Anna Pauffley: Paedophile burger man

A good ‘nutshell analysis’ of the judgment! Except the blogger doesn’t realise that Judge Vera Mayer initiated everything in Barnet Court what Mrs Justice Anna Pauffley perpetuated in the High Court.

Reblogged from which has since been set to PRIVATE, i.e. you must request access.

There are so many unexplainable decisions in Anna Pauffley´s mistreatment of Ella Draper and her two children that the time has come to openly state what many people must surely suspect already: that Anna Pauffley is one of those people in high places who the VIP paedophile network in the UK depend on to continue doing what they do. The following is a list of inexplicable facts which corroborate the idea that Pauffley is working for paedophiles:
• Quite astonishingly, she never interviewed the children, or asked them who they wanted to live with.
• She took them away from the only person who wasn´t implicated in the abuse, and chose to increase the contact they had with the only person implicated in the
• The police closed the case as “no crime confirmed” whilst still waiting for the results of the medical examination of the children!
• When these results were in, the case was not re-opened in line with those results.
• Those results said there had definitely been long-term child abuse. This supported the children´s claims, yet Anna Pauffley in her judgement attacked the expert doctor who made those reports, as if she herself was medically qualified! This is outrageous and shows a clear prior-decision to discredit the children and mother, ignore all presented, even expert evidence, and keep the children in contact with their abusive father.
• Without any investigation whatsoever, and without interviewing Ella or Abraham Christie, her boyfriend, the judge declared that they had been abusing the children. All this, with no police investigation to back her decision up, and with all the evidence to the contrary!
• She accused the mother and her partner of coaching the children, again with no evidence. In fact, the story was so complicated that nobody could have coached them to that degree.
• She said the children were in a custody battle, as if to explain why Ella and Abraham would want to be coaching them. Yet Ella already had custody of the children, so this is blatantly a deliberate misdirection by Pauffley to support her own assertions.
• None of the accused abusers have been medically examined to see if the children´s claims of distinguishing marks on their genitals are true. Why did Pauffley or the police not arrange for this? It would have proved abuse claims once and for all, categorically.
• She called the mother evil, when it is clear from the interviews she has done that she is no such thing. In other words, Anna Pauffley has resorted to sensationalist, inflammatory remarks to try and cover-up the paucity of reason behind her outrageous decision-making.
• The mother´s stories of domestic abuse at the hands of Ricky Dearman, head of the paedophile cult according to the children, and the past court-orders she had taken
out to protect herself from him were completely ignored by the judge Rather, she took the children from the mother into care and increased the amount of time they were to spend with this abusive man, despite the proven, prior domestic violence he undertook on her.
• This man, Ricky Dearman, the children´s father, told the children to try and kill their mother. One of the things they did was to put excrement on their food to try and poison her and her partner. Is this something which the mother herself would ask them to do? Who, then?
Ricky Dearman, the person the judge wants them to spend more time with!
• Pauffley put the hours and hours of coherent abuse video-evidence down to the children watching an adventure movie. This is utterly incredible from an evidenciary point of view, because whoever showed them a movie with such evil themes would have to be involved in paedophile-related activities, anyway.

One or two of these points, amidst the arguments of a standard courtroom case, would not be indicative of anything. But there are so many of them, and furthermore they are all easily refuted by the evidence – which is available in the public domain, and yet which Anna Pauffley has absolutely excluded from her reasoning process.

Therefore, I must conclude that Anna Pauffley is either a paedophile or a paedophile supporter. I believe she must be investigated to find out whether she is one of the following:
• an active paedophile
• friends with active paedophiles
• working as a defensive layer for an active paedophile network
• or perhaps just the most ignorant, incompetent, nasty old bag that has ever worked in a courtroom (this last point is not mutually exclusive from the other ones, however).

Because one way or another, she has made damn sure that Alisa and Gabriel have been kept away from an extraordinarily good mother, and has increased their contact with a man who used to beat up their mother, forced them to kill trafficked-babies, made them drink their blood (Alisa: “It tasted metallic”) taught them secret languages so they could clandestinely get away from their mother to touch each other privately, passed them round to hundreds of paedophiles in Hampstead since they were much younger, sodomized them regularly for years, taught Alisa to steal money, befriended the teachers at Hampstead Primary school and probably initiated them into sharing his hideous urges, and many other things.

Yet where is this man?
Not only at large, but being feted by Anna Pauffley as worthy of increased contact with them, whilst MI5 sends round thugs to terrify Ella so much she leaves the country under threat of arrest.

For what? Reporting her ex-husband´s abuse of her children! And with Anna Pauffley overseeing things, the intimidation stetches not only to the mother and her partner, but Sabine, her representative in court, and then even Belinda McKenzie, the head of the McKenzie-friend association!

This woman is trying to remove every form of natural protection there is for those children, so that they are at the mercy of strangers and a corrupt social services system. It is absolutely plain that Ella, Abraham and Sabine were frightened out of the country by the police and MI5 (probably working under Anna Pauffley´s paedophile masters) precisely so that the children would have no protection in this country, and be left alone and vulnerable.

As I have said, child abuse is now government policy in the UK, and children from incest-troubled families are being actively targetted by the social services and fast-tracked as in the Gabriel and Alisa´s case, in order to sexually feed the filth attached to the social services networks in high places – celebrities, power-brokers and politicians, all of which activity is directed at a high level by the UK intelligence services so that they have blackmail material over all those powerful people.

In other words, evil old bags like Anna Pauffley, in league with an institutionally corrupt social services, police and mainstream-media, all working under the British intelligence services, are attacking everyone who stands up for innocent abused children, and are knowingly sacrificing those children to the sickest in society, using the sacrificial dagger of bureaucracy – a very “modern, western and far more civilized” way of doing it than in the Greek, Roman or even Aztec days.

After all, that blood does make such a mess of one´s Persian carpets.

“Anna, do pass the baby, dear, I´m hungry”.

Anna Pauffley, burger-man for the modern, hard-working
paedophile VIP.


9 thoughts on “Anna Pauffley: Paedophile burger man

  1. I couldn’t have done a better job myself of writing this very incite full article. Except one more thing: the Pauffley Piffalator also resorted to name calling the deeply concerned members of the public who are following this case- she said we must be Paedo’s ourselves and also labelled us evil and/ or foolish. Well, I know I’m none of the above and neither are the thousands of people who can see right through this and can identify the truth of the matter- the children are telling the truth and there is an active paedophile network that has been covered up- and that Judge is in it up to her eyeballs.

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  2. Yes, and I for one (of those thousands) will keep shinning the light until there is nowhere to hide. I do realize that many people involved in this ‘ring’ have come to be there having no doubt started off as an innocent person. They perhaps have been twisted and abused from a young age themselves and ended up either having lost their sense of self or somehow trapped into this position. Some of them may want to actually confess. There is the problem then, that they themselves see clearer than most of how far reaching this ‘ring’ reaches and that there are very few places to speak out and admit or uncover without being caught and punished… Where do they go? We may need to build a version of a ‘safe house’, an anonymous place where they can come clean. Let us think pro active and keep space in ourselves open for the opportunity for truth to come forth. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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    • This page is the one helping child abusers, the “kids” in the Hollie Greig case with 5 they where adults when the so called abuse took place and they deny it happened in the other two cases neither were born at the time. You claim to believe the two kids in this case they said the mother and stepdad abused them but they are the ones you support


  3. The Civil Service, the MoJ, the Judiciary, the Legal Profession, you name it are absolutely rotten to the core. These are moderately intelligent people yet their treatment of the public is barbaric. They know full well what they are doing is wrong but why do they do it?

    Simple – they do what they are told, to protect their inflated salaries.

    I suspect in this case they did not however anticipate the publicity hence the pathetic response to capture Neelu, the next Rusty, the next Robert Green whom the judicial dogs will be permitted to tear apart like some rag doll. Oh how they get off on destroying the ordinary folk when the opportunity presents itself and present itself it did what with the Hampstead Special CCTV unit showing up to record what the constabulary appointed to the demo considered otherwise acceptable behaviour as if there was not already enough evidence going up on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet.

    I have observed that legislation was well written until about 1999. It could be that 9/11 changed all that yet I have had a lifetime of corrupt practise from the aforementioned scum from as early as the mid 1980’s.

    The push began, as I saw it, with NALGO (now Unison) and gay rights.

    What on earth did the workplace have to do with the bedroom? Absolutely nothing!

    There were no discrimination cases at the time just an agenda to use trade unionism to promote the lifestyle. The next move was to do away with Section 28 which if I am right was to not allow public finance to promote homosexuality.

    The objective was therefore to permit the government not to accept equality but to use tax payers money to promote a specific (on this occasion homosexual) lifestyle.

    No one was oppressing homosexuality at the time, so why the issue?

    The subject moved on to equal rights via civil partnership whereby homosexual couples had the same rights as heterosexual couples.

    There appeared a reason of fairness in law there (tax, inheritance and benefit rights) but that was not enough, the term civil partnership was insufficient, it had to be replaced by the term marriage which since the beginning of mankind was attributed to the union of man and wife.

    TPTB were not tolerant of the institution of marriage and were determined now to destroy that .

    The public are now forced to accept marriage as including a situation which can not in any terms be a marriage. While It can be a partnership it not sexual union.

    TPTB have therefore now achieved the impossible, an act which can not be marriage being accepted as marriage.

    We are therefore now formally buggered.

    No society is buggered, what next?

    Equal Rights NOW for the child. they want to make child rape legal, it is blatantly the next step:

    The homosexuals had one thing in common – their rights. Now the child has one thing in common – their rights.

    I disagree.

    The children have one thing in common, being children, without interference be it political or sexual.

    What did the Floyd have to say?

    Leave them kids alone!

    I have long tried to make sense of the policy and can conclude only that those behind Blair pushed for an all out offensive against the British public to make good evil and evil good.

    It appears Levy is the one doing the pushing. Why?

    To destroy British values, to destroy the family, to weaken the culture, to break down the old order so as to justify bringing in the new order.

    Do these fools in the judiciary not realise when all is done their £150K + jobs will be long gone, they will have no friends among the public nor the elite who see them only as useful idiots.

    Perhaps by then they will no longer care – but what of their families? What of their children?

    Perhaps they no longer care?

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    • I reckon that race, gender and sexuality issues have been heavily promoted by the state in order to divide and conquer people who face the same economic struggles. The real issue is class.

      God forbid people should recognise that they all share the same economic plight and join forces to stand against our lords and masters. Good tactic, seems to be working so far.

      Seems to me that paedophilia crosses all of these boundaries of class, race, and gender, it happens at every level, but the elite however, having all the power and money in the world, have managed to institutionalise it and hide the scale of it from the public eye.

      Paedophilia has no middle ground. You are either a paedophile or you are vehemently against paedophiles, and that is what makes this subject so dangerous for the establishment. Because once their dirty little secret is out in the open the pitchforks will be out and they will be finished.

      That day is coming.

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  4. Apologies for the typos. Please feel free to correct:

    “While it can be a partnership it is not sexual union.”

    “Now society is buggered what next?”


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