abusers come from – at a fair remove, admittedly – if not from minds twisted by a) secrecy and b) the application of that secrecy to those who know nothing about such complexities and are therefore “children” in an esoteric sense. Secrecy and inappropriate contact with other human beings – even if only linguistically – are the same template patterns that all abuse, including child abuse, follow.

      In my experience there is a definite causal link between the two in terms of consciousness. One clever language shenanigan here, and somewhere else an emotional or even physical shenanigan follows. It must. Cause must have effect.

      Sorry Sabine, am wittering on. Honesty with oneself and harmlessness towards others!


    • There are so many holes in the McCann’s story you could make colander with it. Richard D. Hall produced an extremely powerful documentary about this case and I would recommend everyone to view it.

      There is no way that this child was abducted by a stranger. There is not one single piece of evidence to suggest that to be the case. Not one. So you have to look at the alternatives. At first I suspected that they might perhaps be medicating the children to make sure that they slept, so that they could go out in the evenings. I thought that perhaps Madeleine had suffered a tragic accident, and they had to dispose of the body because an autopsy would find evidence of this.

      But that does not explain the top level UK government involvement in this case. I don’t agree with everything Coleman stated, but, however, he did stress some points that had already been ringing alarm bells in my mind to suggest that something very dark and sinister went on in Portugal.

      Such as:

      The fact that Gerry ‘snapped’ at the others on video that he was not in Praia de Luz for a holiday.

      The way Dr David Payne spoke so graphically about his sexual feelings towards Madeleine.

      The way Tony Blair and Gordon Brown so fervently supported the McCanns, and had Clarence Mitchell, who had already covered-up Jill Dando’s murder, installed to cover-up Madeleine’s.

      The way Gerry’s paedophile past was wiped from the CATS sex-abuse register.

      The fact that the McCann’s have spent millions trying to shut-up their critics and pay off their cronies.

      And like Coleman, I do think that there is a link to be drawn between the two cases in that both involve well connected people with plenty of money.

      And the same has to be said of the Hollie Greig case. There are patterns here, and where there are patterns there is organisation and structure, and, most importantly, intent.

      I think all of these cases indicate the tip of the the iceberg of a very nasty and rotten aspect of our society that most of us never even suspected existed, and indeed but for recent revelations would have thought to be so bizarre as to be untrue. But it is true, and it is our responsibility to put a stop to it.

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  4. For anyone who has studied the Maddie Mccann evidence in detail, this has great resonance. Many Thanks for posting Sabine,


  5. @Cinzia @Linda Boardman @Anonymous

    The intention is to end the reign of these Satan-worshiping psychopaths. Many are so far gone they do not realise their master is DEAD. Those that are aware, are terrified at the accelerating increase in the exposure of their heinous crimes – AND the inter-connectedness of their crimes to ALL crimes against humanity. They were hoping, it seems, to somehow contain this exposure! That hope is something that lacks credibility! Sabine is one of the courageous human beings at the forefront of exposing these child murderers, torturers and rapists, and doesn’t require a stage-managed campaign appealing to the be-lie-v-ability of others.


    • (they) are terrified at the accelerating increase in the exposure of their heinous crimes – AND the inter-connectedness of their crimes to ALL crimes against humanity.

      I believe that to be the case too.


    • @Drifloud

      I agree with you, exposure is a strong weapon. However, as every weapon, it must be used in the correct way, not against themselves. I am reading from Italy and I may have a different approach.

      I am not questioning the truth of the above story about Madeleine McCann. However such a story in Italy would never ever have any credibility, should it come with no evidence. It is a horror story, one which could be regarded as “unbelievable “. It would be considered as the product of an obsessed mind. That is why my advice is to be more cautious. Be ready to expose the truth as soon as you can prove it. Otherwise, according to my experience, you lose credibility. Also with reference to other issues.

      In any case I am on your side. Ciao.


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